You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.


Apps For uTorrent Overview

A web based extensions framework has been integrated into developer versions of uTorrent some time ago, offering the prospect to extend the basic functionality of the Bittorrent client in the future. Apps […]

anti theft for mobile

F-Secure Anti-Theft For Mobile

Update: F-Secure Anti-Theft is no longer available in its current form. F-Secure released F-Secure SAFE, a new application for Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating system that is available for free on […]

facebook applications

How To Delete Facebook Applications

I'm not a very active Facebook user. Got my account just like anyone else on this planet but do not log in more than once a week or so as I mainly […]

Simple yet powerful task management with Todoist

Over the past years I've been using task managers on and off, but one I always come back to is Todoist. While there are certainly more powerful options out there (Remember The […]

Android Developer Challenge 2 Winners

Google's Android platform, which was once backed only by HTC has come a long way since then. Many cell phone manufacturers are releasing Android based cell phones at the moment including Samsung, […]

iPhone Apps: Magellan Sets Sail, Google Earth Updates, Ravensword Arrives And More

Get in on the latest in the iPhone app store, the hottest little place to be on earth if you truly believe that for every problem there’s an app just waiting to […]

iPhone Apps: Message In A Balloon, Knocking Over MMS And Premium Shazam

Today we have three new iPhone apps for you. Actually that should be two and a half new apps because Shazam was already there. But the other two are really great apps, […]

iPhone Update: Marvel Comics, Easy Time Lapse Video, Real Time Translation And more

Good news iPhone lovers and users in general, we finally have apps in the App Store that do things we have always wanted to do with the iPhone. First up, we finally […]


How To Make Free Calls From Your Computer With Google Voice

About three weeks ago, I finally got an invite for Google Voice, the new phone-managing service from Google that I’d been itching to try out since before it was even called Google […]

Computer Software

Have you ever wondered how and why your computer operates as it does? Why does it turn on and load the operating system? It is working because of the computer software that […]

Remote PC Access, Android PC Remote Access Program

Google's Android operating system is still only available in one commercial device, the T-Mobile G1 cell phone. Cell phone manufacturers and Google are however planning to release at least 18 Android based […]

Connect Bot SSH Client For Android Phone

I bought the T-Mobile G1 phone just a few days ago and have been browsing around Android Market, the phone's application market, quite a bit. One of the applications that I discovered […]

Google Android Application Store Browser

If you are considering getting a Google Android phone in the future - be it the only one available, the T-Mobile G1, or cell phones running the Android OS from other companies […]


Download Free Apps for Your Phone at Phoload

For mobile phone owners, finding good applications to use can be tiresome. Firstly, you have to ensure that the software is compatible with your particular phone model. In addition, if the application […]

Opera 9.5 Mobile Beta 2

The Opera development team seems to be doing their thing opposed to other browser developers who are more focused on the competition. The team released the second beta of the upcoming Opera […]

First Firefox Mobile Alpha Released

Mozilla released the first public alpha version of the upcoming Firefox Mobile version which is currently only available for OS2008 ("Maemo") software platforms that run on Nokia N810 Internet Tablets and desktop […]

5 Must Have Google Android Applications

The first mobile phone that uses the Google Android operating system is just a few weeks away. One of the major selling points of Android is that it is Open Source and […]

Application Monitor

It might sometimes be essential to make sure that a software program is running all the time. This can be another monitoring software, communication software, hardware or anything else that is important […]

Google Apps On The Desktop

GMDesk is an Adobe Air application that combines several of Google's high profile applications into an application that is accessible from the desktop. Note: GMDesk has not been updated in a while […]


In a post last week I talked about the growth of cloud computing and web based applications in relation to online desktops. Today I’ve got some amazing flash powered online tools to […]

Find the latest and best Adobe Air apps

I am so hugely fond of Adobe Air apps right now because they are just so useful, easy to use and look so good. I also found a great site showcasing the […]

Which Facebook Apps do You Think are Worthless?

I’m not a big social networking person. There are way too many social networks out there like Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, etc. All my friends are on one network or the other and […]


WinLibre, your open source software library

I was thinking on rounding up some of the net's best freeware apps and putting them into one easily installable pack. As these things go, it seems like some clever people have […]

Put Wikipedia on your iPod

If you have one of the newer iPods with 8GB+ you might want to consider putting all the information of Wikipedia on it for fast reference. I personally think that this is an excellent idea if you regularly visit Wikipedia to research information but do not have Internet connection all the time. This could also be useful on your holiday trip if you want to quickly lookup information about a place, location or historical fact.

uTorrent and iPhone applications

You can think whatever you want about the Apple iPhone but it surely gets more developer love than most other phones currently on the market. I spotted two incredible applications for the iPhone which might appeal to a lot of iPhone owners. The first software is called Mobile Scrobbler which connects the iPhone and iPod Touch with

Five free apps that rock for your mobile phone

I got a new Nokia N73 with a USB cable recently and have been searching for games and applications that I could download without charge and install on my new mobile phone. I have never put much thought into this sector before mainly because of my laziness and an old phone that had no data cable.

Watch My Cell: monitor free calls and SMS

Watch My Cell is a useful application for Microsoft Windows if you have a account with a cell phone provider with a certain amount of monthly free minutes. Many cell phone owners who use such an account have troubles keeping the overview of how many minutes they have used in a month and would normally have to phone their cell phone provider to find out.

Weather Forecast for your iPod

The iPod gets more and more functionality that only PDA and mobiles have at this time. Today it is a straightforward weather forecast which can be updated every time the iPod is connected to the computer that is running the weather for me software. Using weather for me is actually pretty simple. After you have downloaded the software you have to enter your name and email (or fake ones).

Wikipedia on your iPod

The iPod becomes more and more not only a music and video player but also a multi functional player which is able to display subway maps, books and now the contents of wikipedia. Wikipedia on your iPod is a huge ebook which is available in English, German and Italian. The English version is the biggest one with 1.5 GB of data followed by the German with 550 MB and the Italian with 170 MB.


Add Subway maps to your iPod

I don't like those big subway maps that you get for free when you visit cities like London, Paris or New York. They are big, they tell everyone that you are a tourist (attracts criminals) and not that handy if you need a quick answer about a certain subway you need to catch.



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