You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.

stock quote android

Keep track of stock quotes and markes on your Android phone

An Android app like Stock Quote may be useful to you if you have invested money in the stock market, are thinking about it, or are just interested in finance in general. […]


AppSales app for Android highlights on sale store apps

Having spend the last day or so browsing the Android store both on the Google Play website and on the Galaxy Note 2 phone, I have come to the conclusion that it […]

avast mobile security

Don't Forget Avast for Mobile Security

After posting an article yesterday regarding a new update coming to Lookout for Android, I received a nice email from an Avast representative pointing out they too offer a very good, and free, […]

windows 8 store updates

Default Windows 8 apps get updates prior to launch

Microsoft includes a set of default applications on the Windows 8 startpage after installation of the operating system. This includes the mail app, a desktop email client, a photo app to view […]

lookout announcement

Lookout Plans to Take Android Security to the Next Level

Mobile security has become a necessary evil in today's world, with malware and hacks for both Android and iPhone devices finding their way into our mobile lives, most recently with a high-profile, […]

fake iphone 5 launcher

iPhone 5 Launcher for Android Released

This may have been done partially as a joke, but an iPhone 5 launcher for Android devices has been released.  I say joke because Android users are notorious for making fun of […]

custom windows 8 app tiles

Create custom Windows 8 app tiles with OblyTile

One of the things that I do not like in regards to Windows 8's new startpage is the lack of customization options. Microsoft has added lots of custom - and mostly silly […]

display installed apps windows 8

List Windows 8 apps installed on all of your PCs

With cloud synchronization built right into the operating system one would think that Microsoft would have added an easy option to automatically synchronize installed apps between your PCs. That is however not […]

install non store apps windows 8

How to add non-Store apps to Windows 8

Adding custom non-store apps to Windows 8 is something that does not get talked about a lot. Microsoft for one wants Windows 8 users to get their apps from the Windows Store […]

new skydrive homepage

SkyDrive app for Android incoming, big update today

Microsoft today has released a big update for its SkyDrive service. Regulars know that SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud hosting and file management service that is offering 25 Gigabytes of storage to old […]

opera mobile 2012

Opera Mobile use 47% up, impressive growth in emerging markets

Opera Software's ability to grow even in markets where it is facing multi-billion Dollar companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft has kept the company alive throughout all these years. It is like […]

metro app shortcuts

Create desktop shortcuts for Windows Metro apps

One of the things that you can't do in the Windows 8 Release Preview is create desktop shortcuts for Metro apps. Say you have a favorite Metro app that you want to […]

ebay app windows 8

eBay launches Windows 8 Store app

News just got in that the Windows 8 store hit 400 apps in the Release Preview of the operating system. This may not seem like much but users have to consider that […]


MightyText, Text and read from computers using your Android phone

If you are one of those who gets itchy fingers whenever your phone leaves your hand in fear of missing a text, you may like the MightyText application for Google Android mobile […]

google chrome android

Google Chrome for Android now out of beta

Google today has announced the release of the first stable version of the Google Chrome web browser for the Android operating system. According to Google, Chrome for Android is now available for […]

firefox for android performance

Firefox Mobile 14 for Android is here

Mozilla last week announced big things coming to Firefox for Android in a Twitter message without revealing too much about what they meant by that. Today, Mozilla has released the next version […]

facebook ad-center

Facebook Launches App Center in the US

Up until now Facebook users who wanted to install a particular app or game on the social networking site had to either search for it on Facebook, or be notified about it […]

desktop apps windows store

Windows Store to list Desktop Apps after all

The Windows Store is one of the major changes coming to the Windows 8 operating system. It is basically an app store comparable to Apple's or Google's application stores. Windows 8 users […]

Apple Reveal the all-time Biggest App Downloads

To mark the download of the 25 billionth app from the Apple App Store the company has released a series of all-time top 25 lists for app downloads.  Unsurprisingly games are at […]

opera mobile browser

Opera Mobile 12, Mini Next Released

Norwegian based Opera Software has just released Opera Mobile 12 and Opera Mini Next. Unlike on the desktop, where the Opera browser does not get much traction, it is Opera who is […]

android desktop notifications

Get Android Notifications Pushed To Your Desktop

There may be times where you do not have the time to pay attention to your Android phone. This can be at work where you may not be allowed to have your […]

chrome beta for android

Google Chrome Beta For Android Released, Download Links

Google has just released a public beta version of Google Chrome for Android. Google's main goal was to port the speed and simplicity of the Chrome browser to mobile devices running on […]

App downloads jumped by 60% over the Holidays

Christmas was a good week for all of us, but a great week for apps with analytics firm Flurry reporting a 60% leap in app downloads on the previous week.  The figures […]

windows store

Windows Store Details Announced

Microsoft's next operating system Windows 8 will have an app store. That's what every tech savvy Windows user knows. Microsoft's own Antoine Leblond and Ted Dworkin have now started a small series […]

carrier iq detector

Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder

The deeply integrated Carrier IQ software for mobile devices has made the rounds lately. Check out this introductory post for detailed information about Carrier IQ. The technology has recently been discovered on […]

Website or App, Which is Your Preference?

Over the last two years one of the biggest complaints I've had to make against tablet computers is that the Internet has simply not kept the same pace of change.  If you […]

Opera Mini 6.5 Update Released For Various Mobile Devices

Opera Software, developers of the popular Opera web browser, have released Opera Mini 6.5 for various mobile devices including Apple's iPhone and iPad, Blackberry devices, Symbian S60 and Java-enabled phones. Opera Mobile […]

group policy editor windows 7

How to Control Specific Programs for Different Users in Windows 7

When it comes to using a shared computer, there are important considerations to think about in terms of programs that users can access. Naturally, you don’t want everybody to have Administrator privileges […]

BBC Release Worldwide iPad iPlayer App

In one of the most eagerly awaited broadcasting moves of the year, the BBC have now released their iPlayer app for Apple's iPad.  The app is supported in 11 countries and will […]

facebook circle

Facebook’s Circle Hacks is Fun, but a Thinly-Veiled Reproduction of Google+’s Circlets

It seems the Facebook development team is not at all amused by Google+’s way of handling groups. The new social networking network utilizes “circlets” – small units in which you can arrange […]

html entities converter

5 Useful Internet Tools For Web Junkies

5 Useful Internet Tools looks at web applications that Internet users may find useful. These tools aid you in various tasks, from storing information to specific web searches and reminding you that […]

opera mobile 11

Opera Mobile 11, Opera Mini 6 Mobile Browsers Released

March seems to be the month of the big web browser releases. Microsoft started the fray with Internet Explorer 9, followed by the final version of Firefox 4 yesterday. Now it is […]

Are Apps the New Websites?

I've written a lot about tablets over the last few months and indeed I now own a Windows 7 tablet myself, the ExoPC Slate.  It didn't take much use of this device […]

Tablets, Where Do We Need to Be, and How Do We Get There?

The tablet market is exploding and growing exponentially, but it's still not reaching a critical mass with the general public not embracing them in the way they did netbooks.  So why is […]

Donation Coder New Apps For A New Year Event Results

Hi there ghacks readers! It's mouser from speaking to you here. Martin has graciously invited me to make a guest post on ghacks about the latest event on the DonationCoder site, […]

Windows Phone hits 3,000 apps + 1 unlocker

Two interesting Windows Phone stories have emerged today.  The first of which is that the phone's app store now has over 3,000 apps and 15,000 developers.  This means we can expect to […]

facebook application rights

FB-Secure, Configure Facebook Application Rights During App Installation

Facebook applications can request rights to access user information during installation. While all will request basic information, some require additional access rights for their functionality. Others however may request additional rights even […]

"One App to Rule Them All" move by Europe

A new European project, kick-started by 22 European companies and organisations aims to develop an application development environment that will work across all platforms by providing a web-based approach, according to the […]

spoon cloud app launcher

Spoon Adds Browser Sandbox, To Desktop Apps Web Launcher

Spoon offers a web service for Windows users that allows them to run desktop applications directly in the web browser, without prior downloads or installations. The cloud approach offers several advantages over […]

facebook remove apps

Facebook 'dislike' scam

Many users of the social networking site Facebook have long been asking for a dislike button and now it looks like they've got what they were asking for... or have they?  Be […]



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