You’ll find thousands of apps available for mobile operating systems, but not all of them are safe. We’ll review whether or not you should install them, show you which are the best options for various functions, and update you on the latest features.

DuckDuckGo app for Android ships with Tor integration now

If you are using the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo, you have probably installed the official application of the search engine on your phone or tablet as well to make use of the […]

screen controls free

Android: Set custom brightness & screen timeout for individual apps

There are several reasons why you may want to change the display brightness of your Android device. One is to save battery, as a darker screen requires less juice than a screen […]

pushbullet device to device

PushBullet update allows you to push files to other devices

PushBullet at the time of my initial review enabled you to push files, texts, and other information to your Android device from the service's website or the Chrome and Firefox extensions. Today's […]

firefox mobile android guest browsing

How to use the new guest browsing feature of Firefox Mobile

Handing over your mobile device to another person can be quite the challenging experience. Maybe a friend asks for your phone to browse the Internet for a moment, or a family member […]

list my apps

Create a list of all your Android apps in seconds

Have you ever encounter a situation where a friend or colleague asked you about the apps that you have installed on your Android device? Or where you wanted to share your apps […]

block private numbers android

How to block calls, SMS, MMS and private numbers on Android

It is not that difficult to ignore incoming calls or messages on your phone. While that is the case, there may be situations where you may receive a lot of calls or […]

firefox 24 android night mode

Firefox 24.0 for Android brings WebRTC, Night Mode and more

Updates for the desktop version of the Firefox web browser and its mobile version for Android are released at the same time by Mozilla. While the latest desktop update is not offering […]

b1 free archiver

B1 Free Archiver: create and extract archives on Android

The Android operating system does not support that many archive formats by default. It lacks support for file formats such as rar or zip for example, and if you want to open […]

facebook for android beta tester

How to become a Facebook for Android Beta Tester

I'm not really using any social networking on my Android phone. Mainly because I think it is a waste of time, and I also do not like the idea of checking up […]

wifi auto-off

WiFi Auto-Off turns wireless Internet on Android off or on automatically

Wireless Internet is without doubt one of the biggest causes for the battery of your phone or tablet to drop like a stone in water. The problem here is that the feature […]

genius scan

Genius Scan: a pocket scanner for your smartphone

You may sometimes need to scan documents in locations where you do not have access to a scanner. Or, you sometimes may want scanned documents to be available on your smartphone. The […]

thescore sports scores

theScore: Sports & Scores is a fast, responsive app for Android

When it comes to following your favorite sport, football in my case, or your favorite team in a sport, you have plenty of options thanks to the advance of smartphones and mobile […]

movie roll free

Movie Roll: The one movie app you need for Android

Back in the dark days when there was no Internet and mobile phones weight more than a 5kg sack of rice, you had to rely on magazines and movie trailers in cinema […]

netlive android bandwidth

NetLive for Android highlights all apps bandwidth using apps in realtime

It is rather difficult to find out which apps use bandwidth at a given point in time on Android devices. While you can look up an apps total bandwidth use over time […]

firefox 26 android

Firefox 26 for Android gets a revamped interface

Android users have lots of choice when it comes to web browsers for the system. From Google Chrome to Firefox and dozens of third party browsers in-between, it is almost certain that […]

android diskusage

DiskUsage highlights where all that storage space went on your Android device

Even if your smartphone ships with lots of storage, say 16 Gigabytes or more, you may eventually come to a point where it is packed to the brim. Apps, games, media, photos […]

Get the lowdown on your Android with Geekbench 3

Android devices are released on an increasingly fast and furious basis -- it seems as if there is a new one every week, be it a phone or tablet. If you are […]


1Weather for Android provides you with all the weather information you ever need

Most smartphones come with stock weather applications that provide you with current and forecast weather information. If you want more information, you usually have to look elsewhere. Since I cannot review the […]

android device manager

How to configure the new Android Device Manager on your phone

When you lose your phone, you may be in a world of trouble. This is especially the case if it gets stolen and you have not taken the right precautions to protect […]

firefox 23 custom search providers

Firefox 23 for Android launches with custom search engine support and RSS feed support

Mozilla has united the release schedule of Firefox for desktop and mobile. Yesterday's release of Firefox 23 for desktop systems was accompanied by the release of Firefox 23 for Android. Existing users […]


GeoLog reduces the drain that location-based services have on your Android phone's battery

GPS can be a very useful feature depending on what you are using your phone for. Maybe you use it to track your cycling or running progress, do photo walks and want […]

my consoles

GameKeeper - Game Tracker is a game collection app for Android

I usually keep my old gaming systems and do not give them away when I stop playing them, as there is often the chance that I feel the desire to plug it […]

multicon widget

Add multiple widgets in the place of one on your Android home screen

One of the things that you can do on Android to speed things up a little bit is to place widgets or applications on the home screen of your phone or tablet […]

manga reader

Manga Rock takes care of all of your Manga reading needs on Android

Manga are highly popular on the Internet and it comes at no surprise that app stores are sporting a solid number of manga and anime apps as well. Manga Rock is a […]

gravity screen

Tired of pressing Android's power button? Gravity Screen On/Off handles that automatically for you

The power button of your Android phone either wakes the screen up when you press it or turns it off when it is active. This is done to increase the battery life […]

shush android

Shush! turns your ringer off for a custom period of time

It is common courtesy to turn off the sound and ringer of your mobile phone when you watch a movie in cinema, commute, or spend time in places where you may distract […]

podcast addict

Podcast Addict: auto-download podcast episodes to your Android device

If you are subscribed to one or multiple podcasts, you may like the idea of listening to those shows on your Android device. Instead of listening to music while commuting, jogging or […]

android customize apps

Override font size, orientation or input method of Android apps

App Override is a free application for Android that you can make use of to customize specific apps on the system. What is meant by that is that you can override default […]


Cliffhanger: keep track of your favorite (US) TV Shows

If you have a couple of TV shows that you watch regularly, then you may have a difficult time making sure that you do not miss a single episode that airs on […]

daily deals

Deal Flux is a daily deal aggregator for Android

If you like daily deals websites like Woot or 1 SaleADay, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to keep an overview of all the deals that they offer. Depending on […]

battery usage

AVG Uninstaller for Android suggests to uninstall apps by usage

Most program uninstallers display all the programs or apps that you have installed on your system in alphanumerical or chronological order. That's fine most of the time, but not the only way […]

masterkey vulnerability scanner android

Find out if your Android is vulnerable to the MasterKey exploit

Bluebox Security some time ago discovered a vulnerability in nearly every Android device released in the last four years that allowed attackers to modify code of legitimate applications without breaking their cryptographic […]

opera 15 android

Opera 15 for Android ships with faster startup times, new features

When Opera Software announced the switch to Chromium / WebKit / Blink from the trusted Presto engine, it had the intention to move the majority of its browser products to the new […]


PushBullet: send data to your Android device

PushBullet has been around for some time. It is an Android application and web service that you can make use of to send data, files, notes, textual information, to your Android phone […]

hearing saver

Hearing Saver protects your ears when you connect headphones to your Android device

If you like to listen to loud music when you are using your Android phone or tablet, you may have noticed that the music stays on the level if you plug in […]

chartix android music charts

Chartix: browse and listen to music charts on Android

Chartix provides you with access to various music charts that you can browse to listen to songs that you are interested in. Before I go into details, I'd like to get the […]

android solid color wallpaper

Android: set a solid color as your background and avoid busy wallpapers

Most Android devices ship with beautiful wallpaper images by default that are displayed as the phone's or tablet's background picture. While that is certainly appealing, some users may prefer a less distracting […]


Timetable: Keep track of classes, courses, homework and tasks

The Android app Timetable would have been a great asset if it would have existed back in my school and university days. It did not and I had to use pen and […]

max intensity workout

Max Capacity Training for Android gets you in shape in 48 minutes per week

If you sit in front of the computer screen for most of your day you may know how difficult it is to squeeze training or workouts into your schedule. You are lucky […]

buzz launcher

Give your Android home screen a fresh coat of paint with Buzz Launcher

The home screen theme your Android phone or tablet ships with is usually not the prettiest to look at. While it may be functional, it is often not as customizable as you […]



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