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Twitter is a social networking service that puts the focus on text-based messages that are limited to 140 characters each. These messages, know as tweets, are comparable to SMS messages of mobile phones which are also limited character-wise.

The site, established in 2006, quickly grew to become one of the most popular sites on today’s Internet with more than 500 million registered users as of 2012.

Registered Twitter users can send public or private messages using Twitter, while unregistered users can read and search the social networking site only.

Twitter users a hashtag system, indicated by # before keywords such as #windows to group messages together. Users can follow certain hashtags they are interested in. The main advantage over search is that the focus is often narrower when using hashtags.

All Twitter related news, tips and programs are listed below.

twitter image video downloads

Twitter Media Downloader is an  extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browser to download images and videos published on Twitter automatically. Twitter is a popular social messaging service; it supports text but also media. While you can download individual media easily on Twitter, images for instance with a right-click on the displayed image […]

twitter night mode

Twitter's Night Mode feature changes the default color scheme of the social messaging site from light to dark to improve the service at night or early in the morning. The feature has been available in the Twitter application on Android and iOS since last year, and is currently being rolled out to all desktop users. […]

twitter mute new users

Twitter announced on July 10 through the company's Twitter Safety account that new options to mute notifications have been added to the site. The social messaging service supports several security functions to deal with other Twitter users. This includes blocking accounts, muting words or muting accounts. While it is easy to mute accounts for instance, […]

twitter update

If you open Twitter on the desktop right now you may get a notification that the company is updating is privacy policy. The notification reads: We're updating our privacy policy to bring you a more personalized Twitter experience. We'll soon be making Twitter more relevant by using your visits to sites with Twitter content. And […]

twitter lite

Twitter announced today the release of Twitter Lite, a data-friendly version of the messaging site designed to be more resource friendly. Unlike other "lite" applications, it is not made available as an application for Android or iOS operating systems, nor is Twitter Lite restricted to certain geographic regions. In fact, you can even use Twitter […]

twitter video auto-play

If you have been to Twitter recently you may have noticed an auto-playing video on the site. Twitter, just like Facebook earlier, introduced auto-playing videos to the site recently. Auto-play has been designed by the site to make things more comfortable for its users by starting to play videos right when they become visible. Auto-play […]

twitter promoted

If you are a Twitter regular using the main website of the service as your entry point and not an app or program, you may have noticed promoted content on the site in various places. Companies and individuals can promote contents on Twitter, for instance to display ads directly to users, to promote hash tags, […]


If you have favorited a lot of Twitter messages, either by accident or on purpose, you may at one point in time like to remove favorites again. You may know that I run the monitoring service deez.io and I tried various marketing techniques to get the word out about it. One of them was to […]

hide tweets

I prefer to watch TV shows after a season ends instead of watching individual episodes once a week. I don't mind waiting for the season to end to watch the show afterwards but one of the things that I have to take care of during the season is that I avoid sites or posts that […]

twitter muted accounts

If you spend time on Twitter regularly, you may know that tweets by users that you don't follow may appear in your timeline. This is the case when a message gets retweeted by a user that you follow and also when it is promoted (read commercial). One of the options that you have to cope […]

twitter email notifications

Twitter just like any other social network out there enables email notifications for its users by default. What this means is that you will get emails in regular intervals about things happening on the network. Twitter divides those information into activities related to you and the tweets you make, to your retweets, network activies, and […]

mute twitter user

The social messaging service Twitter is rolling out a new feature currently that adds a mute option to its software clients and Twitter on the web. When you mute someone on Twitter, regardless of whether you do so on the web or in a mobile app, you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications […]

twitter password reset

It can be difficult to keep up with security changes made by services and websites that you are a member of. If a company adds a new security related feature, it is often a good idea to implement it as soon as possible to improve your account's overall security. Many companies have started to implement […]

new twitter

I'm not a heavy Twitter user but keep an eye on changes that are introduced to the service. Twitter recently announced a redesign of user profiles. The new feature was rolled out gradually at first, and if you were not lucky, you could not get it early on as there was no option to flip […]

twitter photo tagging privacy

Twitter announced its new photo tagging feature the other day. It adds an option to Twitter to tag photos on the site. You can tag photos with the names of up to ten people (Twitter users) which does not count against the 140 character limit on the site. Tagged Twitter users are by default notified […]

twitter promoted content

Twitter, just like many other "free to use" services on the Internet earns most of its revenue from advertisement that is displayed to users of the service. The company announced today that it is rolling out a new feature to Twitter users from the United States that will take into account third party information to […]

twitter two-factor authentication setup

Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to increase the security of online accounts. Companies and services like Google, PayPal or Valve are already making use of the feature to provide their users with an additional layer of security. A second code needs to be entered after the usual username and password combination has […]


Twitter has become the go-to social media service for many things. You can get the latest breaking news, often before the big networks like CNN even have it. You can follow weather updates -- especially handy when a big storm is headed in your direction. I follow beat writers who cover my favorite sports team and […]