The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

shining force ii

Shining Force, DnD [Game Saturday]

Normally I review free games every Saturday here on Ghacks, but I'd like to make an exception for some exceptional games. There is a Sega sale on Steam currently where you can […]


Wonderputt [Game Saturday]

I sometimes like to play relaxing games. Games, that do not put any pressure on you, that you can play in a pace that is most comfortable to you. Wonderput for the […]


Team Fortress 2 [Game Saturday]

I started playing Team Fortress 2 when the beta came out and continued to play it once Valve released the game on Steam, and later on to the retail market. Team Fortress […]

the last stand

The Last Stand - Union City [Game Saturday]

The Last Stand series is all about survival after a Zombie apocalypse. Previous games were stationary games where you had to defend a location against attacking zombie hordes. It featured some role […]

kingdom rush

Kingdom Rush [Game Saturday]

I missed the weekly game review on Saturday which is why I'm reviewing Kingdom Rush today instead. The browser game is of the Tower Defense kind, but boy is it pretty. I […]

Privacy: Another Reason Why I Won't Use Origin By Electronic Arts

Some days ago I canceled my pre-order of the Battlefield 3 Limited edition for Windows PCs. It was a reaction on the news that the game would ship without ingame server browser, […]

good old games

Good Old Games, Buy, Download Old PC Games

Over the past 20 years or so, I played numerous computer games on many different platforms. This included all time classic games like the original Pirates game on the C-64, the first […]

castaway island td

Castaway Island TD [Game Saturday]

I love playing Tower Defense games, especially in Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, but also on Flash game sites on Internet websites. Castaway Island TD is a rather unique breed of Tower […]

google+ games

Google+ Games [Game Saturday]

Google enabled Games on my Google+ account while I was sleeping and I thought it would be a nice idea to review what Google+ Games has to offer on Game Saturday. Let […]

turrican remake

Hurrican, Turrican Remake For The PC [Game Saturday]

Turrican was one of those games that made a huge impact when it came out. Originally developed and released for the Commodore 64, it was later on ported to various other systems […]

G-Type, R-Type Clone [Game Saturday]

I fell in love with shoot em up games back when I got my first Atari 2600 system and the game River Raid. Was lots of fun back then. The 8-bit and […]

rocks n diamonds boulder dash

Boulder Dash Clone Rocks And Diamonds [Game Saturday]

I remember playing the first Boulder Dash game on the C-64 with a friend of mine. Players took control of a miner whose task it was to collect diamonds to open a […]

mc2 burning skies

MC2 Burning Skies [Game Saturday]

I love to play old school arcade shooters. Games like R-Type, Blood Money or Apydia were lots of fun to play and hard to beat. MC2 Burning Skies is a well made […]

learn to fly

Learn To Fly 2 [Game Saturday]

If you were a penguin, would not you want to be able to fly as well? That's at least what the player is up against in the sequel to last year's smash […]

villainous skill tree

Villainous [Game Saturday]

Villainous is a tower defense game with a twist. It puts the player into the role of an evil overlord, similar to the game Dungeon Keeper. But instead of building traps and […]

knights of war

Game Saturday: Knights of War

I think it was Defender of the Crown that got me interested into turn based strategy computer games. It quickly became a passion with releases of excellent games such as Shining Force, […]

team fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 Turns Free To Play

While we are gamers at heart here at Ghacks, we usually do not write that much about gaming. But when someone drops a bomb, we have the urge to tell the world. […]

quake live matches

Quake Live [Game Saturday]

Back in the good old days of third person shooters, there were two contenders for the throne. In one corner Quake Arena by ID Software, in the other UT 99 by Epic […]

Play C-64, PC Dos Games Online [Game Saturday]

Ah the C-64, the best selling home computer of all times. Commodore managed to do nearly everything right with that one. It is undeniable that it was used mostly for gaming, but […]


Pushover [Game Saturday]

Push-Over was a platform puzzle type of game in the early Nineties. I cannot remember a lot about it but the fact that you seem to have played an ant and that […]

bubble hero 2

Bubble Hero 2 [Game Saturday]

Do you remember the game Bubble Bobble? It came out for lots of different 8-bit and 16-bit systems, and even had a spin-off called Rainbow Island, which in my opinion was even […]


Edmus [Game Saturday]

I somehow missed to post a game review yesterday and decided to post it today instead. Today's game is called Edmus. It is a Flash game that looks on first glance like […]

diepix arena 2

Diepix Arena 2 [Game Saturday]

Diepix Arena 2 is a shoot'em up browser game featuring incredible music and fast paced action. You take control of a ship that you move with the WASD keys. You shoot with […]


Lemmings Remake [Game Saturday]

Remember the game Lemmings? The game was released by Dma Design on the Commodore Amiga, and later ported to several other systems. DMA Design made their way and are today known as […]


Magi The Fallen World [Game Saturday]

Magi: The Fallen World is a browser action rpg game. Players select a character class (Mage, Warrior, Archer) in the beginning. They start in town and can explore locations on the world […]

bela kovacs

Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood [Game Saturday]

I have the feeling that most innovation in gaming comes from independent developers who produce low-budget contents for gaming consoles, the PC or web browsers. Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood […]

upgrade complete

Upgrade Complete 2 [Game Saturday]

Upgrade Complete 2 is the sequel to the popular Upgrade Complete flash browser game. Both games add a unique idea to a game that is in its core an arcade shooter. Imagine […]


Gameokratie, My German Games Blog

I love playing games. Started when I was very young in the arcades, got my Atari 2600 then followed by the C-64, then Commodore Amiga and finally the PC. Lots of entertainment […]

streets of rage

Streets of Rage Remake [Game Saturday]

I have decided to bring back game reviews here at Ghacks by reviewing one, free game, every Saturday. I call it Game Saturday and it begins with a classic. The Streets of […]

angry birds

Angry Birds... The Movie

I'll come clean and say that I've still not been drawn into the whole Angry Birds phenomenon, but that's not to say I haven't heard about it.  It's very difficult not to […]

EA Removes Taliban from Medal of Honor

Following pressure from the US military, EA Games have decided to remove a feature from their forthcoming multi-player Medal of Honor game that would have allowed gamers to play as members of […]

Forced Real Name Posting Coming To Blizzard Forums

Trolling seems to be a huge problem on Blizzard forums at websites like or as the company has just announced plans to switch to Real ID posting on the forums. […]

sierra games online

Play Free Sierra Adventures, In Browser, Multiplayer

Ah the good old days. When adventures were hard to crack and players could really die when they made the wrong moves. Sierra On-line was one of the big dogs of adventuring […]

Run Punkbuster Services Only When Needed

If you have recently installed a game that uses the anti-cheating software Punkbuster to limit online cheating in the game, you may have noticed the two Punkbuster services PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe running […]

text twist

Text Twist

Text Twist is a very popular online game that is offered on many different websites. Two of the most popular versions of the Text Twist game are offered on Yahoo and MSN […]

Ubisoft To Introduce Online Copy Protection For PC Games

PC game publishers, like the music or film industry, face the challenges that piracy pose. A game for instance is usually available on the Internet before it can be purchased. The game […]

Waste plenty of time with Frozen Bubble and gnubik

Let's face it, we sit at our computers for hours on end. Be it administrating, working, or just plain killing time. Everyone knows that the interwebs is a sure-fire time killer. But […]

Microsoft Releases Free Tinker Game

Tinker was one of the few Windows Vista Ultimate extras that was released by Microsoft. It was a classic puzzle game that put the player in the role of a robot that […]

Linux Games: OpenArena

Are you a fan of Arena (and Arena-like games)? Do you long to play these games on your Linux box? Are you one of those that proclaims that Linux can not and […]

PS3 Slim Announced

The PS3 Slim was yesterday confirmed at Sony's press conference at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The new gaming system will be sold at $299 (€299, £249) and will be available in […]



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