Villainous [Game Saturday]

Martin Brinkmann
Jul 2, 2011
Updated • Nov 25, 2012

Villainous is a tower defense game with a twist. It puts the player into the role of an evil overlord, similar to the game Dungeon Keeper. But instead of building traps and stuff to keep the good from plundering your dungeon, you are the one who is sending out troops to plunder villages and become the evil overlord of the world.

A reverse tower defense game if you will. The excellent tutorial walks you through your first raid on one of the world's villages. You select your troops at the beginning but are limited to casting spells and watching the progress once you hit the start button. Troop selection is the essential task in the game that will lead to success or failure. There are a few things that you need to know to be effective.

First, there is only one monster available that can plunder. The Goblin Raider. Not good for anything else besides that though. All other troops are support troops that protect or aid the raiders in reaching the objective. You only got a tank unit called Mammoth Turtle at the beginning that you can send along with the raiders. Enemies will automatically fire their bullets at the turtle, they act as cannon fodder to protect the raiders for as long as possible.

You get access to four other units later in the game: A healer with a healing aura, a golem with a protective aura, a warlock that can cleanse units and elementals that aid in the generation of mana.

The money earned during raids is used to unlock new spells, abilities and units.

villainous skill tree

You will encounter different types of towers on most maps that require different strategies. One basic example. A bog tower damages your units constantly. Only a warlock can cleanse the troops to reduce the effect of the tower. If you add a healer to the mix you should not have difficulties with this kind of tower.

Other towers include a standard and fast firing arrow tower, cannon towers that do splash damage, holy towers that do holy damage (also cleansed by warlocks), quake towers that do ground damage or atomic towers that do even more splash damage than cannon towers.


You have got three spells at your disposal that you can cast during a run, provided that you have the necessary mana to cast it. The heal spell heals units, quake disables towers in a specific region temporarily and the stun spell disables a tower for one round. Clever use of the spells is essential in the later stages of the game, when towers become more powerful and more versatile.

It is necessary to assemble the right units and their order to beat all maps of the game. It may look like an easy to beat game in the beginning but the later levels turn out to be hard to beat, especially if you want to raze and win gold medals and not only bronze.

Villainous is a great game with traits from many games that I like to play. You get a tower defense part, reversed but still lots of fun to play and an rgp part where you need to unlock new skills and units.

Users who are interested in playing Villainous can do so over at Kongregate.


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