The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

PS3 Slim Announced

The PS3 Slim was yesterday confirmed at Sony's press conference at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The new gaming system will be sold at $299 (€299, £249) and will be available in […]

Three Things That Are Holding Back The Sony PS3

It has been 2 ½ years since the PS3 has launched and since that time it has been trailing both the Wii and Xbox 360 in sales. Granted it has been doing […]

Microsoft Apologizes for Next Gen Console Mixup

Microsoft has found themselves in yet another mix-up, yet its CEO personally apologized to devastated gamers. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, has apologized for unclear remarks made last week regarding careless word choices […]

Xbox Project Natal

This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo was packed with exciting game and hardware announcements from virtually any gaming company in existence. One presentation dominated the gaming hardware announcements; And that was Project Natal […]

Cartoon shootout with Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes was a free to play web browser game of the Battlefield franchise which used a cartoon style instead of realistic style. Battlefield Heroes was retired in July 2015. The game […]

open ttd

Run an airline, train, road and shipping firm with OpenTTD

OpenTTD is an open-source, cross-platform clone of the 1995 classic 'Transport Tycoon Deluxe'. The simulation game allows you to run a transport company from its humble beginnings to becoming a global player. […]

Gears Of War PC Hits Expiration Date

If you need another reason why DRM does not make sense whatsoever read on. The PC version of Gears of WAR apparently had am expiration system built-in to the game client that […]

WOW Addons Updater

World of Warcraft is an online roleplaying game by Blizzard. It is without doubt one of the most popular roleplaying games with 12 million subscribers. A great feature of the World of […]


Learn an alien language with Tork

I don't usually blog about games, but this one is so great, simple, yet unique and quite a challenge that I just have to show you. The premise in Tork (a play […]

Best free (and open-source) FPS games

Whilst first person shooters are mainly confined to the console, several good FPS games are available for PC. I'm nothing more than a casual gamer but I enjoy shooters and I was […]

Windows Vista Games

One usability addition to Windows Vista was the so called Windows Game Explorer that would display all installed Windows Vista games in one menu. It would not only display the usual Microsoft […]

Travian – Online Strategy Game

I’m really not a big gamer. I play occasionally, but when I do I’m generally only interested in Real Time Strategy (RTS) titles such as Age of Empires III, Command and Conquer […]

Spore DRM Protests To Take Effect

This is the second time that publisher Electronic Arts has eased the DRM restrictions of some of their upcoming games due to Internet protests from gamers worldwide. Electronic Arts had initial plans […]

Play Web Games Offline With FlashOffliner

FlashOffliner is a starter and central management application for flash games that have been downloaded to the computer. The software program ships with a few example flash games that can be used […]

Teamspeak Alternative Mumble

Many gamers throughout the world use Teamspeak to communicate while gaming.Some may use other programs, like RaidCall or Ventrilo, but the majority is probably using Teamspeak to communicate with each other during […]

Spore gets a bashing over at Amazon

Electronic Arts had lots of plans with Spore. It was developed by The Sims creator Will Wright and one of the game titles of the "new" EA that did not simply shell […]

nintendo ds emulator

NeonDS Nintendo DS Emulator

NeonDS is an advanced emulator for Nintendo's popular Nintendo DS handheld system. If you know the system you might know that it features two screens of which one can be manipulated with […]

Good Old Games Plans to Offer DRM-Free Classic Games

I’m not that much of a gamer these days. My game-playing skills are restricted to Solitaire and an occasional online game. But in the early 90s, games fascinated me. My introduction to […]

Ubisoft Releases Reloaded Crack To Fix Their Game

Let us talk about a major PR blunder for a short time. Ubisoft apparently temporarily (pulled by now again) released a fix for their game Rainbow Six Vegas 2 that fixed a […]

titanion game

Game Tuesday: Titanion and Tumiki Fighters

The best games every Tuesday that I have found and written about at my games website Take 9. I do like to play games every now and then and have discovered many […]

wildfire 0ad

Wildfire Games

If you play a lot of real-time strategy games then this will be very much of interest to you. Wildfire Games is an independent game developer that is been around for nearly […]


Game Tuesday: ZicZac

Almost two months have passed since the creation of my game website Take 9. A site that I love to write for because I only review games that I like to play. […]

EA backpedals on new Securom Protection

Just a day ago we have reported that Electronic Arts had plans to publish some of their upcoming PC blockbuster titles with a new Securom copy protection, that would validate the game […]

EA to use newest Securom in upcoming games

How would you feel about a game that needs an active Internet connection to verify the serial number ? How about a game that would have to do that every ten days […]



No more games I said. And still, this one is just to good to pass on. I already wrote about it on my new games blog Take9 but since it's relatively new […]

play nintendo games

Play Nintendo 8-bit games in your browser

I really loved the 8-bit gaming systems. I was pretty much a Sega fan back then and only played some Nintendo games like Super Mario Brothers or Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I did however follow the news and games and know lots of old classic games that came out for that Nintendo video game system and I actually bought a few already on my Nintendo Wii using the Virtual Console.

OCZ Actuator Next Gen Video Gaming

Keyboard, Mouse and Gamepads: Those are the standard controls of today's video gamers and I personally did not think that this would change anytime soon. Then came the presentation of the OCZ Actuator which changed my mind. It looks like a high tech headband but it's actually more than that.

No HD DVD Players for XBOX 360 anymore

The high definition format war is almost over with Blu-Ray winning the field. Microsoft was supporting the HD DVD format by offering the HD DVD player add-on for their XBOX 360 gaming system. In an announcement made today they made clear that HD DVD will be pulled as add-ons for the XBOX 360 as well.

protector flash game

Sunday Fun Game Protector

The release of my own gaming blog has been delayed for a few months and I decided to post some great games in the meantime here at Ghacks to keep you all entertained. There is actually one flash game called Protector that I'm playing for some time now. It's one of those Tower Defense type games but with some basic RPG elements and more strategy involved.

PCSX 2 Playstation 2 Emulator

Pcsx2 emulator as the best Playstation 2 emulator in existence and I have to say that it really does an awesome job as long as your computer is fast enough to handle the emulation. There are two prerequisites that are a big hurdle for many users. The first is that you do need a Playstation 2 bios file.

download flash games kongregate

Save Flash Games to your hard drive

I have to admit that I like to play flash games from time to time and enjoy some tremendously. It happens that websites that offer flash games are not available at the time that you want to play the game which is why I would like to explain how you can easily save flash games on your hard drive to play them without an Internet connection.

Xbox 360 finally supporting Divx and Xvid

I'm still puzzled as to why it took so long to add Divx and Xvid support to the Xbox 360 and wondered if Microsoft did not ask the users before they produced the Xbox 360 about the features that the users wanted to see. My old Xbox is playing all of those files without a problem and the main reason why I did not make the switch to the new Xbox 360 was, among other things, the non existent support for Xvid and Divx movies.

christmas jigsaw puzzles

Entertaining Jigsaw Puzzles for Christmas

My four year old nephew likes to play jigsaw puzzles and I also began teaching him computer basics. He already knows how to move the mouse, click and drag objects and install Linux on a computer. (just kidding about the last one). He does very well and I thought it would be nice to play some jigsaw puzzles with him on the computer so that he would get used to mouse movement and ways of interacting with the screen and game.

Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 Skip Intro Movies

If you do not want to get rid of the full game I'm showing you how you can at least get rid of the intro movies that may look great when you start Unreal Tournament 3 for the first time but become a nuisance soon after. The following hack is actually one that you can use to disable intro movies for many games.

Weekend Fun Covert Front

Covert Front is an 'Escape the Room' game with beautiful graphics and nice sound effects. The gameplay is similar to point and click adventures where you have to find items and objects and combine them with each other to proceed in the game. The setting of the game is the beginning 19th century using an alternate time-line.

casual collective

The Casual Collective Invites

Brian was nice enough to send me an invite for the gaming website The Casual Collective which takes a different stance than all those other arcade sites out there. The Casual Collective is run by game programmers who publish their games exclusively on the website which means that this is the only way that you can officially play the games.

Team Fortress 2 Tips and Tricks

I'm playing Team Fortress 2 for a while know and thought that it would be nice to share the knowledge and expertise that I gained while playing the Beta of Team Fortress 2 with players who just got the game recently.

Weekend Fun Tower of Goo Unlimited

Unlike most commercial developers the freeware scene is always good for a surprise. Tower of Goo Unlimited is such a pleasant surprise. It is a small game that does not have to be installed at all. The task is to build a tower of goo by connecting drops of go that stick to each other.

zero punctuation

Zero Punctuation video game reviews

I recently came upon a series of video game reviews called Zero Punctuation over at the Escapist Magazine which could probably described as reviews in a hurry. Yahtzee Croshaw, the guy doing the reviews, was apparently born with the talent to talk pretty fast which he is doing in those reviews that usually last between three to five minutes.

Weekend Fun Treasure of the Cutlass Reef

I wrote about some real heavyweights the last Fridays which is why I would like to write about a pretty interesting flash game today. Treasure of the Cutlass Reef is a game that reminded me a little bit of the oldschool Pirates on the C-64 back in the time when wonderful games would fit on a disk that had storage capacities of less than one Megabyte.



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