Game Saturday: The Wizard (RPG, Turn-based, online)

Martin Brinkmann
Mar 17, 2018
Updated • Mar 17, 2018

The Wizard is a turn-based strategy game with light roleplaying elements that you can play online in any modern browser.

You control the apprentice wizard Kevin in the dungeon crawler who is following a thief deeper and deeper into a dungeon to retrieve his stolen goods.

To do that, you combat all kinds of monsters that roam the dungeon. You start with a single spell, magic missile, at your disposal but learn new spells as the game progresses.

Kevin earns experience points while you play the game which can be invested into spell points that make spells more powerful.

The initial magic missile spell hits a single enemy on first level but three of them on the third level provided that they stand in a line.

The combat system of The Wizard is quite interesting. You and all enemies that spotted you take turns and it is up to you to wait, move or attack using one of the available spells.

You draw patterns around the wizard to cast a spell, a V-like shape to cast a magic missile or a straight line in front of Kevin to cast an ice wall spell.

Spells can be fired in certain directions, only. Magic Missile shoots in a straight line only while lightning bolt only diagonally. A misfired spell may attract even more enemies or make you lose the battle because enemies come close enough to do real damage to you.

Some spells have area damage which affects you as well so that you can't use them in all situations. An ice ball exploding in front of you freezes you for the same number of turns that it freezes enemy.

Drawing to cast spells works most of the time but you may move accidentally sometimes instead of casting a spell which may cost you the battle.

the wizard combat

Enemies come in all sizes and shapes. You encounter weak rats early on but will battle wizard, skeleton archers or vampires in later levels which require different strategies to defeat.

Archers or wizards, for instance, shoot from afar and you may not want to battle it out with them directly as you will lose hit points when you do.

Kevin's stamina is not the best and if he gets hit, he will lose lives and if all lives are lost, it is game over. You may replay any level, however, to try different strategies and continue your quest.

The game requires that you consider each move carefully before you make it. Pulling too many enemies that get too close to you often means that you take too much damage to go on, if you survive that battle.

You find potions in the dungeon which replenish life or get you more points which count towards your leveling progress.

Closing Words

The Wizard is an entertaining dungeon crawler that offers a good variety of spells and enemies. The roleplaying elements are a bit light, and you may notice that the technical side of things could be a bit better. The dungeons are quite big and you need to scroll quite a bit to get an overview. A zoom option would do wonders to help you out here.

If you like turn-based games, you will certainly like this one as well.

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