Cursed Treasure 2 Tower Defense review [Game Saturday]

Martin Brinkmann
Apr 6, 2013
Updated • Apr 6, 2013

I like to play tower defense games and Cursed Treasure 2 is one of those games that keeps me entertained for a long while even though it is not the longest of games.  The game is the sequel of Cursed Treasure and improves upon it in many areas but without removing any of the features that made the game a great tower defense game.

The game is all about gems that you need to protect in one or multiple towers. You can place three types of towers on the map to defeat all enemy forces that try to steal the gems from you. Towers can only be placed on specific types of land though, the arrow shooting Den tower can only be placed on grassland while Crypts can only be placed on snowy land and temples on land with rocks. The only exception to the rule are high grounds where all three types of towers can be placed.

You have three spells in your arsenal in addition that you can use for a variety of purposes. The cutting spell enables you to cut down forests to make room for towers, capture shines that provide you with mana and mines that provide you with gold, or destroy enemy buildings on the map that spawn extra troops. Terror on the other hand makes enemy troops in a radius flee for a short while, while meteor fires a rocky ball of fire on their heads.

cursed treasure 2 review

Your towers gain experience with every shot they fire, and if you have added the right skill to your repository as well every couple of seconds even if they are not in combat. Upgrading towers is important as they not only get more powerful in the process, but also gain additional combat skills that you can put to good use. The crypt for instance may get a fear spell that triggers every now and then which forces enemies to flee for a while.

Upgrading towers is also important because you do not have that much space to place them on the map. You will eventually run out of space to place new towers and from that moment on it is all about upgrading them.

Enemies that you defeat sometimes drop potions, gold coins and scrolls. You need to click on those to trigger their effects. Potions get you mana, gold coins gold, and scrolls have an effect on troops nearby ranging from putting them in a stasis field to lightning bolts striking their heads. These items do not vanish after time, so that you can make use of them when you need them the most.

You get experience for every map that you play regardless of whether you make it to the end or are defeated in the process. While you gain more if you get a brilliant rating (the highest rating in the game), it is important to finish maps so that your character gains levels as you will get three skill points with each level that you can invest in one of the three skill trees.

Skills are divided into the three tower types and range from more money or mana at the beginning of the map over reduced mana costs for spells to improved tower damage or new features like the chance to instantly kill an enemy. Putting skill points in a tree also increases the recharge rate, damage or range of all towers that you place on a map.


The game is relatively short for a tower defense game with its 15 maps. While you will certainly play some maps more than once to get the brilliant rating, you also get to play them in night mode which makes things a bit more complicated as you can only place towers in areas that you can see on the map. To increase your vision, build towers or capture buildings on the map.

Once you are done with this game, you can head over to the first part or the map pack that is available. The games are nearly identical in design so skip the tutorials and dig right in right away.


The game is well balanced for the most part and lots of fun to play if you like tower defense style games. Maps are completed in ten to fifteen minutes usually. If the developers plan to create a new part, I'd like to see more towers, additional tower upgrades that you can select between, more skills to select from, more spells, a harder difficulty level and maybe more variance in the maps that you play on.


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  1. Dan said on April 8, 2013 at 3:11 am

    I didn’t even know it was out until you posted this. I played Cursed treasure 1 and the Level Pack about 3-4 times each and it was a fun game. It’s good to see that CT2 has online save now (like KR). I finished it in two days (perfect3 stars on all levels, day and night). It definitely fixed a lot of the shortcomings of the first game.

    I can’t wait for KR2!

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