The games industy is vast, spreading over PC, browser, and mobile platforms with various ways to download or play them. This section covers news from the top gaming developers and publishers, as well as some tips on how to install and configure them.

game downloader

Game Downloader 2.9 Update Brings Better Previews, New Features

If you like to play games on your PC, and do not really care if they have the latest and greatest effects and graphics or not, but do care about them being […]


Zombie Last Night 2 [Game Saturday]

Zombie Last Night 2 is a free Flash-based game that can best be described as an arena shooter. The game is about defeating ever increasing hordes of zombies that try to take […]


Tinysasters, or the Cycle of Life [Game Saturday]

Sometimes it is the small things that can make a big impact. When it comes to gaming, games that do not fall into the realistic mainstream graphics department come to mind. Small […]

the last shelter

The Last Shelter [Game Saturday]

I like tower defense games, from the most basic Flash based browser game to Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 Tower Defense maps and mods. It is a lot of fun, especially when […]

console power consumption

Why You Should Turn Your Game Consoles Off

I have a Nintendo Wii, a Sony Playstation 3, and a Microsoft Xbox 360 at home, and while I'm not using them that much, I have come to enjoy what the current […]

infectionator 2

Infectionator 2 [Game Saturday]

Infectionator 2 is the sequel to the highly popular game of the same name. You take on the role of a zombie mastermind in a quest to turn the world into zombie […]


Pirateers Online Game [Game Saturday]

Pirateers is an online Flash game that gives you command of a pirate ship and its crew. It is an action game with light strategy elements added to it. You basically play […]


Decision [Game Saturday]

I can't seem to get enough of zombie survival games, at least when they are well done.  The Last Stand 2 was an excellent game for instance, as is Decision.  The story […]

armagetron advanced

3D Tron Clone, Armagetron Advanced [Game Saturday]

Remember the original Tron movie, or the remake that was released a few years ago? Then you can also probably remember the racing sequence in the movie. Armagetron Advanced ports that part […]

wing commander saga

Wing Commander Saga [Game Saturday]

Remember the Wing Commander game franchise or Origin, the game company behind it? Back in 1990 when it was first introduced it revolutionized the space combat genre both visually and story-wise. I […]

the humble bundle

Humble Bundle 2 Launched, 4 Indie Games, Pay What you Like

For me, gaming has changed a lot in past years. While I was always a fan of great freeware and indie games, I never found them to be my main source of […]


GeneRally Arcade Racer [Game Saturday]

Remember Super Cars on the Commodore Amiga or Death Rally on the PC? Micro racing simulations that were lots of fun to play, especially if a multiplayer option was available. GeneRally is […]


Hubris [Game Saturday]

Games that take you on a journey seem to have become popular in recent days. First the release of Dear Esther which some says is a master piece, and others boring as […]

bejeweled 2

Online Fun With Bing Games

Online games are a wonderful way to pass time or keep yourself amused, especially when you're bored or just want a break from the hustle and bustle of work. Generally, these games […]

doom the roguelike

Doom The Roguelike [Game Saturday]

I have to admit that I never played the original Doom much, most likely because I was still playing games on my Amiga back then, and not on the PC. Doom The […]


Dig-N-Rig [Game Saturday]

Dig-N-Rig has a few similarities to the smash hit Terraria that has been available on Steam for some time now. It is not a clone though, and since it is free, I […]

renegade x black dawn

Renegade X Black Dawn [Game Saturday]

Remember Command & Conquer Renegade? The CnC spin-off that turned the Command & Conquer universe into a first and third person shooter? The game received an average rating of 75% according to […]

super guitar maniac

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 [Game Saturday]

And now for something completely different: Remember Guitar Hero and all of those music games that came out on various gaming systems? They were super popular thanks for a while. Super Crazy […]

defenders quest

Defender's Quest [Game Saturday]

Today's game of the week is called Defender's Quest. It is more of a long demo game than a full game though, so keep that in mind. Defender's Quest at its core […]

command and conquer

Command & Conquer Remake In HTML5, JavaScript

I was a fan of the Dune games on the Commodore Amiga, and later on of Command & Conquer on the PC even though I preferred Blizzard's Warcraft series over those Westwood […]


Color Pic-a-Pix [Game Saturday]

Color Pic-a-Pix is an addictive online puzzle game that is more or less a spin-off of the Japanese Kakuro puzzle game. The core difference is that numbers have been replaced with colors. […]


Hands of War Tower Defense [Game Saturday]

I still love the tower defense genre despite the fact that I have not seen a good game come out in quite a while. Hands of War is a Flash browser game […]

awesome tanks

Awesome Tanks [Game Saturday]

Awesome Tanks is a free fast paced action game that you play in your web browser. The game comes with everything that you'd expect in a tank game, with the exception of […]

epic inventor

Epic Inventor, A free Terraria Inspired Game [Game Saturday]

I had lots of fun playing Terraria with a few friends of mine in cooperation. The game let you build, explore and conquer a hostile environment. Much of the game's appeal came […]

Minicraft, Minecraft in 2D [Game Saturday]

Minecraft is one of those games that does not try to persuade gamers with lots of eye candy and stunning visuals. The game's mass appeal can be attributed to its game play […]

play catan online

Play Settlers of Catan Online [Game Saturday]

Nothing beats playing board games with a couple of friends as it is usually lots of fun. Sometimes though you fancy a game but do not have enough friends or space available […]

city siege 3

City Siege 3 Jungle Siege [Game Saturday]

City Siege 3, Jungle Siege, is the third installment in the popular City Siege series. The game is a Flash based game that gives you command of up to five soldiers to […]

warlight maps

Warlight, Risk-Like Game With Advanced Options

When I was young I loved to play the Risk boardgame with friends. The game, like many games from the United States (Monopoly, The Game of Life) was based on luck in […]

poker texas holdem

PokerTH, Free Open Source Poker Game [Game Saturday]

I like to play online poker every now and then. For real money but no high stake games. Most poker sites on the Internet require an account before you can play using […]


Corporation Inc [Game Saturday]

Your own company, how would it look like? That's what you can find out in Corporation Inc, a free Flash based game that gives you the role of the company founder. It […]

stealth bastard

Stealth Bastard, Free 2D-Stealth PC Game

Game Saturday was yesterday, why on earth are you reviewing another game today? Because it is bloody awesome. Stealth Bastard is a free 2D-stealth game for the PC. It combines elements of […]

waterfalls 3

Waterfalls 3 [Game Saturday]

Looking for a relaxing fun puzzle game for the weekend? Than the Flash game Waterfalls 3 may be exactly what you are looking for. It is the player's task to redirect color […]

disable origin

Want To Play Battlefield 3 Without Origin? Do This!

Origin is a controversially "Steam-like" distribution and gaming platform by Electronic Arts. The service has recently received bad press because of its end user license agreement which EA in the meantime has […]

cheatbook database cheat codes

Access Game Cheats And Cheat Codes With Cheatbook Database

Game cheats and cheat codes have been very important for previous gaming generations. They were highly popular before the Internet became popular. Game magazines back then filled a lot of pages with […]

pc game downloader

Game Downloader, Download Free PC Games

I remember that both the Commodore C-64 and the Amiga had a thriving public domain, demo and freeware scene. While it was overshadowed by commercial games and applications, it was there and […]

0.a.d age of empires

0 A.D [Game Saturday]

Remember the original Age of Empires game series (no, not the "bad" third part)? The real-time strategy game back then was well received by many players thanks to its setting and game […]

zombie defense agency

Zombie Defense Agency [Game Saturday]

I love to play all sorts of tower defense games. From classic flash based versions to new interpretations like Orcs Must Die which I recently bought on Steam. Today's game is a […]

demonrift td

Demonrift TD [Game Saturday]

I love Tower Defense (TD) games. Last game that I played quite a bit was Orcs Must Die, a Tower Defense game with action elements that you can purchase at Steam or […]

Prizma Puzzle Challenges

Prizma Puzzle Challenges [Game Saturday]

It is Saturday again and this means that I'm going to review another game for you to play during the weekend. Today's game is Prizma Puzzle Challenges, a browser based puzzle game […]

team fortress arcade

Team Fortress Arcade [Game Saturday]

When I look back at the games that I played this year, there is one name that sticks out: Team Fortress 2. The game, which is now free to play, is without […]



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