Windows 8.1 Update 1 paves the way for a unified experience

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it became clear quickly that the company wanted to create an operating system that could be installed on any type of device, well, apart from smartphones that […]

windows store reset wsreset-exe

How to reset the Windows Store cache

You may know that I run a weekly series over at Betanews that looks at the best Windows Store apps released in the last seven days. I browse all new apps released […]


Who is going to use the VLC Media Player app for Windows 8?

VLC Media Player is without doubt one of the most popular media players out there right now. It offers incredible out-of-the box support for the majority of audio and video formats that […]

updates application windows 8

Save bandwidth on Windows 8 by disabling automatic app updates

Apps may be automatically updated on Windows 8 even if you never use the apps that ship with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system by default and do not have a single other […]


How to diagnose and fix Windows 8 apps crashes

I'm testing quite a few applications in Windows 8 -- and more recently Windows 8.1 -- each week, and while most apps work just right away, I do encounter some that don't. […]

touchpad windows 8

TouchMousePointer adds an on-screen touchpad to Windows 8 PCs

A strong development focus in regards to Windows 8 was support for touch screens and gestures. While touch was supported in older versions of Windows to a degree, Microsoft made the decision […]

Should Microsoft add the start menu back to Windows 8?

The missing start menu is without doubt one of the most controversial topics when it comes to the Windows 8 operating system. Only a few issues have caused this much controversy. If […]

clear tile history notifications

How to clear app notifications in Windows 8 on shutdown

One of the new features of the Windows 8 operating system is the new start screen interface. It displays default apps that shipped with the operating system and applications that you have […]

windows 8 advanced startup-f8

Display the Advanced Boot Options in Windows 8 when you hit F8

The advanced boot options have been an integral part of all recent versions of the Windows operating system. All you had to do was tap on the F8 key numerous times (or […]

automatic logon windows 8 with microsoft account

How to log on automatically on Windows 8 using a Microsoft Account

Windows 8 users have options to log on to the system using a local account or a Microsoft Account. Both options have their advantages. The local account does not communicate with Microsoft […]

windows update

Why you may not be able to upgrade Windows 8 in Windows Store

Most Windows 8 users who visit the integrated Windows Store today on their machines will get a prominent notification about the available update to their system that they can install for free […]

windows 8.1 enterprise download

How to download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Trial right now

You have probably already noticed that Microsoft has released the Windows 8.1 update a bit early today. All Windows 8 users can install the upgrade by visiting the built-in store of the […]

windows 8.1

What I do not like about Windows 8.1

I have been running the Windows 8 operating system on my secondary PC every since it was released by Microsoft as a first beta. I had my gripes with the system but […]

startisback+ windows taskbar start screen

StartIsBack+ adds taskbar to Start Screen on Windows 8.1

More than a dozen different start menu programs have been created which all add a start menu back to Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Depending on which program […]

windows 8.1 close apps go to desktop

Windows 8.1: return to the desktop after you close the last Modern app

Microsoft has made several concessions in Windows 8.1 to improve the usability of the operating system for the "desktop crowd". While those changes won't get you back the pre-Windows 8 work environment, […]

Finally, Microsoft to build unified app store for Windows Phone and desktop Windows

If you have read my take on why the Windows App store is not popular right now, you know my opinion on the current state of the apps store of the Windows […]

Why Windows 8's App Store is not popular

Who will use the Windows 8 app store? That was the first question that came to my mind when Microsoft announced that its newest operating system would ship with an integrated store. […]

work folders windows 8.1

Work Folders: a new feature of Windows 8.1

If you browse the (desktop) control panel on a Windows 8.1 system you may notice a new entry there that you may not have seen before. Work Folders is listed there only […]