Windows 8

Windows 8 was a successful Microsoft operating system that many people retained when Windows 10 launched. If you’re still using it on your device, you can check our articles here for guides, tips, upgrades to the latest version, security, and more.

windows 8 powershell

Remove multiple Start screen apps at once in Windows 8

While many of us in the tech world have been using Windows 8 for some time -- perhaps even since back when the Developer Preview came out, which is when I moved […]

windows store apps troubleshoot screenshot

Troubleshoot Windows Store apps issues

Windows Store has been integrated natively into the Windows 8 operating system by Microsoft. You can use the store to download and install apps on the system which run with limited rights […]

windows 8 pro upgrade discount screenshot

You can still buy Windows 8 for a discount

To increase demand for its newest operating system Windows 8, Microsoft ran a promotion until January 31, 2013 that made available the operating system at a discounted price. Up until that day, […]

windows 8 cnn

CNN app for Windows 8 and RT arrives

If you are a news junkie like me then Windows 8 offers you some tantalizing features. The new Start screen has an ever-growing supply of apps available in the Windows Store, and […]

windows 8

Acronis promising fix for Windows 8 bug

Acronis, maker of one of the better backup programs for Windows, seems to have a Windows 8 problem. True Image 2013 offers the ability to take an entire image of your hard […]

Windows 8 start menu programs are downloaded in record numbers

Microsoft decided to ship Windows 8 without a start menu and the main reason for that was probably to get users to use the start screen of the operating system even though […]


How to enable transparency on Windows 8

I was never a fan of Aero glass transparency as I prefer my operating system to use solid colors only and nothing else. I do however know a couple of Windows users […]

windows 8 apps data backup

How to backup and restore Windows 8 apps data

Windows 8 ships with a set of new backup and restoration tool like the refresh option that let you keep settings that would be lost if you'd install the operating system anew […]


Jailbreak Windows RT to run deskop software

Earlier this week news broke that it was possible to circumvent Windows RT's code integrity mechanism which effectively paved the way for a jailbreak of the system. When applied, it would remove […]

windows rt whitelist flash tool

Whitelist Flash domains in Windows 8's Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft made the decision to limit the domains that users of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows RT or Windows 8 can load Flash contents from. While this does not affect the desktop […]

windows 8 fast startup

Windows 8's Fast Startup does not play well with dual-boot systems

One of the new features that Microsoft has integrated into Windows 8 is the new Fast Startup feature that is activated by default. Windows 8 caches files on the hard drive during […]

move windows apps

How to move installed Windows 8 apps to another drive

If you are using a Solid State Drive as your main drive in Windows 8, you may have found it to quickly fill with data, apps, programs and of course the notorious […]

Microsoft: 60 million copies of Windows 8 sold to date

How successful is the Windows 8 operating system? One way to find out is to compare its performance with previous Microsoft operating systems, and while situations are not identical, doing so provides […]

boot ui tuner

Modify Windows 8 boot options with Boot UI Tuner

Microsoft has optimized the boot cycle of the Windows 8 operating system so that long-used features such as hitting F8 for the advanced boot menu no longer work properly. While the feature […]

windows 8 desktop update notifications

Show Windows update notifications on the Windows 8 desktop

Microsoft has changed the way users are notified about updates in Windows 8. In previous versions, update notifications were displayed on the desktop so that you'd immediately know that an update was […]

Windows 8: Important January deadlines

Windows 8 has been released a couple of months ago and while the verdict is still out in regards to how successful or not the operating system is, it is important to […]

What would you like to see in Windows 9 / Blue?

Rumors have it that Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, and while it is not clear if it will be called Windows 9,Windows Blue or something completely different, […]

metrostore scanner

Finally Windows Store becomes available on the Internet

If you want to browse Windows Store, the store that Microsoft has integrated into its Windows 8 operating system, then you need to have that operating system to do so. There is […]

enhancemy8 system info

EnhanceMy8 is a new Windows 8 Maintenance Utility

The jury may still be out regarding the success of Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system. We have seen opinions across the board ranging from success to failure, but one thing is […]

surface pro battery life

Surface Pro: price and battery life disappoint

I had high hopes for the Surface Pro ever since Microsoft announced that it would release the device a few months after the Windows 8 operating system. It was the device that […]

Microsoft Surface Pro will be available January 2013 starting $899

When Microsoft announced the Surface product line I was immediately drawn towards the Surface Pro and not the Surface RT. The latter got released first to my dismay and while it seems […]

windows 8 activator

Beware of fake Windows 8 key generators

When something is in high demand, it usually does not take long before it is being exploited in one way or the other. While the verdict is still not in if Microsoft's […]

Microsoft: 40 million Windows 8 licenses sold

Microsoft was tight lipped about the success or failure of its Windows 8 operating system sales-wise. The only figure the company released was the four million upgrades in three days remark that […]

pin steam

Pin Steam adds your Steam games to Windows 8's start screen

The popular Steam gaming platform is not - yet - available as a Windows Store application. While you can install Steam on Windows 8 as a desktop application, you will notice that […]

windows 8 product key

Bios embedded Windows 8 product keys

If you have purchased a laptop running Windows 8 recently you may have noticed that it may not contain a small label on the back side or battery compartment listing the operating […]

close windows 8 store apps

How to close Windows 8 Store apps

As a first time user of Windows 8 you have probably noticed that Windows Store apps, programs that you run from the start screen the operating system boots in to, behave different […]

windows is activated

Pirates have found a loophole in the Windows 8 activation chain

The most difficult part of installing and using a pirated copy of Windows 8, apart from making sure that it does not contain any hidden malware, is getting it activated. Each Windows […]

windows update KB2756872

Troubleshoot Windows 8 update KB2770917 stops responding

Some users of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system are currently experiencing issues with an update that stops responding at 13% or 15%. The KB2770917 update is a cumulative update for Windows 8 […]

retroui windows start menu

RetroUI Pro: run Windows 8 apps in windows on the desktop

There is not a lot about the Windows 8 operating system that has not been hacked, tweaked or modified in one way or the other by talented programmers. We have seen the […]

tile a file

Tile A File: add any file to the Windows 8 start screen

Microsoft limits the type of files and programs that you can pin to the start screen of the Windows 8 operating system. It is basically the same limitation that is imposed on […]

pin steam games to windows8 start screen

Add Steam game shortcuts to Windows 8's start screen

The gaming platform Steam is an all-in-one game store and gamer launcher available for various platforms. Most Steam users know that they can create desktop shortcuts for games they have installed in […]

autopin controller

Block programs from pinning shortcuts to Windows 8's start screen

Sergey Tkachenko has created quite the number of programs for Windows 7 and Windows 8 that tweak various functionalities. To name a few: Skip Metro to bypass the start screen on logon, […]

windows 8 start screen icon websites

Create a special Windows 8 start screen icon for your website

Back when Windows 7 was released Microsoft introduced an option for webmasters to add tags to their site's code that would make special commands available on the Windows taskbar if users pinned […]

start8 update 1.03

Windows 8 start menu app Start8 1.03 released

The third upgrade of Stardock's Windows 8 start menu application Start8 has just been released, only weeks after we have taken a look at Start8 1.01 released in early November. The new […]

google search youtube videos

Google Search app for Windows 8 update brings YouTube support

I had mixed feelings about Google's Google Search application for Windows 8 for a number of reasons, from missing YouTube video playback  support over being incompatible with Windows RT to not really […]

windows 8.1 start screen

Microsoft: with Steven Sinofsky gone, where does that leave Windows 8?

Microsoft announced yesterday that Steven Sinofsky, the head of the company's Windows and Windows Live division, left the company effective immediately. You may remember Steven Sinofsky from his rather lengthy posts over on […]

windows media center

Windows 8 Media Center does not support Blu-Ray

Windows Media Player, the native video player on Windows 8's desktop and the video player application on the start screen cannot play DVD or Blu-Ray movies. The core reason for the missing […]

windows 8 setup download iso

How to re-download the Windows 8 ISO

You may have a Windows 8 DVD at hand depending on how you have installed the operating system or upgraded an older system to the newer version. If you have not, you […]


StartOnDesktop: Another straight to desktop shooter for Windows 8

Is an increasing number of programs that fix, tweak or reverse features or functionality of an operating system a sign that something is not right with the system? I think I have […]


Stardock Decor8: personalize the Windows 8 start screen

Microsoft for whatever reason has decided to limit the customization options of Windows 8's start screen to a handful of layouts and colors you can switch to. If you have been used […]



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