Windows 8

Windows 8 was a successful Microsoft operating system that many people retained when Windows 10 launched. If you’re still using it on your device, you can check our articles here for guides, tips, upgrades to the latest version, security, and more.

microsoft surface pricing

Microsoft Surface Pro pricing information

Microsoft is currently preparing to launch the Surface Pro in the next 1-2 months, after having shipped the Surface RT during the launch of the Windows 8 operating system at the end […]

windows 8 for dummies

Download free Windows 8 ebooks

Microsoft has changed the Windows operating system considerable with the release of Windows 8. While it should not take experienced users longer than half an hour or so to get acquainted with […]

turn off windows protected your pc

Turn off "Windows protected your PC" (Windows SmartScreen)

Microsoft's operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 10 include a security feature called Windows SmartScreen that is enabled by default. SmartScreen is a background service that monitors the execution of applications and […]

start8 1.01 update start menu

Start8 1.01 for Windows 8 brings lots of improvements

Start8 is one of my favorite solutions when it comes to adding a start menu back to the Windows 8 operating system.  While not free, it is reasonably priced at less than […]

create a system repair disc

How to create a Windows 8 system repair disc

Windows 8 ships with options to create a system repair disc from within the operating system just like previous versions of Microsoft Windows did. What you need to know before you get […]

kindle app windows 8

The Windows 8 Kindle Application

If you own a Kindle device you know that the books you download are associated with your Amazon account so that you can access them on other devices as well. Kindle apps […]

Top Windows 8 shortcuts you should know to speed up your work

If you have spend some time getting to know Microsoft's newest operating system Windows 8 you have without doubt noticed the major differences to previous versions of Windows. The start screen is […]

windows 8 start screen tiles

Windows 8: change the number of start screen rows

The number of rows that the Windows 8 start screen displays on the screen is determined by the screen resolution of the operating system. Windows 8 displays four rows on systems with […]

windows store netflix

The Windows 8 Store needs better filters

When I started to use the Windows 8 RTM release I spend some time in the Windows Store to understand how it works and what the store's limitations are. I quickly identified […]

Windows 8: upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit system

You need to be very careful when you want to upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 8. Microsoft, for whatever reason, decided to make things […]

windows 8 upgrade setup

Windows 8 Upgrade: clean install possible?

Microsoft is pushing the Windows 8 Upgrade offers ever since Windows 8 got released a day ago. In fact, you only can buy upgrades on Microsoft Store, if you want a retail […]

add windows 8 language

How to add another language to Windows 8

One of the changes that Microsoft introduced in Windows 8 is the availability of additional language packs for all editions of the operating system. That's different to how Microsoft handled Windows 7 […]

windows 8 upgrade assistant

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant standalone

If you are planing to upgrade your existing operating system to Windows 8 you probably want to know whether your PC's hardware and software is compatible with Windows 8 before you buy […]

windows 8 price

Windows 8 pricing overview

Windows 8 has been officially released by Microsoft, and while it is too early to tell how big of an impact the operating system will make in the coming twelve months period, […]

evernote for windows 8

Evernote Introduces Windows 8 App

There has been no shortage of Windows 8 news today.  After all, this was the day of the big launch event in New York City and Microsoft officially unveiled the final release […]

windows 8 media center pack

Free Windows 8 Pro to Windows Media Center Pack upgrades until January 31, 2013

All versions of the Windows 8 operating system ship with Windows Media Player but not with Windows Media Center. That's relevant because Media Player in Windows 8 can't play DVD movies anymore. […]

windows 8 fast start

Windows 8: difference between power down and reboot

When you power down a PC running Windows 7, the operating system gets loaded fully again on the next start of the system. The same is true when you reboot the PC. […]

skype app settings

What the Skype app for Windows 8 is missing

The Internet was buzzing with news that Microsoft released the Skype app early yesterday during the release of Skype 6.0 for Windows and Macintosh systems. I was not able to confirm that […]

MSN for Windows 8 Launches, Immediately Goes Down

It's a big time for Microsoft with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet this Friday.  They have also been actively updating almost all of their software and web […]

xbox smartglass

What is Xbox SmartGlass?

Xbox SmartGlass is a new application for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that is being released on October 26 and October 29 respectively when the new operating systems are officially announced. […]

system restore

Windows 8 freezes? Here is a fix

When I started to work on my Windows 8 PC today I noticed a strange behavior after updating some apps in the store. The system would freeze occasionally, so that some controls […]

xbox music pass

Xbox Music Pass 6 month free with Windows 8 purchase

Microsoft today has updated the official video and music apps that it ships with the final version of the operating system to include support for the Xbox Music Pass and the feature […]

google search windows 8

Official Google Search app for Windows 8

All major Internet companies will eventually create apps for the Windows 8 operating system. Those that do not, are at a severe disadvantage on the operating system, considering that competing services are […]

skype for windows 8

Skype application for Windows 8

Skype is one of the messaging programs that I'm running on my system, mainly to chat with a few business contacts and friends who prefer the software over other applications. I'm not […]

windows 8 startpage changer

Customize the Windows 8 Start Screen background

Microsoft is limiting the customization options of Windows 8's start screen. It is not possible by default to select a background image of your choosing for instance, as you are limited to […]

chrome desktop windows 8

Always open Google Chrome on the desktop in Windows 8

When you make a browser the default system web browser in Windows 8 you may notice one of two things. If the developer of the browser has made available a special version […]

Windows 8 Gets Panned by Chris Pirillo

If Microsoft has accomplished anything with their upcoming operating system, Windows 8, then it's certainly the generation of controversy.  After all, the new OS is a big change from virtually every previous […]

Microsoft Surface is competing with laptops, not iPads

Microsoft revealed the pricing for the Surface RT yesterday, starting at $499 for a 32 Gigabyte model without keyboard up to $699 for the 64 Gigabyte flagship model with keyboard included. The […]

surface rt windows 8

Mirosoft reveals Surface RT pricing

In what some will describe as a classic move to gain press attention, Microsoft activated the Surface RT page on the company's own Windows Store website for a moment before pulling the […]

xbox music

Microsoft announces Xbox Music

I'm a fan of Internet Radio and get my music fix from free stations that stream the music that I like to listen to right to my PC. While that is sufficient […]

Should you pre-order Windows 8?

Online retailers such as Amazon have started to accept pre-orders for the boxed version of Microsoft Windows 8 Pro. The Windows 8 Upgrade is available for $69.99 until January 31, 2013 at […]

Windows 8: UEFI Secure Boot System for Linux

When Microsoft announced Secure Boot for Windows 8, it received lots of flak from the Linux community because of fears that secure boot would effectively shut out Linux distributions on PCs running […]

vizio all in one touch

Vizio Unveils New Windows 8 All-in-one Touch PC's

As we continue to march towards the big Windows 8 launch on October 26th, more and more manufacturers are showing off their hardware for the new operating system.  So far we have […]

windows 8 performance reliability update

Microsoft releases Windows 8 performance and reliability update

The security bulletins for October were not the only updates that Microsoft has released today. The Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872) has been released for Windows 8 and Windows […]

classic shell

What's the best Windows 8 start menu program?

Microsoft has replaced the traditional start menu in Windows 8 with the new startpage that appears when you boot into the operating system and when you press the Windows key when it […]

When it makes sense to use Windows Store Apps

By now we know that Windows 8 ships with an apps store that works in a similar fashion as Google's or Apple's app store. You get a selection of apps and games […]

switch startpage windows classic desktop

How to switch from Windows 8's startscreen to the desktop

So you have bought a new PC with Windows 8, upgraded an existing computer to Microsoft's new operating system, or are already playing around with the Windows 8 RTM on a test […]

dummies surface contest

Did Reveal the Microsoft Surface Pricing?

On October 26th Microsoft will not only release their brand new Windows 8 operating system, but also their first ever tablet, the Microsoft Surface.  The Surface will come in two flavors - […]

windows 8 apps ads

Microsoft details how ads in Windows 8 apps work

Windows 8 developers have several options when it comes to monetizing apps in Windows Store. Besides asking for money upfront, developers can alternatively use in-app transactions to make money, or display ads […]

windows 8 store updates

Default Windows 8 apps get updates prior to launch

Microsoft includes a set of default applications on the Windows 8 startpage after installation of the operating system. This includes the mail app, a desktop email client, a photo app to view […]



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