Windows 8

Windows 8 was a successful Microsoft operating system that many people retained when Windows 10 launched. If you’re still using it on your device, you can check our articles here for guides, tips, upgrades to the latest version, security, and more.

Start Screen Pinner: Pin Anything to Windows 8's start page

Microsoft has limited the items that you can pin to the start page of its Windows 8 operating system, much like the company restricted the items that you can pin to the […]

firefox metro app

Preview Firefox Metro UI on Windows 8

Windows 8 users for some time now can play around with a Metro UI version of the Google Chrome web browser. The version becomes available when users make Google Chrome the default […]

windows 8 market share

Windows 8: slow pre-launch adoption rate

If you want to know how well Windows 8 is doing when it comes to the operating system's adoption rate pre-launch, you best compare it to the adoption rate of previous Microsoft […]

Get a PC Settings Shortcut on the Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8, which will debut on October 26th, doesn't provide users with the ability to create desktop shortcuts to modern (formerly Metro) apps.  Traditional software and settings programs like Control Panel can […]

custom windows 8 app tiles

Create custom Windows 8 app tiles with OblyTile

One of the things that I do not like in regards to Windows 8's new startpage is the lack of customization options. Microsoft has added lots of custom - and mostly silly […]

Stardock's Start 8 Windows Start Menu replacement to cost $4.99

Of all the start menu replacements available for the Windows 8 operating system, I like Start8 from Stardock the most. The program, currently available as a beta version for Microsoft's upcoming operating […]

disk analysis windows 8

Disk Falcon is a nice looking disk analysis app for Windows 8

There are probably a dozen or so free disk analysis tools available for the Windows operating system. These programs display a visual representation of the used disk space on a hard drive […]

turn live tile notifications off

How to turn off Windows 8 app notifications

Maybe it is just me, but the majority of notifications that apps displays on Windows 8's new and shiny startpage are rather irritating and repetitive. Don't get me wrong. I can see […]

google chrome windows 8 mode

Windows 8: Google Chrome app advancing

Before I start looking at recent advances that Google implemented into the Windows 8 version of its Chrome web browser, I'd like to take a moment to point out that I'm still […]

file history save files

Change how often File History saves copies of files in Windows 8

File History is one of those new features in Windows 8 that I'm excited about. It is an opt-in feature unfortunately that may be overlooked by the majority of Windows 8 users […]

Windows 8 Tablet pricing becomes clearer

I find it interesting that news about mobile devices running Windows 8 seem to concentrate almost exclusively on tablet PCs. Is that because the majority of mobile devices will be touch-based tablets? […]

windows 8 group policy settings

Windows 8 Group Policy Reference

The Group Policy is only included in Windows 8 Professional and not Windows 8 RT or Windows 8 (yes, that is the name of the basic version of the operating system). Microsoft […]

windows store

Windows Store has its issues

I have been playing around with the RTM release of Windows 8 for some time now and have spend some of that time browsing Windows Store. Windows 8 is the first Microsoft […]

windows 8 apps resource usage

Windows 8: display resource use of apps

Apps that you run and install on the Windows 8 operating system use system resources just like any other program that is running on it.  If you are running Windows 8 Pro, […]

windows 8 store release preview

Windows 8 Store Tops 1,500 Apps

When Microsoft rolled out the Windows Store with the release of the Consumer Preview version of the operating system there were only a few apps available, and many of them were actually […]

windows 8 control panel

Windows 8 Built-in File Backup

There is perhaps no more important thing for users to do than backup their files.  Hard drive crashes can happen unexpectedly and the risk of losing important and irreplaceable files like family pictures is […]

windows store apps

Windows 8: Metro apps are now called Windows Store apps

Back in August it became known that Microsoft decided to replace the term Metro which up to that point had been used by the company to describe the new user interface (Metro […]

windows 8 charms pc settings

Change App Notifications in Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft has almost completely changed the face of their flagship product, doing away with the Start button that has been so integral since the Windows 95 days, as well […]

share startpage windows desktop

Share the Windows 8 startpage with the classic desktop

The two interfaces that Microsoft has implemented into Windows 8 are a major change from previous versions of the operating system. Instead of just having to work with the classic desktop, users […]

display installed apps windows 8

List Windows 8 apps installed on all of your PCs

With cloud synchronization built right into the operating system one would think that Microsoft would have added an easy option to automatically synchronize installed apps between your PCs. That is however not […]

microsoft browser choice screen

Windows 8: The return of the browser choice screen

I had hopes that the EU would not force Microsoft to integrate the browser choice screen, or browser ballot as it was called, in its newest Windows 8 operating system. Why? Because […]


ViStart updated: Windows 7 like start menu for Windows 8

My favorite program to bring back the start menu to the Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is Start8 by Stardock as it not only gives me the option to add a classic […]

opera windows 8

Opera Software preparing Opera for Windows 8

Third party software developers who want their programs to function properly under Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8 need to focus their attention on two new areas. The start page is the […]

windows 8 blue screen

10 programs that make Windows 8 better

So you have made the jump and installed Windows 8 on a computer, or, you are planning to buy a tablet, laptop or desktop PC running Microsoft's latest operating system. If this […]

samsung ativ smart pc pro

3 Windows 8 devices that I'm looking forward to

The last few days have been packed with press conferences and announcements of new devices for Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8.When you analyze the devices and tablets, you will notice that […]

windows games xbox

First wave of Xbox games for Windows 8 announced

The thing that I'm most interested in when it comes to the Windows Store in Windows 8 are games. The core reason for this is that games can offer me something that […]

windows rt

Should you get a Windows RT or Windows 8 computer?

When Windows 7 came along, PC users had to pick one of the available editions that Microsoft made available to the public. The decision impacted the features the operating system shipped with, […]


Start8 updated: now with improved Windows 8 Start Menu

Stardock's Start8 was one of the first programs to bring back a start menu to the Windows 8 operating system. Unlike Classic Shell, it moved part of the operating system's new start […]

windows 8 desktop gadgets

No Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets? Try these two tools to get them back!

One of the features missing in Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 8 is desktop gadget support. Gadgets are programs that make their functionality directly available on the desktop. They were first introduced […]

skip metro suite

Skip Metro Suite is your all in one getting-rid of Windows 8 Metro solution

While Microsoft is still pondering about the name of the new user interface of the Windows 8 operating system after ditching the Metro name earlier this month, programs are created left and […]

Reasons why you do not want Windows 8

After giving you ten reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8, it is now time to give you reasons why you may not want to upgrade to Windows 8.  This is […]

sync settings

Ten reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 will be out on October 26 and even though it is a highly controversial operating system, it is likely that Microsoft will once again make a huge profit on it. […]

turn off smartscreen filter

Windows 8 SmartScreen filter reporting back to Microsoft

The SmartScreen Filter is a new technology in the Windows 8 operating system that is protecting users from installing unsigned applications, malicious programs or click on links that lead to known phishing […]

windows 8 mail app

How to add email accounts to Windows 8's Mail app

I have added an Outlook test account to the Windows 8 Mail app shortly after I have installed the Windows 8 RTM from TechNet on my second desktop PC. What I did […]

windows 8 expiration

What happens when Windows 8 expires?

Microsoft has released three previews of its upcoming operating system Windows 8 to the public. The Windows 8 Developer Preview, Consumer Preview and Release Preview have been, and in many cases are, […]

windows 8 boot manager

Use the old Windows Boot Manager on a Windows 8 dual boot system

Microsoft has changed the look and feel of the boot manager of the Windows 8 operating system. Part of the change comes from the fact that Windows 8 boots faster than previous […]

windows 8 installation

How to install Windows 8 without product key

If you have installed the final version of Windows 8 on a PC recently, you have noticed that you had to enter a valid product key at one time during setup to […]

Windows 8 Pro to cost $199 after promotional pricing of $69.99

Microsoft up until now has confirmed the upgrade pricing for the operating system during an initial promotional phase that lasts until January 31. Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 users can buy […]

mind8 mindmapping

Mind8 mind mapping app for Windows 8

If you have access to the RTM version of Windows 8 and visited the store recently, you have probably noticed that new apps are starting to appear regularly now. Windows 8 RTM […]

Windows Upgrade Offer: all you need to know

If you are buying a Windows PC with Windows 7 between June 2 and January 31 you may be eligible for a low-cost upgrade to Microsoft's soon to be released operating system […]



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