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You should be exploring digital gaming marketplaces. Here’s why!

If you are looking for a wide range of digital gaming items being sold at a great price, take a look at the Eneba marketplace! Video games, gaming subscriptions, DLCs, in-game currencies, […]

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from existing Firefox installs

Mozilla bans the FVD Speed Dial extension and removes it from Firefox; but users are furious after losing their bookmarks

Mozilla has banned the popular new tab extension, FVD Speed Dial, from its Firefox add-ons repository. A discussion on Mozilla's Discourse portal sheds some light behind the drama. The full name of […]

chrome open bookmarks folders

Google Chrome: open all bookmarks of a folder in a tab group

Google is working on a new option for bookmarks in folders in the company's Chrome web browser. Launched in Chrome Canary already, Chrome users may use the new feature to open all […]

google bookmarks end of support

Google is shutting down Google Bookmarks. Here are alternatives

Google will shut down its Bookmarks service on September 30, 2021. The service won't be available afterwards anymore and users who use it have until then to export their bookmarks to save […]

Perfect Home is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lists your bookmarks as speed-dials in new tabs

Perfect Home is a Firefox and Chrome extension that lists your bookmarks as speed-dials in new tabs

Speed Dials are a must-have feature for me in any browser that I use. While I prefer Group Speed Dial for my regular usage, I often jump through other add-ons every month […]

firefox save bookmarks 85

Firefox 85 remembers the last used bookmarks folder and gets other bookmarking improvements

Firefox 85 Stable will be released next week, and the browser includes a number of new features and improvements. We looked at the browser's new network partitioning feature, support for importing passwords […]

Manage your web shortcuts from a dual-pane interface with the Bookmarks Commander extension for Firefox and Chrome

Manage your web shortcuts from a dual-pane interface with the Bookmarks Commander extension for Firefox and Chrome

If you're a regular reader, you may know I'm a fan of dual-pane file managers. They're very convenient when you want to multitask or organize your folders and files. Well, if you […]

firefox-bookmarks toolbar new tab

Firefox: display the bookmarks toolbar only on the New Tab Page

Mozilla added a new feature to the Firefox Nightly version of the web browser that lets users display the browser's Bookmarks Toolbar only on the New Tab Page, if wanted. The Bookmarks […]

Save URLs copied to the clipboard with Portable Bookmarks for Windows

Save URLs copied to the clipboard with Portable Bookmarks for Windows

Many users save their favorite sites as bookmarks to preserve them and access them quickly. Though I prefer visual bookmarks (speed-dials), I maintain my bookmarks by organizing them into folders. An advantage […]

Manage your tabs, bookmarks, downloads with the Sidebar+ extension for Firefox

Manage your tabs, bookmarks, downloads with the Sidebar+ extension for Firefox

All-in-One Sidebar was an amazing extension, which was ultimately abandoned by its developer when WebExtensions were introduced. Though nowhere close to AiOS, there are a few sidebar extensions which are worth trying. […]

firefox advanced bookmarks

Scrapyard is an advanced bookmarks manager for Firefox

Scrapyard is an open source extension for the Firefox web browser designed to improve bookmarking in Firefox in multiple ways.  Firefox users may use it to bookmark pages but also content on […]

Search for webpages in your history and bookmarks efficiently with the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome

Search for webpages in your history and bookmarks efficiently with the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome

Memex is an interesting web browser add-on that is designed specifically for powerusers. Before you ask, no it's not a meme generator. It is a Vannevar Bush inspired bookmarking/local search engine of […]

keep delete bookmarks

Give your Firefox bookmarks the Tinder treatment

Keep or Delete Bookmarks is a Firefox add-on by Sören Hentzschel designed to bring order to the browser's bookmarks in a playful way. Instead of just going through long lists of bookmarks […]

bookmark organizer 3.0

Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 for Firefox includes whitelist functionality

Sören Hentzschel released a new version of the bookmarks management extension Bookmarks Organizer for the Firefox web browser. Bookmarks Organizer 3.0 includes a new whitelisting functionality and other improvements. Sören released the […]

rons weblynx

Manage bookmarks on Windows with Ron's WebLynx

Ron's Weblynx is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage bookmarks in a browser-independent environment. Internet users who work with different browsers and sets of bookmarks face a tough challenge: […]

firefox sidebar container tabs

Manage Firefox tabs, bookmarks and containers in the sidebar

Sidebery is a new extension for the Firefox web browser to manage browser tabs, bookmarks, and containers in the sidebar. The default sidebar of the Firefox web browser may display bookmarks or […]

bookmarks clean up

Find duplicate or broken bookmarks in Google Chrome

Bookmarks Clean Up is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds bookmark clean up options to the browser. Chrome users who use the browser's bookmarking functionality extensively will […]

firefox auto complete suggestion

Firefox not auto-completing bookmarks? That's a bug

Firefox users who use bookmarks in the web browser may have noticed that bookmark entries are no longer suggested as auto-complete entries in the Firefox's address bar. The following happens when you […]

livemarks dynamic bookmarks

Livemarks restores Live Bookmarks support in Firefox

Livemarks is a brand new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that restores Live Bookmarks functionality in the web browser. Mozilla announced plans recently to remove Live Bookmarks support from the […]

firefox bookmark descriptions

Mozilla plans to remove bookmarks descriptions

Mozilla plans to remove bookmarks description support in the Firefox web browser according to bug listings on the official bug management site. The organization plans to do the removal in two steps: […]

Mozilla plans to remove RSS feed reader and Live Bookmarks support from Firefox

A recent entry on Mozilla's bug tracking website [email protected] indicates that Mozilla plans to cut RSS feed reader and Live Bookmarks support from the organization's Firefox web browser. After careful consideration of […]

firefox other bookmarks

How to change the default bookmarks folder in Firefox

Firefox, just like any other modern web browser, supports bookmarks. You can save bookmarks, URLs that point to your favorite websites and services, or scripts and dynamic bookmarks, and manage them using […]

firefox bookmarks organizer 2.0

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for Firefox released

Bookmarks Organizer 2.0 for the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a major update to the bookmarks management WebExtension that Sören Hentzschel, the developer of the add-on, launched last year. Bookmarks Organizer is […]

firefox import bookmarks passwords

How to import Bookmarks, Passwords and other data to Firefox

When you run the Firefox web browser on a desktop system for the first time, you are prompted to import browsing data from other browsers. You may import bookmarks, passwords, and other […]

sort bookmarks

Sort Bookmarks add-on for Firefox

Sort Bookmarks is a new Firefox add-on that you may use to sort all bookmarks of the browser using the sort options the add-on provides. Bookmarks in the Firefox web browser are […]

storurl bookmarks manager

StorURL: cross-browser bookmarks manager for Windows

StorURL is a cross-browser bookmarks manager for Microsoft Windows devices that supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Bookmarks are quite the useful thing in the browser world, considering that they allow […]

bookmarks organizer

Bookmarks Organizer for Firefox

Bookmarks Organizer is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that checks the status of bookmarks to reveal dead, duplicate or redirecting bookmarks. If you use bookmarks in your web […]


404 Bookmarks lists all dead Firefox bookmarks

404 Bookmarks is a brand new browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that helps you identify and remove dead bookmarks from the browser. Most modern browsers support bookmarks, and it is […]

worldbrain chrome

WorldBrain for Chrome: full-text search history and bookmarks

WorldBrain is a free browser extension for Google Chrome -- a Firefox add-on is promised -- that indexes all visited web pages and the bookmarks to add full-text search capabilities to the […]

opera 43 developer

Opera 43: faster, bookmarks export, and more

Opera Software published the first preview version of Opera 43 to the Developer Channel today. The company plans to ship Opera 43 with a whole array of new features that include native […]

chrome 54 no bookmarks recent tabs

Chrome for Android: Restore Bookmarks and Recent Tabs links

I have talked about this back in August when the feature landed in development versions of Chrome for Android. Basically, what it does is add article recommendations to the New Tab Page. […]

other bookmarks

Firefox Bookmarks upcoming changes

Mozilla plans to release a couple of changes to the Firefox web browser's bookmarking system in upcoming stable channel releases. Bookmarks have not received much love in the past couple of years […]

omea reader

Omea Reader RSS, newsgroups and bookmarks reader review

Omea Reader is a feed reader application for Windows that, while no longer maintained, supports a wide range of features that may make it interesting for some users of the operating system. […]

url gather

Manage browser bookmarks with URL Gather

URL Gather is a free program for Windows that has been designed to provide better means to manage bookmarks on the system. It is compatible with all recent versions of Windows. I […]

dom as a bookmark

DOM element as a bookmark makes Firefox's bookmarks fully dynamic

I wrote a guide a couple of days ago on adding dynamic components to Firefox bookmarks. This involved adding a variable and keyword to the bookmark to load specific pages on a […]

dynamic bookmarks

How to use dynamic bookmarks in Firefox

Bookmarks are quite useful as they allow you to save links to websites, applications and services in the web browser you are using so that you can re-open them easier without having […]

chrome classic bookmark manager

Surprise, Google restores the old Bookmarks Manager in Chrome

Google some time ago updated the Bookmarks Manager of the company's own Chrome browser. From a basic folder and list view to something that looked well on mobile devices but was highly […]

backup bookmarks

The ultimate bookmarks guide

Bookmarks tend to grow over time if you are making use of the feature that every modern and not so modern browser supports at least to a degree. Bookmarks are links that […]

private browsing bookmark passwords

Create password protected private-browsing bookmarks in Firefox

Hush is an add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds password protected bookmarks to the browser's private browsing mode. Note: Hush is not compatible with Firefox 57 or newer. You can […]

chrome bookmarks

How to transfer browser bookmarks without Sync account

Browser bookmarks have not changed a lot in recent time. The only major feature that most browsers introduced is bookmark syncing to synchronize bookmarks across devices. Firefox Sync or Google Sync require an […]


Papaly, a Cloud-based Bookmarks Manager

Papaly is a new cloud-based bookmark manager that you can use directly on the web or in form of a Chrome extension. The only online bookmarks manager that I ever used for […]