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Screeny is a free for personal use screen capture program for Microsoft Windows that supports image and video captures, and an immense set of features. You have plenty of options when it comes to taking screenshots or videos on Windows machines. From the good old Print-key-paste-in-image-editor option to screenshot tools that offer basic and advanced […]

Private Internet Access is one of the three VPN services that I'm subscribed to currently. It is rare to have such a great service available on Ghacks Deals which is why I decided to post this message early. The deal is for a two year subscription to the service for $59.95. That's more expensive than […]

firefox developer tools system addon

Mozilla is investigating options currently to turn the built-in Developer Tools of the Firefox web browser into a system add-on. So-called system add-ons are browser add-ons that ship with core Firefox. Basically, add-ons that are not installed by the user but by Mozilla. Firefox users have less control over these system add-ons, even though it […]

unifie thumbnail viewer

Unifie is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to browse image thumbnails stored in any folder on the local system quickly. Image viewers are a dime a dozen on Windows, and there are plenty of good ones around. I have reviewed my fair share of them over the years, and you can check out […]

worldbrain chrome

WorldBrain is a free browser extension for Google Chrome -- a Firefox add-on is promised -- that indexes all visited web pages and the bookmarks to add full-text search capabilities to the browser's address bar input field. Modern browsers don't index the full web page when it comes to making suggestions to the user based […]

wayback machine preserve web page

The Wayback Machine, part of the Internet Archive, is a massive web page archive that holds more than 279 billion copies currently. This makes it an excellent option to look up pages that are no longer available at all, or have changed. You can head over to the Wayback Machine website directly to look up […]

Mailbird is a desktop email client for Windows based on the open source email client Thunderbird. It is offered as a free and commercial version, with Mailbird Pro supporting additional features that the free version does not ship with. What you get is basically what Thunderbird has to offer, plus a set of extra features […]

anniversary update winver

This guide provides you with information on the latest Windows updates and Service Packs, including where to download them and how to install them. Microsoft released service packs traditionally for its operating systems, but switched to the new feature upgrade system with the release of Windows 8. Service Packs are only available for Windows 7 […]

firefox standard

2017 will be quite the interesting year for the Firefox web browser. Mozilla plans to make the switch to WebExtensions in that year, launch a new themes API that is based on that, and will introduce a new default Firefox theme on top of all that. The first changes have been pushed to the Nightly […]

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is still the world's most widely used OS, but that does not stop Microsoft from waving an early goodbye to the operating system. The company informed customers on the German Microsoft press site that support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020: about three years from today. This […]

image resizer for windows

Image Resizer for Windows is a free, open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to resize images straight from Explorer. Windows users have quite the diverse selection of tools at their disposal when it comes to image manipulation. Microsoft Paint, or the Windows Photos app, may be all that is needed in some cases to […]

whatsapp security notifications

Security researchers found a backdoor in the popular messaging application WhatsApp recently that could allow WhatsApp to intercept and read user messages. Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, claims that it is impossible to intercept messages on WhatsApp thanks to the services end-to-end encryption. The company states that no one, not even itself, can read what […]