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firefox 32-bit download

Only 1.7% of all Firefox users on Windows are running a 64-bit version of the browser while the majority of users runs a 32-bit version of Firefox according to Mozilla. Mozilla released a 64-bit version of the Firefox web browser for Windows last year but has not actively promoted it yet. The main Firefox Stable […]

toshocat manage anime manga

Toshocat is a free desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux devices that provides you with options to manage, track and discover anime and manga shows, books or movies. The program is quite heavy on the download side with its 60+ Megabyte. This can be attributed mostly to the tools it ships with. Simply run […]

multi-process firefox

After years of development and several delays, multi-process Firefox, also known as Electrolysis or e10S, is about to be enabled for a subset of Firefox stable users. The following guide provides you with information about Firefox's multi-process architecture. It explains what the feature offers, preferences and switches for it, covers add-on compatibility, and takes a […]

keepass 2.21 screenshot

The European Union just announced that it will give the source code of the password manager KeePass and Apache Web Server a security audit. The idea to audit open source software came to live back in December 2014 when two members of the European Parliament suggested an audit for free software used by EU institutions. […]


Today's offer brings you a lifetime subscription to TigerVPN, a virtual private network provider, that gives you access to fourty nodes all over the world and two simultaneous connections. While you may choose the full lifetime subscription for $49, you may also select a lite lifetime subscription for $29 or a 3 year subscription for […]

microsoft message analyzer

Microsoft Message Analyzer is a tool for Windows 7 and newer Windows versions that is been designed to assist users in troubleshooting and diagnostic scenarios. The program ships with functionality to capture, list and analyze protocol traffic, e.g. http and https connections, events, as well as system or application messages. It replaced Microsoft Network Monitor […]

opera 40 rss

Opera published a new version of Opera Developer today that introduces basic RSS Feed functionality in the web browser. Opera Developer 40.0.2296.0  is out, and you may upgrade to the version if you run a developer version of Opera already or download it from Opera's website directly if you don't or prefer it that way. […]

windows 10 security

Windows 10 Privacy, it seems like a never ending story that just won't get away. France's National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) served Microsoft with a formal notice on July 20, 2016 asking the company to comply with the French Data Protection Act within three months. The claim? Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is used for […]


In a little bit over a week, Microsoft ends the free upgrade offer for eligible Windows 7 and 8.1 systems. While some may still get the upgrade for free after July 29, 2016, the majority of Windows devices aren't. It is likely that Microsoft servers will experience a rush of late-comers who want to grab […]


DisCoverJ is a free cross-platform program to add missing cover art automatically to as many music files as you like in one swift batch operation. There are numerous ways to add cover art to mp3 files. Some music releases ship with cover art included, and some mp3 players may retrieve cover art for the music […]

tagspaces file management

TagSpaces is an open source cross-platform program to manage local files in various, better ways than the underlying operating system supports. File management is quite limited on Windows, and probably also on other operating systems. While you can use folders to manage files somewhat, that's about all that is supported in this regard by Windows. […]

mutetab chrome

MuteTab introduced options to mute audio playing in Chrome before Google integrated native audio controls into the browser. The extension placed an icon on Chrome's main address bar that you could click on to display all noise making tabs in the browser, and to control the flow of audio. While not as convenient as Google's […]

seagate 10tb

Seagate unveiled today a new portfolio of 10 Terabyte hard drives for the consumer market that push storage capacities to new heights. The 10 Terabyte drives Seagate Barracuda Pro, Seagate IronWolf and Seagate SkyHawk are designed for desktop, NAS and surveillance system use. Dubbed the first consumer 10 Terabyte drives, drives with a capacity of […]

switch to microsoft edge

If you are running a recent stable version of Microsoft Windows 10 on a mobile device, you may have received notifications already about programs or apps that drain battery on the device. For instance, if you run Chrome or Firefox, you may get the message that said browser is draining battery faster than Microsoft Edge. […]