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facebook record audio

Facebook is in the news again, this time for listening in on conversations or background noise. The store on the News10 website is sensationalist but its core is true. The news report makes it seem as if Facebook is listening in on conversations all the time. The report admits that users need to give Facebook […]

winauth 2-factor authentication

WinAuth is a free open-source program for the Windows operating system that can be used to generate codes for various services offering 2-factor authentication. 2-factor authentication, sometimes also called 2-step verification, is an authentication scheme that adds a second verification step to authorization processes. Companies started to add these options to improve account security. Basically, […]

google maps ads

Google Maps users may soon see a new form of advertising when they use the popular mapping service that displays local search ads when the product is being used. The ads will be displayed on Google Maps for the desktop and for mobile. Desktop users, those who use a web browser on a desktop computer […]

get windows 10 schedule

Computer users who run an older version of Windows -- one that is still supported by Microsoft -- are spending time and effort these days fighting off the Get Windows 10 program that Microsoft pushes on these systems regularly using system updates. Most computer users who liked the idea of getting a free copy of […]


iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit is a precision repair kit featuring 64 bits and an ergonomic aluminum handle designed to repair electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, game consoles, laptops and more. Note: The offer ships only to continental US, and shipping is free. The custom-made kit features a sorting tray that makes it […]

clipboard text manipulation

Websites and services can use JavaScript, and other technologies such as Flash if available, to manipulate text that is copied to the clipboard by users. Some sites use the feature to add a copyright note to the copied text while others may prevent copy operations to the clipboard entirely by erasing the copied contents before […]

private internet manager rubyw

If you are using the popular VPN service Private Internet Access (PIA) and monitor outgoing network connections on your devices, you may have noticed that the program rubyw.exe attempts to connect to various Internet servers when you initiate the VPN connection to Private Internet Access. This happens only if you are using the PIA software […]

windows as a service timelines

Microsoft senior program manager Chris Riggs revealed information about the company's Windows 10 update and upgrade in a presentation at the WinHEC technical conference in Taiwan. While Riggs addressed business and Enterprise customers in the Windows As A Service presentation, some of it is also interesting to Home users. Microsoft plans to release single cumulative […]

install-google chrome extensions firefox

The following guide walks you through the steps of installing Google Chrome extensions in Firefox. Mozilla is currently working on implementing WebExtensions support in the Firefox web browser which will make the browser compatible with many of the extensions offered for Google Chrome and Chrome compatible browsers. The organization plans to release an initial stable […]

thunderbird softmaker

Thunderbird, powered by SoftMaker, is a custom version of the popular email client featuring enhancements that come all in the form of extensions. Thunderbird 45 and 45.1 were released recently by the team of volunteers that kept and keeps Thunderbird alive ever since Mozilla decided to get rid of the Thunderbird project. This new version […]

achoir forensic results

AChoir is a free program for the Windows operating system that collects forensic information from a live system using popular tools created by Nirsoft, Sysinternals and others. If you want to retrieve information from a PC, for instance about users, the browsing history or installed hardware, then you can run a bunch of free programs […]

windows iso downloader

Windows ISO Downloader is a free program for Windows that allows you to download Windows operating system ISO images from Microsoft servers. Downloading an ISO image of the operating system that is already installed on devices you are working with is always a good idea in case you need to reinstall the operating system or […]

skype file is larger

While Microsoft's Skype software is certainly not the best way to send files to contacts, it is without doubt convenient to do so if you are using the software anyway. All you need to do is select a contact and the send file icon, pick a file from the local system to transfer it to […]

onedrive limit upload downloa drate

Microsoft has started to roll out an update for the native OneDrive implementation of Windows 10 that allows users to set download and upload transfer rate limits. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system ships with OneDrive synchronization built-in, and it is used automatically if users sign in to the operating system using a Microsoft Account. While […]