ccleaner 6.0 performance optimizer

CCleaner 6.0 launches with new Performance Optimizer tool

Piriform released CCleaner 6.0, a new major milestone for the system optimizer, this week to the public. The new version is available as a feature-limited free version and a professional version. CCleaner […]

ccleaner interface

How to use CCleaner to get your PC performing like new

PCs tend to become slower over time, but there is something that can be done about it. CCleaner, a free PC optimizer application, can get your PC performing like new. CCleaner optimizes […]

ccleaner privacy opt-out

CCleaner 5.71 with new privacy opt-out for offers

CCleaner has had its fair share of controversies surrounding privacy and functionality in the past couple of years. While there is no data available on the impact of these issues on the […]

firefox ccleaner delete files

Firefox users beware: CCleaner wipes Firefox extension settings by default

Firefox users who run the temporary file cleaner CCleaner on their systems may have noticed that extension settings are removed after running the program. The issue affects all recent versions of CCleaner […]

ccleaner third-party offer

CCleaner flagged as potentially unwanted by Windows Defender

Microsoft Defender Antivirus flags certain CCleaner installers as potentially unwanted software according to a new database entry on the company's malware encyclopedia site. CCleaner is a popular tool for Windows to remove […]

ccleaner health check

CCleaner 5.64 introduces Health Check, last Windows XP and Vista version

Piriform, which is an Avast-owned company, has released CCleaner 5.64 Stable on March 3, 2020. The new version of the clean-up software introduces the new Health Check feature officially and is the […]

checking pc health

First look at CCleaner's Health Check feature

Piriform, maker of the popular temporary file cleaner CCleaner, started to integrate a new Health Check feature in the latest version of the client. The release notes of CCleaner 5.62.7538 reveal that […]

microsoft answers block ccleaner

Microsoft blocks official CCleaner domain on its Answers site

A report on the Italian site HTNovo suggests that Microsoft added 11 domains to a blacklist on the company's official Answers support site. While it is not uncommon for forums to block […]

piriform-new ccleaner browser offer

Beware: CCleaner may install CCleaner Browser and remap file associations

CCleaner, the popular Windows file cleaning software, may install the web browser CCleaner Browser as part of the installation process if users are not careful. CCleaner bundles third-party offers -- technically not […]

ccleaner easy clean

About CCleaner's Easy Clean Mode

Piriform released on May 15, 2019. The new version of the popular cleaning software introduces a new simplified cleaning mode called Easy Clean. We followed development of the program for a […]

ccleaner nag

CCleaner Free update introduces Tools menu Popup annoyance

The most recent update for the temporary file cleaning and system maintenance software CCleaner, CCleaner 5.5.5, introduced a new Software Updater tool. Software Updater scans installed programs on Windows PCs to make […]

ccleaner professional software updater

How good is CCleaner Professional's new Software Updater?

The most recent version of CCleaner Professional comes with a new Software Updater tool designed to inform the user about outdated program installations. Software updates are a complicated thing on Windows as […]

ccleaner updates options

CCleaner 5.50 with new options to control program updates

A new version of the file cleaning software CCleaner for Windows, version 5.50, features new options to control program updates. The year 2018 has not been a very pleasant one for Piriform, […]

uninstall ccleaner

New CCleaner scandal: forced automatic updates

2018 has been a troublesome year for users of the computer program CCleaner. The popular Windows program to delete temporary files and data to free up disk space went through a series […]

ccleaner 5.46 privacy

CCleaner 5.46 ships with clearer privacy options

CCleaner 5.46 is now available; the new version promises better privacy options, clearer explanation of privacy-related features, and a data fact sheet that highlights what is collected and why. The past couple […]

ccleaner 5.45

Dont install or upgrade to CCleaner 5.45

Piriform/Avast released CCleaner 5.45 recently to the public that Windows users may not want to install or upgrade to. The changelog of the new release highlights the change in euphemistic terms: "Added […]

ccleaner advertisement

CCleaner 5.44 comes with advertising popups

If you run the free version of the popular temporary file cleaner and system tool CCleaner for Windows, you may have noticed that it has started to display advertising popups on the […]

ccleaner privacy

CCleaner update introduces Privacy options

The most recent version of CCleaner, a popular temporary file cleaning software for Windows, includes a new Privacy page that aims to give users of the application control over the program's data […]

ccleaner avast adware

Avast bundles CCleaner with Avast Free Antivirus

Avast acquired Piriform, the maker of CCleaner and other popular programs in July 2017. The Czech security company is known for its line of free and commercial security products for Windows and […]

ccleaner emergency updater

CCleaner 5.36 Emergency Updater

Piriform released a new version of the company's popular Windows cleaning software CCleaner to the public yesterday. The new version ships with two major changes, namely a new Emergency Updater feature, and […]

ccleaner 2nd payload

CCleaner Malware second payload discovered

A new report by Cisco's Talos Group suggests that the CCleaner hack was more sophisticated than initially thought. The researchers found evidence of a second payload during their analysis of the malware […]

ccleaner 5.35 digital signature

CCleaner 5.35 released with new digital signature

Piriform, the company behind the highly successful Windows cleaning software CCleaner, released version 5.35 of the application on September 20th, 2017. The new version was signed with a brand new digital signature, […]

CCleaner compromised: better check your PC

Piriform, makers of the popular file cleaner CCleaner, confirmed on Monday 18th, 2017 that hackers managed to attack the company's computer network successfully. The hackers compromised two versions of the CCleaner in […]

Avast acquires Piriform, makers of CCleaner

Avast just announced that the company has acquired the software company Piriform, best known for the software program CCleaner for Windows. Piriform's flagship product is CCleaner, a temporary file cleaner and traces […]

kaspersky cleaner

Kaspersky Cleaner is a free CCleaner-like program for Windows

Kaspersky Cleaner is a new program by Russian security firm Kaspersky that has been released as a free beta version on the company's website. The program has been designed to assist users […]

ccleaner uninstall apps

CCleaner can uninstall Windows 10 apps now

Yesterday's CCleaner update to version 5.11 introduces several new features to the popular application. One of them allows users on Windows 8 or newer versions of Windows to uninstall Windows apps from […]

ccleaner cloud

A first look at CCleaner Cloud

Piriform, the makers of popular applications such as CCleaner and Recuva have released a cloud-based version of CCleaner recently called CCleaner Cloud. One of the core differences between regular CCleaner versions and […]

ccleaner disk analyzer

First Look at CCleaner's Disk Analyzer tool

Piriform, the makers of CCleaner, launched version 5.0 of the tool recently. The new flat user interface of CCleaner was without doubt the biggest change in that release. The update to CCleaner […]

ccleaner 5.0

CCleaner 5.0 now available

Piriform, the company behind the popular CCleaner program for Windows and Android, released a preview version of CCleaner 5.0 recently that showcased the new interface of the application. Today, the company released […]

ccleaner 5.0 beta

First look at CCleaner 5.0's new interface

Software interface design changes, or entire redesigns, are often controversial updates.  It happens that visual updates are disliked that much that users move to alternatives instead. We have seen that with Firefox's […]


CCleaner alternative Clean Master released for Windows PCs

Clean Master Phone Boost is a very popular app for Android that enables users to delete temporary data from the device to free up storage space and remove traces from the phone […]


CCleaner for Android released by Piriform

CCleaner is a popular temporary file cleaning software  for Windows and Mac computer systems. The company behind the product has released a version of CCleaner for Android that interested users can download […]

ccleaner extensions apps plugins

Why is CCleaner listing the same extension, app or plugin multiple times?

While most Windows users are probably using CCleaner solely for removing temporary data to free up disk space and remove traces of past usage from the computer, Piriform, the company behind the […]

piriform ccleaner 4.0

CCleaner 4.0 released: new and improved tools, better performance

When you ask tech savvy users which programs they use to remove temporary files on their Windows system, it is likely that the list they provide you with includes CCleaner. It is […]

piriform ccleaner 3.27

CCleaner 3.27 brings improved browser support

While there are many tools out there that you can use to remove temporary files from your Windows system, only a handful play in the same region as the popular CCleaner. The […]

manage chrome extensions

CCleaner 3.25 update brings Chrome extension management capabilities

CCleaner 3.25 has just been released by Piriform. It is a popular temporary file cleaner for Windows that is used to free up disk space and remove information from programs and files […]

windows explorer context menu

Clean-up Windows Explorer menu items with CCleaner

The more applications you install, the more likely the chance that your Windows Explorer menu fills up with context menu items. While some of these items may be handy to have, others […]

context menu ccleaner

CCleaner 3.20 update brings Windows 8 Support, Context Menu Editor

Our all-time favorite temporary file cleaning tool CCleaner has just been updated by its parent company Piriform. CCleaner 3.2 introduces several improvements over previous versions, including full support for Microsoft's Windows 8 […]


Run CCleaner Silently with a click on a Shortcut

You probably know that you can run the popular temporary file cleaner CCleaner on schedule, for instance when the computer starts. You can configure that option under Options > Settings > Run […]

bleachbit ccleaner

How To Integrate CCleaner's Winapp2.ini File Into Bleachbit

The winapp2.ini is the file CCleaner gets all its cleaning information from that allows you to add your own cleaning locations. CCleaner users can use the winapp2.ini file to add custom cleaning […]