Monitor Computer Activity with Win Spy

The Windows operating system records all kinds of information when the computer is used. It records what searches are performed on the computer system, what programs are opened or saved, which urls […]

index.dat analyzer


A recent analysis of index.dat files on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 test system revealed hundreds of entries. Index.dat files are hidden files that contain information about visited urls, cookies and […]

MRU Blaster

MRU Blaster (via Technix) is a software program for Windows operating systems that cleans the Most Recently Used files on the computer system. Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to […]

Index.dat Viewer

If you perform a search for index.dat files on a computer that is running Windows you will most likely end up with dozens of files with that name. The index.dat file is […]

Boot Computer Faster

The Internet is full of optimization tips for reducing the boot time and making the computer boot faster. Many of the tips described have virtually no effect or even ill-effects. The Boot […]

Visualize Hard Drive Space

I reviewed software programs or Windows Explorer extensions that display hard drive space usage before (for example Folder Size or JDiskReport Hard Drive Analyser, or my current favorite WizTree). FoSiX is another […]

Anti-Malware Toolkit Downloads Security And Cleanup Tools

After reading the original heading over at Download Squad I thought that the Anti-Malware Toolkit was a software to scan the system for installed security and cleanup tools and update them if […]

system partitioning vista

System Partitioning with Vista

System Partitioning is a little scary, especially if your as stupid as me and don’t back your files up before you start. I have been using Ubuntu installed through Wubi, a very […]

isyscleaner pro remove temporary data

iSysCleaner Pro removes temporary data

Every new application that enters the "temporary data cleaner" category has to stand its ground against established programs like CCleaner which seems to be the application of choice for most cleaning enthusiasts […]

clean after me

Clean After Me

Clean After Me is a new software by the well respected NirSoft developers. The application is as usual portable and can be executed right from its location. The main purpose of the […]

desktop maestro

Free PC Tools Desktop Maestro Key

I was beginning to think that the time of the free promotional keys was gone when I spotted yet another promotion at Tip and Trick. This time it is possible to get […]

document history windows

Disable Recent Documents Listing in Registry

Windows is keeping track of programs you opened recently and uses two locations on the system to store those information. The first location saves the 15 most recently opened documents that are […]

xp start menu programs

Windows XP Run Count List and Editor

Windows XP keeps track of how many times an application has been started by a user of the system and displays the most frequently used programs in the start menu. That's a pretty convenient feature for some users but there is no obvious way to control which applications are listed in the start menu.

autoruns software

My weekly computer maintenance schedule

For some time now I'm running several maintenance applications once a week to improve the performance, security and privacy of my computer. It usually takes less than two hours to run all of these applications and I would like to explain which programs I'm using, why I'm using them and what the benefit of using them is.

revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Program Uninstaller

A new version of Revo Uninstaller was released this week and I decided to install it again to check on the progress of the application. Revo Uninstaller is a program uninstaller that has several interesting features that I mentioned only briefly in my last article which was published a while ago. It's main task is a replacement for the Windows uninstaller which is slow and careless when it comes to uninstalling applications.

Time for some PC Winter Cleaning

It's becoming dark and cold outside sooner these days which is in my opinion the best time for some serious PC winter cleaning. I'm doing those cleaning once every three months to make sure my computer runs stable and without ballast that drags performance down. This article will only look at the software and operating system and not on the hardware which could be optimized as well by looking for firmware and bios upgrades.

Remove Toolbars with Toolbar Cop

Every company that has it's own website or software seems to advertise their toolbar that you need to install on your system. Spammers also like toolbars and most computers have many toolbars installed that are most of the time simply unnecessary. The real difficulty begins when you try and uninstall a toolbar which is not as easy as it sounds.

Clear Temporary Files during System Shutdown

Windows does not automatically delete temporary files during system shutdown. This means that deleted files in the trashbin and temporary files like those in the Internet Cache are still accessible after a restart of the system. System cleaners like CCleaner or Disk Cleaner are able to delete those files but I would like to show a way how many of them can be deleted by using a Windows system tool.

Defraggler a defragmentation software

The makers of CCleaner and Recuva have created a new software called Defraggler which is a defragmentation software for Microsoft Windows 2000 up to Windows Vista. Defraggler introduces some new features that most - if not all - other defragmentation softwares are missing.


nCleaner advanced System cleaner

I'm currently using several tools to clean my system, change settings to increase security and privacy, control startup items and tweak system settings to improve performance. Softwares like CCleaner, Xpy, Autoruns and several others do the job just fine with the only minor issue that I have to open them if I want to change specific settings. It would be far easier to use one software to do all of those tasks.

Free Software for your computer

Gili over at Connected Internet compiled a list of 15 applications that he calls the best free software for your computer. We all know that it can be quite difficulty to compile a list with the best because the best is nothing more than a personal judgment. I would agree that about half of the recommended softwares are must haves while the other half are nice to have but not really required.

recover files

Recover accidentally deleted files

I disabled my trashbin by default which means that deleted items bypass the trashbin and are deleted immediately. This works fine most of the time but it happens that I occasionally delete a file that I need later on again. There is no obvious way to get those files back and you will face serious troubles if want to get them back but used something like defragmentation on that hard drive after the deletion.

The question that some might ask is why one could recover deleted files at all. This is actually a very good question. Windows does not delete the file at all when you press the delete button. It simply deleted the reference to that file and makes the space the file occupied writable again. This means that you can recover most files if you are just fast enough. One freeware that can do the job is Recuva which is supposed to be pronounced recover.

low disk space warning

Disable Low Disk Space Warnings in Windows

Windows popups a balloon tip with a "Low Disk Space - You are running out of Disk Space" warning everytime a hard drive goes below 200 megabytes of disk space. This can get pretty annoying if you have a lot of data on the drive and your disk spaces goes regulary below 200 megabytes on it. There is however a very easy way to turn this message off, it involves a registry setting.

Get rid of unwanted files, cache and cookies

Panicwipe is a one click solution to delete unwanted files securely from your system. The freeware is able to delete programs, files, folders, registry entrys, IE cache, history and cookies with one simple click. You´ve got full control over the whole process of course: you select the data that you want to delete, everything else remains.

disk cleaner

Erase Personal Tracks with Disk Cleaner

You are leaving traces on the computer you are working with unless you are using a live cd or software that runs from an usb stick. Traces are everywhere and it´s rather hard to clean every possible trace by hand. Disk Cleaner is a nice little freeware application that helps you in this task.

Howto make sure that your files are safe

It is a good idea to make sure that no one is able to find and use private files on your computer against you. I can think of several reasons why it is wise to secure private files. If you are sharing a computer you have multiple users working with it, would not it be embarrassing if your mother (wife, sister, girlfriend..) found your hidden adult picture stash ? A thief would be more than happy to use all the personal information (login details to sites like paypal or ebay for example) to make some extra bucks.

easy cleaner

Easy Cleaner

EasyCleaner is a small program which searches Windows' registry for entries that are pointing nowhere. EasyCleaner also lets you delete all kinds of unnecessary files like temps, backups etc. You can search for duplicate files and you can view some intresting info about your disk space usage! You are also able to manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and add/remove software list.

101 Fabulous Freebies

Dylan Tweney compiled a list of 101 fabulous freebies for the pcworld website. The link above leads to the category view of all freebies that dylan collected. Categories include Tune Up: Utilities and system tools, Lock It Up: Security/antispam tools, system-stabilizing utilities and Share It: File sharing and storage services. All categories include program links and a short description of the program itself. Lots of known tools but also some lesser known ones and also some services are included.

Crap Cleaner Freeware

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less that a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware.