firefox extensions cookies

How to deal with Firefox extensions that require cookies

Some Firefox extensions require access to local storage and/or indexedDB, for instance to store data on the user device Firefox runs on. These extensions may break if cookies are blocked. Extensions like […]

ccenhancer 4.5

CCEnhancer 4.5: HTTPS downloads, new features

CCEnhancer 4.5 is a new version of the popular Windows software that you may use to add hundreds of new definitions to CCleaner and other programs that support the format (the developer's […]

alternate directory

Alternate Directory: delete file types on Windows

Alternate Directory is a free program for Microsoft Windows that you may use to find and delete files of specific types on connected storage devices. The program has been designed to remove […]

RegSeeker 4.5 update brings automation

RegSeeker is a multi-purpose tool for Microsoft Windows devices to manage processes and the Registry, work with startup entries, and clean the computer. The free program, which has a size of just […]

black bird cleaner

Black Bird Cleaner Free review

Black Bird Cleaner is a free system cleaner and optimizer for Microsoft Windows that is also available as a more powerful Pro version. The program offers basic cleaning options when compared to […]

data usage windows 10

How to reset Data usage in Windows 10

Data usage is a handy feature of the Windows 10 operating system that reveals the data transfer totals from the last 30 days. Besides displaying the total amount of data that was […]


NetworkUsageView lists Windows network usage data

NetworkUsageView is a free portable program for Windows 8 and newer by Nirsoft that displays network usage data that is collected by the operating system. The free program parses the information of […]

essential gnu linux applications

Essential Applications for GNU/Linux Users

So, you’ve made the switch from Windows or MacOSX to GNU/Linux, congratulations! There is a good chance that you’ve also installed a distribution like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, or perhaps Manjaro; and […]

hdcleaner 2017

HDCleaner: system cleaner and optimizer for Windows

HDCleaner is a free software program for Microsoft Windows devices that lets you clean and optimize the operating system. There is certainly no shortage when it comes to so-called cleaner applications for […]

advanced uninstaller pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro review

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a free program for Windows that enables you to monitor and remove software installations from PCs running Windows. Software installations, and especially the removal of installed programs, is […]

moved program folder

Move Program Folders in Windows without affecting functionality

FreeMove is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to move program folders to other locations without breaking functionality. When you install a software on a Windows machine, you either […]

windows backup

Do this before you update to the Windows 10 Creators Update

The official release date of the Windows 10 Creators Update is April 11th, 2017. Windows 10 users who want the update early may download it on April 5th, 2017 via the Update […]

disk cleanup system files

Windows Tip: Speed up Disk Cleanup System Files loading

The following tip provides you with information on how to speed up the loading of Disk Cleanup's "clean system files" option on Windows. Disk Cleanup is a built-in tool on Windows devices […]

Quickly list recent files opened by Windows Programs

Windows 10 users may use a native feature of the operating system to list recently opened files of Windows programs. Windows maintains a list of recently opened files, and the operating system […]

metadefender endpoint

Metadefender Endpoint: Windows PC security scanner

Opswat Metadefender Endpoint is a free security scanner for computer systems running Microsoft's Windows operating system. The program checks settings, installed programs and security, and computes a score based on that. It […]

system ninja 316

System Ninja 3.1.6: duplicate file finder integration

System Ninja 3.1.6 is the latest version of the temporary file cleaning and maintenance tool for Microsoft Windows devices. The tool flies a bit under the radar thanks to the dominating CCleaner. […]


It's the first day of 2017: Time for PC maintenance

Now that we have made it successfully into 2017, even with that leap second scare and all, it seems like a good time to run maintenance related tasks on your PC to […]

steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner: clear temporary Steam, Origin, uPlay and Gog data

Steam Cleaner is a program for Windows that clears temporary data of the gaming platforms Steam, Origin, uPlay and Gog. The program is not to be confused with Tiki Steam Cleaner which […]

advanced systemcare 10 free

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free review

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free is the latest iteration of the all-in-on cleanup and optimization suite for Windows devices. While the new version does not ship with many new features, there is […]

forget that page

Remove browsing traces with Forget that page

Forget that page is a Firefox, Chrome and Opera add-on that allows you to quickly tell the browser to remove traces of the page you are on. Internet users have a couple […]


Dism++ Windows optimizer with impressive functionality

Dism++ is a free portable program for PCs running Microsoft Windows that ships with a massive list of options to optimize and manage Windows. The program is fully compatible with all versions […]


WinBOLT Automatic Maintenance Tool for Windows

WinBOLT is a free maintenance tool for Windows machines designed by its developer to automate as many maintenance related operations as possible. The program is portable, and you may run it right […]

analyze disk space

10 Ways to free up hard drive space on Windows

10 Ways to free up hard drive space on Windows lists ten methods to analyze and clear used hard drive space on Windows computer systems. While you might say that such a […]


Defrag Cleanup tool Vopt turns freeware

Vopt, a once commercial program that allows you to defragment storage devices connected to Windows, and to run clean up operations, is now freeware. The announcement is overshadowed by the death of […]


Just-Install: batch install programs on Windows

Just-Install is a command line driven program for Windows that enables you to batch install a selection of programs on the operating system it is run on. The Windows operating system does […]

ow shredder

OW Shredder review

OW Shredder is a free portable program for Windows that allows you to erase files or entire drives securely, and to remove traces from unused disk space. There is certainly no shortage […]

chrome cache killer

Cache Killer clears Chrome's cache automatically

Cache Killer is a browser extension for Google Chrome that clears the cache of the browser before every page load when it is enabled. Caching is quite useful from a user perspective […]

right-click context menu loading issues

Speed up the Windows right-click menu

The following guide provides you with information on how to speed up the time it takes to display the right-click menu on machines running the Windows operating system. I noticed recently on […]

htc boost

HTC Boost+ for Android

HTC Boost+ is a new -- beta -- tweaking application by HTC that the company has released to Google's Play Store for devices running Android. The new application is available for all […]

smart defrag 5

Smart Defrag 5 Review

Smart Defrag is a free defragmentation program for all versions of the Windows operating system starting with Windows XP. File fragmentation can cause a number of issues on systems running Windows, but […]

avg pc tuneup

AVG PC TuneUp Review

AVG PC TuneUp is a commercial program that has been designed to identify and resolve issues on machines running the Windows operating system. The program is the successor of TuneUp Utilities, a […]


Yes, defragmenting is still a useful thing

You may have read Samer's Ten software trends that are (or should be dying) recently here on Ghacks which listed disk defragmentation as one of the trends that is dying. It is […]

Ten software trends that are (or should be) dying

Let’s pretend that you’re a tech savvy individual who’s always been interested and followed software, and that you had gone into a coma about ten years ago and just woken up. You’d […]

edge webcache

Report: Microsoft Edge leaks private browsing data locally

A not-so recent report (page no longer available) indicates that Microsoft's Edge web browser may be leaking web browsing data of the browser's private browsing mode locally. The researcher's investigation of locally […]

g data cleanup tool

G Data Clean Up removes adware and other unwanted software

G Data Clean Up is a free tool by German security company G Data which has been designed to scan, identify and remove potentially unwanted programs such as adware, toolbars or plugins […]

htst super cookies

How to prevent HSTS tracking in Firefox

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) was designed to help secure websites (those using HTTPS) by declaring to web browsers that they should communicate only via HTTPS with the server to protect connections […]

destroy windows 10 spying

Comparison of Windows 10 Privacy tools

Windows 10 users can modify the operating system's privacy settings manually, for instance by disabling express setup during installation or upgrade, or by exploring the Privacy section of the new Settings application. […]

Essential Software for Windows 10

The following guide lists essential software that you may want to install on a a Windows 10 system. This is particularly useful for systems that are set up anew as programs are […]

chrome file system directory

Hard Drive filling up? Check Chrome's File System folder

I monitor disk space closely on my computer using various built-in tools like Windows Explorer but also third-party programs such as WizTree or the recently reviewed GetFoldersize. Whenever I notice a sharp […]

cloneapp backup

CloneApp: back up Windows program settings

CloneApp is a specialized backup program for Windows that has been created specifically to back up profile folders and Registry configurations of Windows programs. The free program ships with a large list […]