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Queue music into Rhythmbox from Nautilus

Nautilus is one versatile file manager. The ability to add actions (with the help of Nautilus Actions) makes Nautils' ability seemingly endless. I have covered adding actions to Nautilus before (see my […]

Tweak Nautilus to better suit your needs

If there's one thing that Linux has it's flexibility. And this is true from the top down; from the desktop environment all the way down to the kernel. One area that offers […]

Have a sleek, simpler Nautilus

File managers can get a bit over-crowded in their layout and in their use of space. Although I am a big Nautilus, I am a bigger fan of efficient, clean workspaces. To […]

Easy pastebin uploads with Nautilus-pastebin

If you're like me, you do a lot of uploading to pastebin services. Although the task isn't terribly difficult, sometimes you're in a hurry and you just wish there was a much […]

Add actions to extend Nautilus functionality

GNOME's file manager, Nautilus, (as you would expect) is much more than just a plain file manager. There are so many configuration options and ways to extend the default GNOME file manager. […]

Get to Know Linux: The Nautilus File Manager

If you are new to Linux than most likely you are going to have to get to know a new file manager. Coming from Windows you will have known the Explorer file […]

Elementary Applications Menu

A look at Elementary OS 0.4.1 – Loki

So, I’ve taken a look at a number of distributions so far, like Linux Mint, Manjaro and KDE Neon, but I figured I should show another distribution that I’d highly recommend for […]

A Look at Desktop Environments: GNOME

Back in the day, what we now know as MATE was initially the GNOME 2.x desktop environment in all it’s glory. Nowadays, GNOMEis an entirely different animal, and one worth exploring for […]

Adding folder sharing in Bodhi Linux

If you are a fan of modern Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, that offer incredibly simple ways to share folders with workgroup computers, you will be happy to know the same feature […]

The latest Ubuntu Unity: Good or bad?

It's almost here. Ubuntu 11.04 will be arriving in less than two months and when it does, there will be reactions. Big reactions. Some of those reactions will not be so great. […]

Create and join VPN networks on your Linux machine with Hamachi

If you are looking for a VPN solution for your Linux machine or network you have more than likely examined such solutions as OpenVPN. Many of the Linux VPN solutions require complex, […]

Upload pictures to Facebook with a simple right click

Are you a Facebook junkie? Do you find yourself constantly posting status updates? And...more you constantly  upload photos of yourself, your friends, your animals, and your computers to your facebook account? […]

Setup Ubuntu to browse Windows network by hostname

By default, a Ubuntu desktop with Samba installed will be a member of the Windows workgroup named WORKGROUP. Because that machine is a member of WORKGROUP, you would think you could browse […]

Easily connect Linux to a Windows Domain

The task of joining Linux to a Windows domain can be a challenge. I have covered it before here (see my article "Join a Ubuntu machine to a Windows domain"), but many […]

Add a quick-access shortcuts to the GNOME right-click menu

I use the terminal A LOT. Why? Because I'm an old-school Linux user. Because of this I like to have multiple ways to quickly access my terminal. In my never-ending search for […]

Use Gloobus Preview to preview your files

There are many ways to preview your files in Linux. Most often there is a single application used to preview a different file type. You have the Eye of GNOME for images, […]

A walk around the GNOME desktop

Recently I had a reader request a bit of a "how to" on the GNOME desktop. After giving it some thought, and at first wondering why anyone would need a walk around […]

Extend Thunar's "Send To" menu and media tags

In my recent exploration of various file managers I realized that my favorite of the lot hadn't received the attention it deserves. Here on Ghacks I have shown you how to do […]