Windows tips

Whether you’re using an older or new Windows operating system, you may encounter some issues along the way or will want the latest software. In this category, we’ll show you some Windows tips for how to install and use apps, and also fix some issues.

msconfig boot log

Use Msconfig to log which drivers get loaded during system boot

Nothing really beats the excellent Autoruns when it comes to analyzing the files that get loaded during a system's boot process. For some users, Autoruns with its 18 different tabs may look […]

windows explorer context menu

Clean-up Windows Explorer menu items with CCleaner

The more applications you install, the more likely the chance that your Windows Explorer menu fills up with context menu items. While some of these items may be handy to have, others […]

all metro apps

How to add installed unpinned apps to Metro's startpage again

Apps that you install through Windows 8's Metro store are automatically added to the start page of the Metro interface. When you right-click items here, you get options to unpin the items […]

mouse without borders

Fixing Mouse without Borders annoyances

I have been working with the - for the most part - excellent Mouse without Borders application for the past months to control two PCs with a single mouse and keyboard. This […]


Advanced Windows Security: Activating SEHOP

When you browse the Internet for security tips and suggestions, you will notice that they sound alike on the majority of sites. Use antivirus and a firewall, update your system all the […]

change windows themes

How to quickly switch between themes in Windows

Microsoft changed the way basic themes are delivered in Windows 7. The new theme engine basically provides the themes as .theme files that just need to be double-clicked to be installed and […]

Top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know

Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your productivity on a computer significantly. They usually replace multiple operations that are performed with the mouse with a set of keys that you need to press […]

microsoft net framework repair tool

Repair Microsoft .Net Framework installation, update issues

All recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system come with a version of the Microsoft .Net Framework preinstalled. Updates have been released for the .Net Framework that Windows users can install […]

windows 8 rp expiration date

How to find out when your version of Windows expires

Microsoft missed to mention the expiration date of the Windows 8 Release Preview that the company made available yesterday to developers and tech enthusiasts. This may not be an issue to some, […]

move programs

How to move installed programs in Windows

Moving an installed program from one partition or hard drive to another in Windows is actually a straightforward process if you have the right tools for the job. You may have different […]

show windows side by side

Easiest way to show windows side by side in Windows

When I'm working on a computer that is connected to a single monitor, I often like to display two windows side by side, especially when writing a new blog post. I display […]


Fix a missing System Tray in Windows

Today when I started my computer I noticed something that I never experienced before. Everything looked normal, except for the System Tray area in the Windows Taskbar. The System Tray was missing, […]

media preview windows explorer thumbnails

How To Improve Windows Explorer's Media Preview Feature

Windows Explorer, the default file browser of the Windows operating system, can display previews for select media files right in its interface. This only works for select display modes, and select file […]

ace backup

How To Schedule Cloud Hosting Data Backups

With every major Internet company offering their own cloud hosting and synchronization service, it is time to look at ways to make use of that extra storage. One option that you have […]

multiple program windows

How To Open Multiple Program Windows

It sometimes may make sense to open a program in Windows multiple times. Maybe you want two web browser windows open so that you can display them next to each other on […]

uninstall metro app

2 Ways To Block Windows 8 Users From Uninstalling Apps In Metro

With apps making the core of the Metro user interface in Windows 8, come new challenges for system administrators, organizations and businesses to control what users are allowed to do, and what […]

keepass plugins

KeePass Plugins That Improve The Password Manager's Functionality

I have been using the KeePass password manager ever since the Last Pass security incident, as it made me move my password manager from the cloud to the local system instead. KeePass […]

are you sure you want to permanently delete this file

Bypass File Deletion Prompts In Windows

When you try to delete a file or folder in Windows Explorer, a confirmation prompt is displayed first that is basically asking you if you want to proceed with the deletion of […]

the program cannot start because msvcr100d.dll is missing

Fix The Program Can't Start Because MSVCR100D.dll Is Missing From Your Computer.

I had to reinstall Windows 7 on a different hard drive on my computer after the root drive crashed the other day. That meant a lot of re-installations of software, and sometimes […]

troubleshoot aero problems

How To Fix Aero Issues In Windows 7

I received an error message that Aero was not enabled the first time I tried to install the custom Mac OS X theme for Windows 7. I remembered that I was running […]

ViStart Restores Start Menu, Disables Metro Ui in Windows 8

Microsoft has removed the start menu for good in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version that was released yesterday. If you have tested the Developer Preview version of the operating system, you […]

metro shut down

How To Shut Down Windows 8

With the start menu gone for good in Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 8, some users have run into problems shutting down the PC properly. The shutdown button, originally attached to the […]

limit upload speed

Limit The Upload Bandwidth Of Windows Programs

I noticed yesterday that the popular live streaming software Sopcast was using all of my computer's upload bandwidth. The program uses P2P technologies to distribute the live stream to all connected users, […]

restart your computer to finish installing important updates

How To Disable Restart Your Computer To Finish Installing Important Updates Prompt

We have all been there and seen it. Whenever updates are installed in Windows that require a reboot, you are prompted in regular intervals to do so. These messages appear shortly after […]

standard disk cleanup

How To Run The Advanced Disk Cleanup Version In Windows

The Disk Cleanup tool offers a great way to quickly free up disk space by deleting temporary files that are no longer needed. It is in no way as complete or thorough […]

windows remote assistance

How to Configure Windows Remote Assistance On Windows 7

Windows Remote Assistance is a tool that Microsoft has integrated into the Windows 7 operating system. It is in many regards similar to popular remote access applications like Teamviewer, as it allows […]

disk management

How to Partition and Un-Partition your Hard Drive in Windows

Hard drive partitioning is useful for creating virtual drives and creating disk volumes that can be used for storing particular file types. For example, if you did not want to keep all […]

wlan optimizer

How To Disable WLAN Background Scans

Some Windows users who are connecting via wireless lan to the Internet may have noticed regular ping spikes and sometimes even disconnects due to an automated background scan. Especially Windows Vista users […]

folder arrange by

Display Files In Windows 7 Libraries, Favorites Differently

Files in standard folders can be sorted and displayed in a number of ways. When it comes to sorting, users have options to display files in list form or as thumbnails. The […]

windows explorer folder image

Change The Default Folder Picture In Windows Explorer

Some folders in Windows Explorer show a single preview picture embedded in the folder icon. It seems as if the selected image is picked randomly from the available images in the folder. […]

windows 8 language packs

Download Unofficial Windows 8 Language Packs

One of the issues that users from all over the world may have experienced with the recently released Windows 8 Developer Preview is that the interface language of the operating system was […]

caps lock

How To Disable The Caps Lock Key Permanently

When I was working in IT I sometimes dealt with support requests that involved the caps lock key. Users were complaining that they could not enter their password, or that they locked […]

notepad troubleshooting

Notepad++ Not Starting Up? Try Disabling Plugins

I just wanted to test the Light Explorer plugin for the notepad replacement Notepad++ on Windows. The plugin itself adds a folder browser sidebar to the Notepad++ interface which can speed up […]

install flashplayer process corrupt

Unable to Terminate Process, Windows Task Manager Alternatives

Today I tried to install the Adobe Flash Plugin for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The basic idea was to download the executable, run it and have Flash installed. The problem was that somehow […]

windows explorer context menu

Remove Applications from the Context Menu in Windows Manually

Windows may accumulate new context menu items any time you install programs on the system. Not all applications end up adding items to the context menu but chance is high that the […]

windows 8 services

Windows 8 Service Configurations

With every new Microsoft operating system, regardless of it being a client or server OS, come new and modified services. System administrators as well as end users who are interested in optimizing […]

windows clipboard output

Copy CMD Output Directly To The Clipboard

The Windows command line prompt can be handy at times, and sometimes even the only option to execute a specific command on the operating system. You sometimes may need to copy the […]

windows update error

ActiveX Controls and Windows Update Errors: Fix the Traffic

Initially, when your computer is new and you have a fresh Windows 7 installation, Windows Update works perfectly. You see no errors, everything is set to automatic and you need not lift […]

sorted desktop toolbar file list

Sort Your Desktop Toolbar By Name

I do not have any program shortcuts on my desktop, only a few text, Excel and Word documents that I like to have in reach whenever I need them. I have also […]

Windows 8 Supports Zero-Power Optical Disk Drives

Microsoft's intention to optimize the upcoming Windows 8 operating system for mobile devices like netbooks or tablets has the consequence that the Redmond company has to optimize the operating system's power consumption. […]



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