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Avira Free Security for Mac is an excellent security software for Apple Macintosh devices

Avira Free Security for Mac is a free antivirus, security and privacy solution for Apple Macintosh devices that protects Macs reliably from attacks. Macs do need security software as devices running Mac […]


How to download core Windows 8 apps manually

Microsoft ships the Windows 8 operating system with a set of apps that provide core functionality such as reading news, opening emails or managing photos. The company has added more apps with […]

windows 8.1 update 1

Find out which version of Windows 8 you are running

Back when I worked in tech support I encountered many customers who did not know a thing about the computer they were using. It took a while usually to find out which […]


Disable "you have new apps that can open this type of file" in Windows 8

Whenever you install a new application on Windows 8 that can be used as the default handler for file types or protocols, and you open a file of that type afterwards or […]


How to share an optical drive in a local network

Most desktop PCs ship with an optical drive, usually either a DVD drive or a Blu-Ray drive while mobile PCs may not always ship with one. Especially tablets, netbooks and other low […]

loudness equalization

How to enable Windows sound loudness equalization

When you play different types of audio in Windows, you may have noticed that some are louder than others, while others may be quieter. This can be an extremely frustrating experience that […]


How to open files and folders in Windows Explorer faster

Most Windows users that I know use the mouse to navigate in the operating system's default file manager Windows Explorer (called File Explorer in Windows 8). While that is comfortable, it is […]

select the driver to be installed error

Fix Select the driver to be installed when installing Windows

After I replaced the hard drive of my laptop with a faster Solid State Drive two days ago, I had to install an operating system on the device as the disk was […]

thumbs remover

All you need to know about thumbnail cache files in Windows

The Windows operating system creates thumbnail cache files for images and other file types to speed up the loading of folders on the system. Under Windows XP, thumbs.db files were being used […]


How to create a Windows library folder on your desktop

The Library feature that Microsoft introduced in the Windows 7 operating system is not an entirely new concept. It creates virtual folders that can contain files and folders of multiple sources on […]

internet test windows custom server

Disable or customize Windows' Internet Connection test to improve privacy

Whenever you start a PC running Windows, an Internet connection test is run automatically to test the Internet availability. The test tries to connect to a Microsoft website -- http://www.msftncsi.com/ -- to […]


Find out which Microsoft .Net Framework version a software requires

The Microsoft .Net Framework is a highly controversial software framework that makes available a large library of classes to developers which they can make use of when they code applications. The framework […]

microsoft recent activity

Check the Recent Activity of your Microsoft Account

One of the things that you check up on regularly is the recent activity of your online accounts. While that works only on services that provide you with the information, it may […]


Fix "The following feature couldn't be installed" errors on Windows 8

When you try to install programs on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 that depend on an older version of the Microsoft .Net Framework, for example .Net Framework 3.5, you will get a […]

windows event email tasks

How to create email notifications for Windows Events

Sometimes, you may want to know what is happening on your PC when you are not using it. Maybe you want to be informed when someone else is logging in on it, […]


How to add program shortcuts to the Windows Run box

While I do not use the Run box regularly on my system, I do use it occasionally, for instance to launch the Windows Registry Editor, MS Config, or the Command Prompt. Most […]

copy files windows 8

Always display full details when copying or moving files in Windows 8

Microsoft has modified the dialog that is displayed when you copy or move files in the Windows 8 operating system. Some say it is an improvement over the dialog that gets displayed […]

windows search tip

Improve the start screen search on Windows 8.1 with this handy tip

When it comes to features of the Windows 8.1 operating system, one that I really like is the new and improved Windows Search. You can still start to type directly on the […]

display hidden files folders windows 8

How to display hidden files in Windows 8

Select files and folders of the Windows 8 operating system are hidden by default so that users of the system can't see them in File Explorer and most other programs that they […]