It can be challenging keeping up to date with hardware and PC specs, as they change daily as new components become available. Not only will we share what’s new on the market, but we’ll keep you abreast of how to improve performance and resources.

epson drops laser printers

Epson announces end of laser printer production

Japanese-based company Epson announced plans to end the production of laser printers by 2026. The company cites sustainability reasons for the decision, claiming that ink printers use less energy and consumable parts. […]

intel inside

Intel is dropping Pentium and Celeron brandings

Intel announced plans to change the names of some of its processor families from 2023 onward. The company will drop the Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron brandings of entry level processors to […]

brother ecoprint

Brother EcoPro: ink and toner subscriptions launches in Europe

Brother Industries, a Japanese electronics and electrical equipment company, has launched an ink and toner subscription service called EcoPro in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Not to be confused with the EcoPro […]

usb 4.0

USB 4 Version 2.0: same connector, twice the performance

The USB Prompter Group has unveiled USB 4 version 2.0 on September 1, 2022. The upcoming standard promises double the performance of the initial USB 4 specification, while keeping the same USB […]

intel arc a750 performance

Intel's entire Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card lineup leaks

Just yesterday, Intel gave us some insight on one of its upcoming Arc A-Series desktop graphics card. The company said that its Intel Arc A750 GPU performs similar to Nvidia's RTX 3060 […]

intel arc a750 performance

Arc A750 GPU: Intel says it beats Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3060 video card

When it comes to dedicated video cards, gamers had the choice between AMD and Nvidia for a long time. While Intel captured a good chunk of the graphics adapter market share, thanks […]

intel update drivers

New Windows PC? Make sure it has the latest drivers installed for maximum performance and stability

You may remember that I purchased a new laptop from Asus some time ago, to replace my aging Surface Go 2 laptop. One of the main reasons for making the switch was […]

pci express 7.0 speed

PCI Express 7 announced, but you won't be able to get your hands on it for years

PCI-SIG announced the new PCI Express 7.0 (PCIe 7.0) specification on the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2022. The new standard will double the data rate of PCI Express 6.0. Compared to PCI Express […]

Some old Kindle e-readers won't be able to access the Store after August 17th

Some old Kindle e-readers won't be able to access the Store after August 17th

Amazon has decided not to allow some old Kindle e-readers to access its eBook store beyond this August. The company has sent out emails to owners of affected devices, informing them about […]

intel arc graphics

First Intel Arc A370M benchmarks suggest Nvidia RTX 3050 performance levels

First benchmarks of Intel's new Arc A370M mobile graphics adapter suggest that the device delivers performance levels that are similar to Nvidia's RTX 3050 mobile graphics adapter. New laptops with Intel discrete […]

Sony releases Firmware Updater for Windows to allow users to update the DualSense wireless controller without a PS5

Sony releases Firmware Updater for Windows to allow users to update the DualSense wireless controller without a PS5

Many people use a controller to play games on their computer. A gamepad can provide better controls for movement or combat in games like Elden Ring, and tighter driving/steering in racing games […]

AMD GPU drivers are overclocking CPUs on their own

AMD GPU drivers are overclocking CPUs on their own

AMD seems to be having a rough year, a month ago it acknowledged that its Ryzen processors were causing Windows 11 systems to stutter. While users are waiting for a fix for […]

asus-zenbook 14 notebook hands on

Hands on with the Asus Zenbook 14

I decided to replace my aging Surface Go laptop with another notebook for a number of reasons. While I liked the ultra-portability of the Surface Go device and its keyboard, some of […]


It may be time to upgrade your PC's Memory

In times where smartphones have often more memory installed than desktop PCs, tablets or laptops, it is a good idea to at least think about upgrading RAM. More RAM may improve the […]

surface go 3

Should you buy a Microsoft Surface Go 3 device?

Microsoft unveiled new Surface devices this week, including a new Surface Go 3 device. All devices are available for preorder and come with the company's Windows 11 operating system. Surface Go 3 […]

Western Digital My Book Live drives are getting wiped on their own

Western Digital My Book Live drives are getting wiped on their own; company advises users to unplug it from the internet

Losing all your precious files is a data hoarder's nightmare. Unfortunately, many Western Digital My Book Live and My Book Live Duo users have been experiencing that for the past couple of […]

amd end of support windows 7 8

AMD ends graphics driver support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

AMD released a new version of its Radeon Software Adrenalin driver this week. Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.6.1 is the first driver of the series that supports Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system only, […]

How good is Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3070 Ti video card?

Late last month, NVIDIA announced two additions to its graphic cards portfolio. The new "gaming flagship" GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, and the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti. The flagship model launched on June […]

keyboard privacy

keyboardPrivacy is a device that protects you against typing-based profiling

Remember keyboardPrivacy? We reviewed the proof-of-concept Chrome extension back in 2015 when it was first released to protect its users against one from of behavioral targeting: the analysis of typing patterns. All […]

Reminder: support for root certificates with kernel mode signing capabilities ends next year

Microsoft will remove support for root certificates with kernel mode signing capabilities in the Microsoft Trusted Root Program in the first half of 2021. The change affects devices running Microsoft's Windows 10 […]

microsoft surface laptop go

Surface Laptop Go or Surface Go 2: a comparison

Microsoft has expanded its line of Surface devices in October 2020 adding the Surface Laptop Go to the mix. It is a cheaper, smaller, lighter, and less powerful device than the Surface […]

DirectStorage API for PCs promises faster game loading times

When Microsoft announced the next Xbox console some time ago, it highlighted some features of the console's underlying architecture to demonstrate its power. Next to DirectX 12 Ultimate, which Microsoft confirmed would […]

Nvidia driver trimmer NVSlimmer updated to version 0.9

It has been a while since we wrote about the excellent NVSlimmer tool here on Ghacks. NVSlimmer is a handy program for owners of NVIDIA graphics cards as it gives more control […]

thunderbolt 4

Thunderbolt 4 is ready: here is what is new and changed

Intel unveiled Thunderbolt 4, the next-generation of the hardware interface designed to connect hardware devices to computer systems, on July 8, 2020. The company revealed that Thunderbolt 4 comes with expanded capabilities […]

windows-gpu hardware scheduling

Why you may want to enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced a new graphics feature in Windows 10 version 2004; called Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling, it is designed to improve GPU scheduling and thus performance when running applications and games that […]

Nvidia GeForce 451.48 driver introduces full DirectX 12 Ultimate support

Nvidia released a new GeForce graphics driver today that introduces full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and features other improvements. The new driver can be downloaded from Nvidia's official driver's downloads site; […]

lenovo compatible windows 10 2004

Dell and Lenovo publish list of tested devices compatible with Windows 10 version 2004

How do you find out if a particular device is compatible with Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, Windows 10 version 2004 or the May 2020 update? While you could give it […]

surface go 2

Surface Go 2 announced: you need to have the right expectation

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Go 2 device yesterday. The ultra-portable Windows 10 device is the successor of the Surface Go, a laptop that I bought some time ago. Since I own and […]

Intel Graphics Drivers for Windows 10 1909 info

Intel unlocks GPU drivers so that users may bypass OEM driver locks

Drivers may be locked on some OEM devices that use Intel hardware; the effect is that administrators may not install vanilla Intel GPU drivers on these devices but need to rely on […]

nv updater 0.4

NV Updater (Nvidia Driver Updater) released to customize Nvidia driver installations

We reviewed NV Updater, a tool to customize installations of Nvidia drivers by blocking certain unwanted components from being installed with the driver, in February 2020. The developer of the application released […]

usb condom

USB Condoms are a thing now

If you connect your devices to anything public, be it wireless or wired Internet, or USB power charging stations, it is best to assume that these are not safe. While you can […]

intel remove download center files

Intel started to remove old downloads from its Download Center

If you are using devices with Intel hardware, you may want to head over to the company's download center website right now to download drivers and other files for that hardware before […]

surface duo neo

Quick overview of the 2019 Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft revealed seven new products on today's Surface event; five of which will come out this year, two next year. The coverage of the event is overwhelming and many sites post five, […]

raspberry pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 is out in all its glory

The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, a new version of the popular tiny computer featuring major hardware upgrades, is available now starting at $35. The first version 4 release of the Raspberry […]

pci express 4.0

PCI Express 5.0 specs: double bandwidth

PCI Express 4.0 motherboards, Solid State Drives. and other devices are not widely available yet, but that has not stopped the Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) from releasing PCI Express […]

nvidia driver 430.64

Nvidia GeForce Driver 430.64 fixes high load issue and security issues

Nvidia released a new GeForce Game Ready Driver on May 9, 2019. The new GeForce 430.64 driver fixes a performance issue in the previous driver version caused by the process nvdisplay.container.exe, and […]


nvdisplay.container.exe causing high CPU load

The most recent Nvidia graphics driver, version 430.39, may cause high CPU usage on some systems it is installed on. Nvidia released the graphics driver 430.39 last week; the new WHQL driver […]

nvidia graphics driver 397.31

Nvidia drops 3D Vision support in GeForce Game Ready Drivers

Nvidia revealed in March 2019 that future GeForce Game Ready drivers will drop support for 3D Vision, a technology that enables stereoscopic vision for Direct3D video games. Nvidia plans to release the […]

Thunderbolt-based USB4: backward compatible, speed gains and more

The USB Promoter Group revealed information about the upcoming USB4 specification today in a press release. In short: USB4 is based on Thunderbolt, backwards compatible with USB 3.2, 2.0, and Thunderbolt 3, […]

microsd express

microSD Express format and 1TB microSD cards incoming

Today was a big day for the future of microSD cards. The SD Association unveiled the new microSD Express format, and the companies Micron and SanDisk the first 1 Terabyte microSD cards. […]



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