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We do not do that many hardware reviews here on Ghacks, mostly because we do not get any samples from companies that manufacter or sell hardware. Most reviews are limited to hardware that we buy on our own and use for our daily activities. That’s great as it improves the quality of the review, but also very limiting as we usually do not have options to compare hardware or review a lot of devices in first place.

We also cover interesting technologies and devices that we do not own yet but discovered on the Internet. This can be a new tablet device that introduces an interesting new feature, or a future tech that will make our life easier in the near future.

Below are all our hardware and device reviews and news. Keep in mind that mobile devices are not reviewed here but on the Mobile Computing category instead.

nvidia driver 388 31

Nvidia released a new version of the company's driver for graphics card; the new Nvidia Geforce driver 388.31 WHQL brings Game Ready profiles for Star Wars Battlefront 2, some fixes, but it also introduces some new issues. As always when it comes to new drivers for Nvidia hardware, make sure you only install the part […]

intel graphics 4k hdr

A new Intel graphics driver adds support for streaming 4K HDR media on Windows PCs and laptops provided the right hardware available. Microsoft's Fall Creators Update -- the company launched the operating system update in October 2017 -- introduced support for 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) streams. Only certain Nvidia graphics adapters supported -- Pascal-based […]

nvidia graphics driver 388.00

Nvidia released the new Nvidia Graphics Driver 388.00 WHQL to the public with game ready profiles for Destiny 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins. The new graphics driver is available on Nvidia's driver download page as a standalone download, and also via the company's GeForce Experience service. We recommend that you remove the old graphics driver […]

hp one or more cartridges appear to be damaged

Hewlett Packard (HP) released a new firmware for the company's Officejet printers that appears to block third-party ink from functioning correctly. The company caused quite the uproar a year ago when it released a firmware for some of its printer families that blocked non-HP cartridges in company printers. HP released a firmware update a month […]

usb 3.2

USB 3.0 was a big step up from USB 2.0 in terms of performance, which in turn was a big improvement over USB 1.0. It then got a bit confusing when USB 3.1 was introduced, as it was decided to rename USB 3.0 devices to USB 3.1 Gen 1, and pave the way for USB […]

surface keyboard backlight

When it comes to saving battery, one of the things that you can do that is effective is to turn off the keyboard backlight of your Surface device. Note that other mobile devices will benefit from this as well, but that they may or may not support functionality to turn off the lighting of the […]

nvidia geforce drivers 378.49

Nvidia has just released new GeForce Drivers for supported Windows operating systems that introduces game ready support for Resident Evil 7 among other things. Nvidia GeForce Drivers 378.49 is a WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) game ready driver for Windows that is available as a manual driver download, and through Nvidia's GeForce Experience software. The […]

You have probably read about Gartner's latest forecast already which sees Apple shipping more combined devices than Microsoft / Windows in the year 2017 and the following years. If you have not, you can read about the prediction on the Computerworld website. Basically, what Gartner forecasts is that Apple will ship more iOS and OSX […]

nvidia driver 375.86

The last couple of weeks have not been good to Nvidia. The company released a new driver with the version 375.57 in late October that caused major issues especially on Windows 10 devices. This issue got patched relatively quickly though. It appears that Nvidia's latest driver, version 375.86 is also causing issues for users who […]

surface dial

Microsoft did showcase several new pieces of hardware on yesterday's event including the company's first desktop PC Surface Studio and an accompanying Surface Dial. Surface Dial, which looks like a Hockey puck, is a standalone device that is included in Surface Studio preorders for a limited time, and also available for purchase on the Microsoft […]

hp new printer firmware

HP angered many of its customers in September 2016 when a previously released firmware update for company printers would block non-HP ink cartridges from working. HP designed the update to come into effect on September 13, 2016; shortly thereafter, users reported issues with ink cartridges on Internet forums and sites. The issues were widespread and […]

western digitial ssd

Western Digital launched two new Solid State Drives (SSD) product lines under the WD brand yesterday of which one is already available for purchase. WD Blue and WD Green Solid State Drives are the company's first WD-branded SATA SSDs. The flash memory comes from SanDisk, the world's third-largest manufacturer of flash memory which Western Digital […]

hp printer update

HP released a firmware update on March 12, 2016 for several of the company's Officejet printers that renders non-HP ink cartridges useless. HP customers began to complain about the issue on September 13, 2016 on various online forums, the official HP forum, and on community sites like Reddit. All reported that a HP Officejet printer […]

seagate 10tb

Seagate unveiled today a new portfolio of 10 Terabyte hard drives for the consumer market that push storage capacities to new heights. The 10 Terabyte drives Seagate Barracuda Pro, Seagate IronWolf and Seagate SkyHawk are designed for desktop, NAS and surveillance system use. Dubbed the first consumer 10 Terabyte drives, drives with a capacity of […]

the z

The Z is a mouse created by Swiftpoint that aims to revolutionize how mice works by introducing new features that benefit all users. When it comes to the mouse input device, not much has changed in the past decade or so. Manufacturers moved away from using a ball to power movement to other techniques, specialized […]

das keyboard 5q

The Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected computer keyboard that is designed as a notification device as much as it is a keyboard. Das Keyboard is one of the most popular mechanical keyboard brands. I have one (with characters printed on the keys), and love it. You can read my review of Das Keyboard Model […]

installed hardware

One of the biggest advantages of desktop PCs is that these systems are open enough to allow you to replace components. While you may be able to replace some components, a hard drive for instance, in laptops or devices created by companies like Apple or Google, usually, you are very restricted in what you can […]

oem software update issues

A study by Duo Security, Inc suggests that OEM Updaters, programs designed by PC manufacturers to update vendor-specific software, do more harm than good as they put PCs at risk. Prebuild desktop computers, laptops and tablets ship with a set of added applications and programs more often than not. Commonly referred to as crapware, these […]