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We do not do that many hardware reviews here on Ghacks, mostly because we do not get any samples from companies that manufacter or sell hardware. Most reviews are limited to hardware that we buy on our own and use for our daily activities. That’s great as it improves the quality of the review, but also very limiting as we usually do not have options to compare hardware or review a lot of devices in first place.

We also cover interesting technologies and devices that we do not own yet but discovered on the Internet. This can be a new tablet device that introduces an interesting new feature, or a future tech that will make our life easier in the near future.

Below are all our hardware and device reviews and news. Keep in mind that mobile devices are not reviewed here but on the Mobile Computing category instead.


Google revealed the Pixel C Chromebook yesterday and Apple the iPad Pro earlier this month. Both devices are designed to add productivity features to tablets running Android and iOS, for instance by offering first-party keyboards that you can attach to the device. Microsoft has yet to reveal the new iteration of its Surface line but […]


As a European, I'm used to paying more for devices, software, subscriptions and other digital goods. If you compare the pricing, it appears that most company's simply replace $ with €/£ when it comes to offering goods in the European Union. Europe is not alone when it comes to ridiculous pricing. Australia, Japan, Brazil and […]

fix creative speakers standby no sound

For the past ten years or so I have used headphones to listen to audio and do other audio-related things on PCs. Recently, I bought a pair of audio speakers from Creative instead as I found headphones to be a nuisance at times. Among the many reasons where battery issues of my (second) Logitech G930 […]

samsung magician

If you own a Samsung SSD 840 Evo drive and noticed that write performance went considerably down after some time, you may want to download an updated tool and install a new firmware from Samsung that according to the company should resolve the issue. The company's Samsung Magician Software was updated to version 4.6 recently. […]

logitech mx master

Functionality-wise, computer mice have not changed this much in recent time. Apart from different button layouts and programmable buttons, there has not been much change at all in this area. Logitech's MX Master Wireless Mouse changes that. It ships with a unique feature that allows you to control up to three devices that you have […]

Smart TV

About 18 months ago, I expressed my opinion on smartwatches and why I would not buy one in the near future. Today, I'd like to share my opinion on so-called smart TVs as well. So what is a Smart TV? It is a device that combines traditional broadcasting features with interactive features and apps that […]


Seagate's new 8 Terabyte Archive HDD hard drive will launch in January 2015. Storage is one of the few things where regular platter-based drives beat Solid State Drives in. Not only do these hard drives offer storage capacities at the higher end that SSDs don't offer yet, they are also much cheaper when you compare […]

feature hero

Amazon announced the Fire TV Stick today. It is on first glance similar to Google's Chromecast and other streaming sticks and solutions. You connect the stick to your TV's HDMI port and to the Internet to watch all kinds of clips, shows and movies as well as apps and games on the television. It costs […]

samsung gear wearable

With smartphones and tablets reaching saturation points in many countries, it is time to hop on to the next big thing. Most companies are betting big on so-called wearables which can be divided into two main groups currently: smartwatches and bands. Bands or fitness bands are not necessarily a new thing. Companies like Nike, Polar […]


I have to admit that I was curious when I first heard about Chromecast and how some people used the device to play Internet or local videos stored on the computer on a television. While I do not watch a lot of TV, I do watch the occasional YouTube video or TV show on the […]

surface pro 3

So Microsoft revealed the third generation Surface Pro 3 yesterday. Many sites have already live blogged about it or at least published hands-on reviews about it, which is why I do not want to rehash all of those information. But, to make a point, it is important to know more about it, so, here is […]

thinkpad e145

I was in desperate need of a new laptop, one that I could use for work when I was away from home. After reading lots of online reviews, I decided to get a Thinkpad E145. The laptop was offered in different configurations, and I decided to pick the one that shipped only with FreeDOS installed. […]


Current optical disc formats are less than ideal for archiving or backup purposes due to space constraints. It is often not possible to back up your root partition to a single disc, and while it is possible to span the archive on multiple discs, it not only is inconvenient but also increases the chance of […]