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Gmail, or Google Mail, is a free web-based email service by Google. Users can create free Gmail accounts that they can then access via the official website of the service or from programs that support Pop3 or IMAP connections. Gmail is also included as the main mail service on the majority of Android phones.

The service launched in 2004 as an invite-only service and became free to join in 2007. It retained its beta status for another two years before Google removed the status in 2009 from Gmail.

Gmail users get several Gigabytes of storage for their emails which they can increase by subscribing to additional storage that Google makes available.

A variety of features make Gmail one of the most popular email services on today’s Internet. This includes a streamlined fast web interface, a spam filter that is considered to be one of the best available, Gmail Labs, a feature were new tools are made available to a limited audience, and its security features that it shares with other Google services as it requires a Google account.

gmail read emails advertisement

According to a new blog post on Google's blog, Google will soon stop scanning emails on its Gmail email service for advertisement purposes. Gmail scans user emails on Gmail for a variety of purposes. These include to make sure that they don't contain spam or malware, but also to use the information for advertising purposes. […]

gmail blocked

Google announced a bundle of new security features or improvements for its Gmail email service that are being rolled out currently. Three of the four new features are available exclusively to Google Suite customers, the fourth to all users of Gmail. All Gmail users benefit from better protection against malicious attachments according to Google's announcement. […]

gmail unsubscriber

Gmail Unsubscribe is an open source script for Gmail to unsubscribe from mailing lists and newsletters semi-automatically. If you are not careful about who you share your email address with, chance is high that it could land in spam databases eventually. One of the main issues in this regard is that while you can be […]

gmail corrupt file attachment

The following guide provides you with instructions on how to restore Gmail email attachments that are not properly downloaded to your devices. Mike, the Linux guy here on Ghacks, sends his articles to my Gmail account. I retrieve these emails using the Thunderbird email client, and that works pretty well usually. Recently though I noticed […]

gmail phishing

Researchers have discovered a new phishing attack that is currently underway that is targeting Google Gmail accounts in a sophisticated way. What's interesting about this specific attack is that it uses a new method, one that could even lure tech savvy users into its trap. The attacks begin with compromised Gmail accounts. The attackers use […]

unsafe links gmail

Google announced back in February 2016 that it planned to improve Gmail security by adding new security indicators to the service. One of the improvements was the introduction of a new red question mark icon in place of the profile photo, avatar or blank icon to highlight unauthenticated emails. Google announced yesterday that the roll […]

gmail tls encryption

Google added two new security indicators to its email service Gmail which reveal TLS encryption support and whether the sender could be authenticated. Many popular email services, including Gmail, support TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to protect data while it is in transit. TLS is only useful if both the sending and receiving email service […]

trash spam footer

Google is rolling out a feature currently to Gmail on the web that changes how search works on the service. To sum it up, search takes into account matches found in spam on Gmail which it did not before. Previously, search only took into account all regular folders such as inbox or user defined folders […]

gmail block email senders

Gmail is without doubt one of the better platforms when it comes to automatic spam detection and prevention. While that is the case, there are still situations where spam may slip through the cracks or where a legitimate non-spam sender is offensive or disruptive. Gmail won't block these messages by default and if you wanted […]

gmail undo send

Emails are sent automatically if you hit the send button after composing them normally. Once it is out, there is no way to undo the sending which may be problematic at times. For instance, if you notice that you have added wrong recipients, composed an email in anger that you should not have sent, because […]

gmail search filter

Filters are a great tool to process emails automatically on Gmail. You can create filters to apply labels to filters automatically, prevent that it ever lands in spam, or forward emails automatically. To configure filters, you need to open the Gmail website in your browser of choice and sign in to your Google account first. […]

gmail login history

Update: From what has been gathered so far, it appears as if this is not a new hack, and that the list may have been created from different sources. Google has posted an official response. According to the company, the data dump was not the result of a security breach. Today's big news is the […]

gmail google storage space

For many Internet users, email is still the number one method of communicating with others. While on-the-go users may have switched to messaging and video chat, email is playing a big part in the life of many users. Google's Gmail service is one of the most popular services when it comes to email even though […]

google allow less secure apps

Gmail users can access their account on the official website or by using first-party or third-party apps and services instead. A first party app is for instance Google's official Gmail app for Android, while Thunderbird and the mail client app of Windows 8 are third-party apps. Google announced back in April 2014 that it would […]

gmail attachments label

It can be quite beneficial to move select Gmail email attachments directly to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft's OneDrive. The reason is simple: usually, you get much better file handling capabilities there, and options to share the files with other users are also integrated into most file hosting solutions. […]

gmail unsubscribe

Newsletters, periodical social networking updates, information about new posts, and other automated messages that you receive regularly are either welcome information or something that you tend to ignore. I do not use email for these kind of things, as I prefer RSS for most of what I want to keep an eye on. Email newsletters […]