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gmail keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts for Gmail: Learn Gmail hotkeys on the fly in Chrome

Remember KeyRocket? A free for personal use application for Windows that is helping you learn keyboard shortcuts while you use supported programs such as Microsoft Office or Windows Explorer. The developer team […]

gmail hangout video chat

Google replaces Gmail video chat with Google+ Hangouts

It is becoming apparent that Google is pushing its Google+ networking service with all of its might into the market. I'm not saying that Google+ is a bad service, or that it […]

email filters

Why I prefer desktop email clients over web-based services

With Mozilla's announcement that the company would put Thunderbird development on a backburner to concentrate on Firefox OS and other projects that it has identified as "pursue-worthy", came two user reactions. The […]

gmail custom theme

How to add a custom photo background to Gmail

Gmail back in 2008 launched a themes engine that allowed users of the service's web client to change the black and white design of the site to something that at times looked […]

gmail email translate

How To Use Gmails Email Translate Feature

Automatic email translations have been available on Google Mail for some time as parts of Gmail Labs. Users who have activated the feature in their account, were able to make use of […]

google drive

Google Drive Launches With 5 Gigabytes Of Free Storage

Google's file hosting and synchronization service Google Drive is here, at least for some users as the service seems to be rolling out gradually right now. The Google Drive homepage is live, […]

gmail spam

Gmail Reports Why Mails Have Been Rated As Spam

Like many other email providers, Gmail is using anti-spam technologies to filter out spam messages automatically. These spam messages are then moved into the spam folder, and not into the mail inbox. […]

spam distribution

Which Email Provider Offers The Best Spam Protection? Study Suggests Hotmail Is

Spam is one of those things that you never can get rid of completely, it seems. Email providers like Hotmail, Google Mail or Yahoo Mail are battling on the spam front ever […]

add gmail account to hotmail

Microsoft's Guide For Gmail Users To Switch To Hotmail

Google recently revealed the plan to merge the privacy policies and terms of service for most of the company's products. This move gives all Google services direct access to all user data. […]

Google Retires Knol, Wave, Friend Connect, Gears

Larry Page, the new CEO of Google, continues to retire Google services (check out Google retires Google Buzz for additional information about previous retirement waves). This time a set of not overly-popular […]

display density

New Gmail Interface Leaks in Video

Google accidentally (or maybe not) published a video on the company's official YouTube video channel that introduced the new Gmail interface. The video has been set to private shortly thereafter but viewers […]

gmail google chat history

How To Enable, Disable Google Chat History

If you have a Google account you can chat with your contacts, for instance over on the Gmail homepage. This web based chat works pretty much like a standard instant messenger chat. […]

Rapportive, Richer Contact Profiles For Gmail

When you read or reply to emails on Google's mail service Gmail, you see the email addresses and contact names of the recipients and senders. But that's it. Sometimes you may want […]

Migrate Your Email Between Providers

Update: TrueSwitch has shut down as of May 15, 2013. Several email providers provide you with options nowadays to migrate an email account to them. This is for instance the case for […]

pokki interface

Pokki, Apps, Services, Features In Your Windows Taskbar

I held back on reviewing Pokki for a long time. That was probably not the best of ideas considering that it is one of those rare gems that you stumble upon from […]


Google Mail Preview Pane

I have to admit that I barely use the Google Mail web interface, as I'm handling all emails in the Thunderbird desktop email client. Sometimes however I have to open the Gmail […]

call phones from google mail

Call Phones From Gmail

Google back in 2010 introduced a call phones from Gmail feature in the United States which allowed Google Mail users to use their computer's microphone and speakers to make calls for free […]

Microsoft introduces us to the Gmail man

It's very common for the major technology companies to release video adverts for their products that deride or poke fun at the competition, probably the best example of these are Apple's excellent parodies […]

gmail mail forwarding

Review Mail Forwarding, Delegation On Gmail

I remember reading about attackers a while ago that broke into Gmail accounts of webmasters. Instead of doing all kinds of things there they simply added mail forwarding filters to the account. […]

gmail show original email ip

Track any email to its Original Location by Finding the Email IP Address

Millions of emails fly through cyberspace daily, and as is the case for many users, it can be useful to identify the location that the e-mail originated from. Sometimes it is best […]


Stunnel - How to use Gmail With Older Software

With over 200 million users, Google Mail, or Gmail, is one of the most used email systems in the world today. Even companies are getting in on the act by moving their […]

google email sender phishing

Gmail Adds Detailed Sender Information To Improve Security

When I was working in tech support for a large German financial corporation I regularly had to deal with support requests by customers who received phishing emails. It took a lot to […]

Google Drops Support For Old Browsers

Web companies like Google, WordPress or Facebook are suddenly realizing that old web browsers may have a serious impact on the support they offer. While everyone applauds the companies for dropping support […]

attachment failed this may be due to a proxy or firewall

Google Mail, How To Fix Gmail Attachment Failed Errors

Gmail, like any other modern email service, supports file attachments that are then send with the email to the recipient of the email. File attachments need to be uploaded and match certain […]

gmail error executable file

How To Send An Executable File Via Gmail

Up until today I have never tried to send an executable file via Google's email service. When I tried that today, it looked at first as if it was not a problem. […]

background send

Gmail Background Send

One of the annoying aspects of web mail accounts is that you cannot navigate away from a page after you have initiated an action. This includes uploading larger attachments or sending emails. […]

gmail inbox size

Find Big Emails on Gmail

Roman messaged me yesterday about a problem one of his friend's was experiencing. His friend's Gmail account was more or less at the storage size limit which meant that the friend either […]

google contacts

Google Mail: Manual Option To Add Contacts

I have more than 1000 contacts in Google Mail, all people that I know and hold dear. Just kidding. Everyone, and I mean every single person who send you an email in […]

mailstore home archive emails

Use MailStore To Backup Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Emails

Cloud based email is great. Providers such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail offer web access to their email services that allow users to access their emails from everywhere, provided that they […]

Gmail Resets 150,000+ Email Accounts, Loses Everything

If you can't log into your Gmail account this morning it could be because engineers at Google are trying to recover all your emails that they accidentally deleted last night. Some estimates […]

Some cool quick Linux command line tricks

If you've used Linux long enough, you know there are some seriously cool tricks you can pull from the command line. Some of these tricks are just for fun, but the vast […]

google webmail filer

Google webMail Filer For Thunderbird

Lets say you have used the Mozilla Thunderbird client for some time and have decided to move to the cloud, more precisely to Gmail or Google Mail. Question is, how do you […]

google mail

Gmail (Google Mail) Overview

Gmail is a free ad-supported web-mail service supporting both POP3 and IMAP4 email protocols. It is provided by Google, the company that runs the search engine website of the same name. Gmail […]

gmail checklist

Gmail Security Checklist, Improve Login Security

There are two to tango, and the same is true for an effective online security strategy. What does it mean? On the one side, the company offering a service needs to make […]

google multiple sign-in

Google Multi Account Logins, What You Need To Know

Up until now, if you had two or even more Gmail accounts, you had to log out of one account first to access another one. This was in fact true for Google […]

google dashboard

Suspicious Account Activity Now Displayed In Google Account Dashboard

Google back in March introduced a warning system in Gmail that would notify Gmail users about suspicious account activity. From what we could tell back then the system compared IP addresses of […]

gmail view doc

Better Office Doc Preview appears in GMail

The web mail war is raging on with the continued roll out of Microsoft's new Hotmail service.  Now Google is coming back with new features to it's own GMail service, the first […] Or

Is it or The answer to this question depends on the country that you are living in and when you have registered a Google Mail account. Most users who signed […]

is no longer verified by google

Email Is No longer Verified By Google

Webmasters who log into Google Webmaster Tools might notice a new notification message on top that reads "[email protected] is no longer verified by Google. Please verify the address or select a different […]

thunderbird address book

Import A Thunderbird Address Book Into Gmail Contacts

We have just published a guide that explains how to import Gmail contacts into Thunderbird and would like to continue this little series with instructions on how to import a Thunderbird address […]



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