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google mail

Gmail (Google Mail) Overview

Gmail is a free ad-supported web-mail service supporting both POP3 and IMAP4 email protocols. It is provided by Google, the company that runs the search engine website of the same name. Gmail […]

gmail checklist

Gmail Security Checklist, Improve Login Security

There are two to tango, and the same is true for an effective online security strategy. What does it mean? On the one side, the company offering a service needs to make […]

google multiple sign-in

Google Multi Account Logins, What You Need To Know

Up until now, if you had two or even more Gmail accounts, you had to log out of one account first to access another one. This was in fact true for Google […]

google dashboard

Suspicious Account Activity Now Displayed In Google Account Dashboard

Google back in March introduced a warning system in Gmail that would notify Gmail users about suspicious account activity. From what we could tell back then the system compared IP addresses of […]

gmail view doc

Better Office Doc Preview appears in GMail

The web mail war is raging on with the continued roll out of Microsoft's new Hotmail service.  Now Google is coming back with new features to it's own GMail service, the first […] Or

Is it or The answer to this question depends on the country that you are living in and when you have registered a Google Mail account. Most users who signed […]

is no longer verified by google

Email Is No longer Verified By Google

Webmasters who log into Google Webmaster Tools might notice a new notification message on top that reads "[email protected] is no longer verified by Google. Please verify the address or select a different […]

thunderbird address book

Import A Thunderbird Address Book Into Gmail Contacts

We have just published a guide that explains how to import Gmail contacts into Thunderbird and would like to continue this little series with instructions on how to import a Thunderbird address […]


New Google Cyber Attack Details Emerge

Back In January Google revealed information about a cyber attack that had been carried out against the company. The information released at that time was scarce but the impact was huge as […]

gmail install service handler

Make Gmail The Default Email Client In Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser and its open source counterpart Chromium do not have options currently to configure default programs. Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer ship with configuration options to set default programs […]

gmail warning

Gmail Warns Users Of Suspicious Account Activity

Google's email service Gmail offers an overview of the most recent Gmail activities on its website. This lists access times, account connection types, IP addresses and countries of recent log ins. Access […]

Gmail Netbook Mode

Netbooks usually run at limited screen resolutions which often fail to display websites and services properly. And those that are displayed properly still need to be scrolled so that all of the […]

Google Calendar Gets Three New Features

Google Calendar is a calendar application that is integrated into several other Google services like Gmail, and also synchronizing with desktop programs as well as mobile applications and operating systems. A labs […]

Google Announces Changes To Gmail Labs Applications

Gmail Labs has been introduced as an add-on for Gmail as a way to test feature additions to Gmail without rolling them out to all users immediately. Gmail users need to enable […]

Become A Gmail Power User

Gmail is without doubt a popular email service which can largely be attributed to the fact that it is run by Google and that it offers lots of additional features and options […]

Gmail Defaults To HTTPS

Gmail users until now had the choice to use http or https when connecting to the Gmail web service. Http offered performance advantages while https made up for it with an increase […]

Gmail, Google Reader, Wave And Voice Notifier For Google Chrome

One Number is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that notifies you about Gmail, Google Reader, Wave and Google Voice updates. The extension development for Google's web browser Google Chrome seems […]

Gmail Now With Option to Merge Duplicate Contacts Automatically

A long requested feature of many Gmail users has been finally added to the popular webmail service. Gmail users can now merge duplicate contacts automatically, something that was not possible before. The […]

Gmail Conversation View For Thunderbird

Thunderbird Conversations, formerly Gmail Conversation View, adds a message grouping option to the Thunderbird email client. The email client Thunderbird displays email conversations on a single page. The visual hint the program […]

Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail Comparison

Have you ever asked yourself how you did end up with the email account that you are currently using? Chance is that you have at least one account at one of the […]

Google Drops Extra Storage Prices For Gmail And Picasa

If you visit your Google Mail account you can look at the footer of the mail service's homepage to see how many free space is still available for that account. The current […]

5 Google Chrome Extensions For Google Services

Update: Extensions are now integrated fully in Google Chrome. This makes it easier to install them, and use them in the web browser. The extension development for the Google Chrome browser is […]

Gmail at your fingertips on the Linux desktop

When Gmail first came out I wasn't a fan. But after a year of use I have found Google Mail to be a very valuable tool. Because I use Gmail mostly for […]

google mail security

Google Mail Account Security Tips

The official Gmail blog has published five security tips to improve the security of a Gmail account. Email security should be one of the top priorities for a number of reasons but […]

Gmail Login Page

It is usually not that hard to access the Gmail login page. Most users simply need to point their web browser at the standard Gmail address to access their email accounts. But, […]

Check Multiple Gmail Accounts With Gmail Notifier

It is not that easy to check multiple Gmail accounts regularly. Gmail itself only allows one login per user. There are a handful of ways to circumvent that. Probably the most popular […]

Play Google Voice Messages In Gmail

Google Voice is a relatively new Google service that can probably be best described as the hub for all phone numbers a user, family or company uses. The main benefit of a […]

Google Adds Holidays, Sport Schedules And Contact Birthdays To Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that can be used to keep track of events and important dates. The calendar application can be integrated into various Google services including Gmail which is […]

google service status

Gmail Website Connection Problems

Many Gmail users who tried to access the Gmail web interface today were greeted with the error message "Server Error The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request" […]

Gmail Tasks Can Now Be Emailed

Gmail Tasks has been moved from the labs section of Gmail to the main service a while ago. It offers basic task list management in the Gmail interface. Gmail users can use […]

Gmail Enables Mail And Contact Import For All Gmail Accounts

The option to import mail and contacts from other email accounts into a newly created Gmail account was enabled a few month ago. Long time Gmail users on the other hand were […]

Set up Claws Mail to work with Gmail

"Once more unto the breach my dear friends, once more!" I've written about Claws Mail quite a bit (see “Claws Mail: The unsung powerhouse email client“, “Claws Mail must have plugins“, “Create […]

Gmail Automatic Newsletter Unsubscribing

One cannot really say that Google is not working hard to make Gmail a better service. They started to introduce many features in the online email client lately that would not only […]

Gmail Starts Displaying Images Automatically For Contacts

Gmail's previous stance on images in emails was to hide them from the user initially because of two reasons. The first was that images in emails could be used by spammers to […]

Gmail Increases Email Security With Phishing Protection

Phishing is still one of the biggest security threats that users face on the Internet.  The term refers to attempts to steal account passwords by impersonating other organizations or users. Criminals send […]

Change The Default Email Client In Firefox

Many Firefox users do not know that they can change the default email client in the web browser easily. What even fewer know is that it is even possible to not only […]

Secure your Google account with your mobile phone number

A Google account offers access to numerous popular and often times important services. This includes access to the popular Gmail email service, Google Docs for storing documents but also access to Google […]

Gmail Raises Attachment Limit to 25 Megabyte

Update: The attachment limit is still 25 Megabyte on Gmail but Google has added an option to the email client to use its cloud hosting service Google Drive for larger attachments. Instead […]

Gmail POP3 Configuration

I received several emails lately in which I was asked to explain how to set up email clients correctly so that they would connect to Gmail using Pop3. The POP3 configuration of […]

Add Twitter To Gmail

Twitter Gadget puts Twitter right into a Gmail account. This makes it possible to access Twitter directly from within Google Mail. The installation of Twitter Gadget is not complicated and takes less […]



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