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Firefox add-ons, sometimes also called extensions or addons, are small programs written in JavaScript that add, remove or modify functionality of the Firefox Internet web browser. The majority of browser extensions for Firefox are community-based, with only a handful of official additions by Mozilla employees.

Add-ons serve a variety of purposes, from adding functionality to the Firefox browser, like NoScript which improves security of Firefox by disabling all script in the program by default, over add-ons that improve your workflow, like Multi Links which enables you to open multiple links at once, to extensions that change the look and feel of the browser.

The official Mozilla Add-ons repository hosts thousands of add-ons sorted into categories like Bookmarks, Tabs or Web Development. We are regularly reviewing the best, new and updated, Firefox add-ons so that you do not have to browse the Mozilla website manually every other day to avoid missing out on a great new extension released recently to it.

Add-ons usually remain compatibility with new versions of Firefox. This has not always been the case in the past, especially when Mozilla upgraded a core feature of the Firefox web browser. We cover news about these changes in the main Firefox category as well to keep you informed when changes happen that may affect compatibility.

classic add-ons archive

Classic Add-Ons Archive is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that can be best described as a local catalog of classic Firefox add-ons. The current version of the catalog lists 16706 Firefox add-ons that developers created over the past 14 yours based on Firefox's XUL/XPCOM technology. The add-on can be installed in development […]

privacy pass

Privacy Pass is a new browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to reduce the number of captchas that legitimate users get when they access CloudFlare protected properties on the Web. CloudFlare protects a large part of the Internet, and that is why the company's captcha solutions designed to determine whether a visitor is […]

adblock plus 3 webextensions firefox

Adblock Plus, the -- by far -- most popular browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser, has been released as a WebExtension. Firefox 57 will be released in eight days to the stable channel. The new version of the Firefox web browser breaks the traditional add-on system by supporting WebExtensions exclusively. Any add-on that […]

lastpass firefox webextension

LastPass, creators of the password management service of the same name, have released a beta version of LastPass for Firefox that is compatible with Firefox 57 and newer versions of the web browse. Mozilla plans to end support for legacy add-ons with the release of Firefox 57 on November 14th, 2017.  While users may switch […]

firefox addons issues

Mozilla switched to a new Firefox add-ons review system recently which reduces the time it takes before extensions are listed on Mozilla AMO (the official Firefox add-ons store). Firefox add-ons are scanned automatically when developers upload them, and when the add-ons pass the checks, are published on the website. Mozilla employees and volunteers will continue […]

adblock plus usage stats

Adblock Plus is the most popular content blocking add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. In fact, it is the most popular add-on for Firefox by a large margin. Its more than 14 million users beat second placed uBlock Origin by more than 10 million users right now. But things are not super great if […]

tree style tab webextension

The developer of the popular Tree Style Tab add-on for Firefox has published a new version of the add-on to Mozilla AMO that is a WebExtension. Tree Style Tab is a long standing add-on for the Firefox web browser that moves tabs to a sidebar to display them there. The sidebar holds more tabs in […]

greasemonkey 4

The developers of the popular userscript extension Greasemonkey for Firefox have announced Greasemonkey 4, a new version of the browser extension. Greasemonkey 4 will be compatible with Firefox 57 as it will be released as a WebExtension. Mozilla plans to drop support for the legacy add-on system of Firefox when Firefox 57 Stable is released. […]

cloudflare edge pass

If you connect to the Tor network or VPN services regularly, you may have noticed an increase in CloudFlare captcha challenges whenever you are connected to these networks. Depending on which sites you visit, to which network you are connected, and how the site is configured, you may need to solve captchas quite often, and […]

firefox multi container add-on

Firefox Multi-Account Container is a new add-on by Mozilla that you may install in Firefox to separate sites you open into containers. Sounds familiar? The functionality of the add-on was first made available my Mozilla as part of the organization's Test Pilot program. Test Pilot showcases new Firefox features to understand better what Firefox users […]


Taborama is an experimental add-on for the Firefox web browser that combines the use of containers with Tab Groups functionality. Mozilla removed the Tab Groups functionality from the Firefox web browser some time ago. While Firefox users may install extensions such as Tab Groups or Simplified Tab Groups to reintroduce the functionality in the browser, […]

download star firefox

Download Star is a relatively new browser extension for Mozilla Firefox which you may use to download multiple files on web pages in one operation. DownThemAll is a long standing very popular download add-on for Firefox. The author of the extension announced some time ago that he would not port the extension to the new […]

ublock origin webextension firefox

A new WebExtension version of the popular content blocker uBlock Origin was just uploaded to Mozilla's official add-ons repository for Firefox. The new version is compatible with Firefox's new WebExtensions standard for extensions, and will as such continue to work when Firefox 57 gets released. This first official release of the WebExtensions version of uBlock […]

firefox mute all sites

Mute sites by default is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that changes the default state of all sites in Firefox to mute. Firefox, like any other modern browser, plays audio by default if a site chooses to play it. Some sites play videos with muted audio, or audio only when you interact […]

decentraleyes firefox 57

Decentraleyes is a useful browser add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome -- and some other browsers based on the code of those two browsers -- that replaces popular JavaScript resources that are loaded from the Internet with local copies. The core idea behind the browser extension is to improve the page loading time of websites, […]

new tab override

New Tab Override is a popular add-on for the Firefox web browser that you may install to customize the new tab page of the web browser. Mozilla removed the option to pick any page as the new tab page in Firefox 41, and users of the browser had to rely on extensions to regain the […]

sort bookmarks

Sort Bookmarks is a new Firefox add-on that you may use to sort all bookmarks of the browser using the sort options the add-on provides. Bookmarks in the Firefox web browser are not sorted by default. When you add a bookmark to the browser, it is added to the end of the folder that you […]