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Firefox add-ons, sometimes also called extensions or addons, are small programs written in JavaScript that add, remove or modify functionality of the Firefox Internet web browser. The majority of browser extensions for Firefox are community-based, with only a handful of official additions by Mozilla employees.

Add-ons serve a variety of purposes, from adding functionality to the Firefox browser, like NoScript which improves security of Firefox by disabling all script in the program by default, over add-ons that improve your workflow, like Multi Links which enables you to open multiple links at once, to extensions that change the look and feel of the browser.

The official Mozilla Add-ons repository hosts thousands of add-ons sorted into categories like Bookmarks, Tabs or Web Development. We are regularly reviewing the best, new and updated, Firefox add-ons so that you do not have to browse the Mozilla website manually every other day to avoid missing out on a great new extension released recently to it.

Add-ons usually remain compatibility with new versions of Firefox. This has not always been the case in the past, especially when Mozilla upgraded a core feature of the Firefox web browser. We cover news about these changes in the main Firefox category as well to keep you informed when changes happen that may affect compatibility.

ublock origin webextension

The WebExtension version of the popular content blocker uBlock Origin has landed on Mozilla's official Add-ons website for the Firefox web browser. A big upcoming shift from legacy add-ons to WebExtensions forces add-on developers to port their legacy add-ons to ensure compatibility with Firefox 57 and newer versions of the browser. Mozilla plans to cut […]

canvas defender

Canvas Defender is a free add-on for Firefox and Chrome that manipulates the canvas fingerprint to protect against canvas fingerprinting. Canvas Fingerprinting uses the HTML5 Canvas element. The Canvas element may be used to draw graphics on a web page, and it is supported by all major web browsers. The fingerprinting makes use of the […]

firefox 57 compatible addons

Back in March 2017 and April 2017 we published two articles about Firefox add-ons and the progress that was made towards WebExtensions compatibility. This article is a follow up to those previous articles. It analyzes the situation in July three and two months after we published the initial articles. Mozilla plans to release Firefox 57 […]


ReqBlock is a WebExtension for the Firefox web browser that enables you to check and block Firefox connections to web resources. Firefox users have a couple of options when it comes to blocking resources. They can run an add-on in the browser to block resources, or configure firewall or hosts file on the operating system […]

personal blocklist firefox

Personal Blocklist is a port of the Google Chrome extension by Google that enables you to block sites when you are using Google's Search engine. If you run searches on an Internet search engine, you may eventually stumble upon sites that rank highly, but don't provide a lot of value. You may also have made […]

archiver menu firefox

Archiver Menu is a Firefox add-on that allows you to make a copy of a web page on archiving sites, and to retrieve a cached copy of it. There are situations where you may want to keep a copy of an article or web page. Maybe for local access, legal reasons, reference, documentation, or fear […]

smartup gestures

SmartUp Gestures is a popular mouse gestures and drag&drop extensions for the Google Chrome web browser that is now also available for Firefox. Firefox supports a handful of drag&drop operations by default, but to make use of mouse gestures and advanced operations, add-ons are required. Our first review of a mouse gestures add-on for Firefox […]

https everywhere firefox webextension

HTTPS Everywhere is a popular cross-browser extension that you may use to enforce the use of HTTPS on websites that support it. While the extension does nothing for sites that use only HTTP or HTTPS, it is designed for those sites that support both protocols but don't enforce one or the other on its users. […]

youtube mark watched videos

YouTube Watchmarker is a free browser extension for Mozilla Firefox that marks watched videos on YouTube for easy recognition. One of the main issues on YouTube is that the site's watched functionality is terribly broken. While YouTube keeps track of the videos that you have watched, it does not mark those when you use the […]


Vimium-FF is a new Firefox WebExtension that is marked as experimental right now that brings Vim-like controls to the Firefox web browser. What this means? Basically, that you get a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for navigation, and other browser features. Several add-ons are already available that add the functionality to the […]

bookmarks organizer

Bookmarks Organizer is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that checks the status of bookmarks to reveal dead, duplicate or redirecting bookmarks. If you use bookmarks in your web browser of choice, you will eventually run into issues with bookmarks. Bookmarks may point to sites that are not online anymore, may be […]


Stylus is a brand new add-on for the Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome web browser that is a fork of the popular Stylish user-styles manager add-on. The Chrome/Opera extension has been around for some time, the Firefox add-on is brand new. Stylish has been around for a long time. It allows users to load so-called […]

cookie autodelete

Cookie AutoDelete is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that has been inspired by the popular Self-Destructing Cookies add-on. Cookie AutoDelete is a WebExtension, which means that it will work in Firefox 57 and newer versions of the web browser, while Self-Destructing Cookies won't. Mozilla plans to disable support for legacy add-ons in […]

text multicopy

Text MultiCopy is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables you to copy multiple bits of text at once to the Clipboard. If you copy and paste regularly throughout the workday, you may have run into situations where you needed to copy multiple parts of an article to paste them somewhere […]

firefox text to speech

TTSFox is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds text to speech functionality to the browser, even when the device is offline. It can sometimes be useful to have something read aloud to you. This can be the case if you do something that is not directly in front of the monitor, […]

noscript 5.0

NoScript 5.0, a popular script blocker (and more) for Firefox has just been released to the public after two release candidate build releases. NoScript is the main reason why I'm still using Firefox as my main web browser, and not another browser. The browser add-on is a script blocker first and foremost. It blocks any […]