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Firefox add-ons, sometimes also called extensions or addons, are small programs written in JavaScript that add, remove or modify functionality of the Firefox Internet web browser. The majority of browser extensions for Firefox are community-based, with only a handful of official additions by Mozilla employees.

Add-ons serve a variety of purposes, from adding functionality to the Firefox browser, like NoScript which improves security of Firefox by disabling all script in the program by default, over add-ons that improve your workflow, like Multi Links which enables you to open multiple links at once, to extensions that change the look and feel of the browser.

The official Mozilla Add-ons repository hosts thousands of add-ons sorted into categories like Bookmarks, Tabs or Web Development. We are regularly reviewing the best, new and updated, Firefox add-ons so that you do not have to browse the Mozilla website manually every other day to avoid missing out on a great new extension released recently to it.

Add-ons usually remain compatibility with new versions of Firefox. This has not always been the case in the past, especially when Mozilla upgraded a core feature of the Firefox web browser. We cover news about these changes in the main Firefox category as well to keep you informed when changes happen that may affect compatibility.

firefox text to speech

TTSFox is a new add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds text to speech functionality to the browser, even when the device is offline. It can sometimes be useful to have something read aloud to you. This can be the case if you do something that is not directly in front of the monitor, […]

snap links plus

Snap Link Plus is a long standing Firefox add-on that enables you to draw rectangles around links and other content to activate actions. You can draw a rectangle --using the mouse-- around links for instance to open them all at once in the browser. Very handy as you don't have to click on each link […]

puzzle bars firefox

Puzzle Bars is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds several icon control options to the browser improving how you access browser-specific and add-on icons in Firefox. Firefox users don't have that many options anymore by default to customize where browser icons and add-on icons are shown in the interface since Mozilla […]

expire history by days

Expire history by days is a free add-on for the Firefox web browser that adds a new option to the browser that enables you to have it clear the browser history automatically based on a set number of days that you specify. Firefox ships with options to clear the browsing history manually or automatically. If […]


You can learn a lot about a site when you monitor its network connections when you connect your browser to it. You may see connections to third-party sites, ads, web analytics scripts and a lot more just from that. A common practice is to use popular JavaScript libraries or frameworks like jQuery or Ember. Sites […]

fox web security

Fox Web Security is a neglected add-on for the Firefox web browser that blocks or allows connections to websites based on blocklist information of the three DNS providers Yandex, OpenDNS and Norton ConnectSafe. There are plenty of security solutions out there for the Firefox web browser to improve the default state of the browser in […]

firefox better reader

Reader Mode, initially launched for Firefox on Android in 2012, landed in the beginning of this year on Firefox for the desktop. First only available in Firefox Nightly and locked behind a preference, it is now enabled by default in all versions of the web browser. Reader Mode turns articles on the web into versions […]

statutory block webrtc

In recent years, new technologies have found their way into modern web browsers. Designed to improve or add functionality to the browser to support web applications making use of them, they sometimes have side-effects that can affect a user's privacy on the Internet. It became known only recently for instance that the two browser features […]

turbo download manager

Firefox users have plenty of choices when it comes to improving file downloads in the web browser. From the grand daddy Down Them All to third-party download managers like Free Download Manager. When Mozilla announced that it would make major changes to Firefox's add-on system, several developers announced that they would stop supporting their extensions […]

result preview

If you are still using Google Search and not one of the excellent alternatives such as DuckDuckGo or Startpage, then you may have seen features come and go over time. For instance, the removal of the sidebar menu and introduction of the top menu, the removal of the preview feature that allowed you to view […]

viewhance firefox

The Firefox web browser comes with built-in image and video viewers that are used by it if supported file types are not associated with other programs or browser extensions. The image viewer is bare bones as it lets you view and zoom images, and so is the media player used by the browser. Viewhance is […]

userscripts checker

Remember Greasefire? It was an add-on for the Firefox browser that would alert you whenever userscripts were available for sites that you visited in the browser. The extension used userscripts.org as its source, a site that is no longer available. Since it has not been updated since 2012, it is not working either anymore because […]