Firefox add-ons

Plenty of Firefox add-ons have graced the browser recently, created by Mozilla and freelance developers. In this section, we’ll inform you of any new ones providing extra functionality to your internet experience while also sharing the latest news.

run files in firefox

Run Files in Firefox

When you download a file in Internet Explorer you get the option to run or save it. The run option however is not available in Firefox by default, you can only save […]

gmail dark user interface

Gmail Redesigned: modify Gmail's design

Google likes basic designs that just work. Take a look at their search engine or Gmail to know what I mean. Now you all know that I do not have a problem […]

nosquint firefox change website fonts

Save Site Specific Font Sizes

I occasionally come upon a website that uses a font size that is either too large or to small and I usually adjust it with the mouse wheel while holding down the […]

zemanta blog suggestions

Get Suggestions while you blog with Zemanta

This is an interesting experiment. I'm writing about the Firefox extension Zemanta while testing it at the same time. Zemanta is a tool for bloggers, it currently supports the blogging platforms Blogger, Typepad, and self hosted Wordpress blogs. It adds suggestions and recommendations while you are writing an article by analyzing the content of the article.

mozilla addons

The new Firefox add-ons website

Initially I wanted to write about a new Firefox add-on that I discovered recently but since I failed to download the add-on from the new Firefox add-ons website I decided to write […]

customize google

Customize Google Firefox add-on

The Customize Google Firefox add-on [link] has been making some huge leaps in the last year and it's time to take another look at it. The basic use of this add-on for […]

download folders firefox

Set Download Folders in Firefox

You can configure Firefox to download files to one specific folder on your hard drive. If you want to save a file in another location you have to browse your computer and […]

hide tabbar

Hide the Tab Bar in Firefox

Tabbed browsing is one of the main improvements that actually has a long history dating back to the year 1997. It first became widely popular when Opera began to use it and […]

firefox configuration software

Firefox Configuration Mania

Many Firefox settings can only be changed in the about:config dialog that appears when you type the phrase in the Firefox address bar. The settings in there however have rather cryptic names and it can sometimes be quite hard to figure out what they do, actually not that hard because every setting is explained on the Mozilla website. Still, it takes some time to look them up.

webslices activities

Webslices and Activities ported to Firefox

Two of the new features that were introduced in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 were so called Webslices and Activities. The first introduced a way to keep track of little pieces of […]

firefox smoothwheel extension

Scroll smoothly in Firefox

If you are using Internet Explorer and Firefox you might have noticed that scrolling websites in Firefox is not as smooth as it is in Internet Explorer. Now I do not know why this is the case but I found a solution for it. As you might know I also have a notebook that I use when traveling and I rely heavily on the touchpad. As you can image scrolling with that function is a pain if the scrolling is not smoothly.

firefox select multiple links

Open multiple links at once in Firefox

There are not many Firefox add-ons left that I have never heard about but this one caught me by surprise. Snap Links is an excellent Firefox add-on that I have immediately added […]

firefox menu

Firefox Menu Editor

Did you ever feel that some of the right-click and menu options are completely useless ? I know of several that I'm never using, want some examples ? Work Offline in the File menu, Send Link in the right-click menu or For Internet Explorer Users in the Help menu. Removing entries increases the usability because it makes it easier to locate the right options putting them more into focus.

Record and Share your browser history with Hooeey

Duryodhan was so nice to send me a link to Hooeey, a website offering a button and toolbar for Firefox that record your browsing history. It's basically a combination of (bookmarking, tagging) and your browser history. The main benefit is that everything is recorded automatically and that you can add tags and comments to the links if you like. The recording feature can be disabled so that some websites do not get recorded.


Pep up the Firefox History

The original Firefox history lists the recently visited websites in a sidebar displaying only the titles of the websites that the user has visited. The change is high to visit the wrong page if a website uses the same or a similar title for all of it pages. There is also no indication of when that website was visited.

firefox password manager

Add Search to Firefox Password Manager

If you save your usernames and passwords in Firefox you accumulate a huge list after time. That's the case for me and I sometimes have to lookup a password because I can't remember it correctly. The default Firefox Password Manager however offers such a rudimentary interface that it takes ages to find the website that I'm looking for.

firefox copy table

Copy Tables in Firefox to the Clipboard

I sometimes want to copy html tables found on websites into a program that is able to display them properly on my computer so that I can save the data and use it as a reference. Whenever I copy a table in Firefox and paste it into Microsoft Excel, or Open Office, the table structure and formatting is lost. All cells are pasted without the correct formatting which can be quite frustrating if you want to copy a large table.


Turn userscripts into Firefox extensions

I've always loved user scripts because they are easy to install, audit and to manage. If you prefer Firefox add-ons however, you can now compile scripts so that they can be installed […]

google bar

Pimp out your Google with the iGoogle Bar

I just found a great Firefox extension while browsing Lifehacker, a small addon that will add a bar in place of the default, quite unuseful bar, and let you access features in […]

firefox morning coffee

Open Different URLs each day in Firefox

The only homepage that Firefox is starting with is my own. I used to open Netvibes as well using the simple | separator that makes it possible to open more than one homepage during Firefox startup. But what if someone wanted to open different homepages depending on the weekday ?

download smugmug pictures

Batch Download Pictures from sites like Smugmug

I would like to introduce an easy way to download lots of pictures from websites that name them sequentially, meaning they simply add a number and maybe some chars to every new picture added. Smugmug for instance uses one directory /photos/ on their website and puts all pictures, or at least links to them in that directory. All pictures look like number-M.jpg which makes it very easy to use a script to download all pictures within a certain range.


Share, bookmark and e-mail links with Shareaholic

People use dozens of social news and bookmarking websites nowadays. All those sites offer toolbars and buttons for various browsers including Firefox, it's just to much if you want to install all of them. Webmasters are looking for ways to submit their sites and articles to those sites with less effort.

Two invaluable buttons for Firefox

There are two buttons I always install when using Firefox, I have found that these not only shorten the time it takes me to do things, but they save me from a […]

Control Javascript Events in Firefox

Firefox Mastery published a nice article about the Firefox add-on Controle de Scripts which lets the user control Javascript events in Firefox. Instead of just disabling Javascript (default Firefox without add-ons), or enabling it on a per-site basis (NoScript) you can configure and control specific Javascripts events.

If you had to choose five Firefox Add-ons

Lets say your computer has limited resources and you can only use five Firefox add-ons when browsing the Internet. Tell me, which would you choose and why. I'm currently cutting down on the Firefox extensions that I'm actively using because I felt that Firefox was using to much memory when I started it without opening a website at all.

firefox persona themes

Change Firefox Themes instantly with Personas

The normal way of changing Firefox themes is painfully slow. You download and install the theme from the Mozilla website and activate it afterwards. Then, after activating the theme in the Themes menu you have to restart Firefox so that the new theme will be displayed after the next start.

Sync Firefox Profiles

I'm using Firefox on my desktop computer and on my Toshiba notebook. They have been running independently for some time until I realized that it would make more sense to sync the Firefox profiles to use the same bookmarks, passwords and cookies on both computers.


Grab any color from your Firefox session

As an amateur HTML and CSS enthusiast I see colors and schemes that I really like sometimes and when I'm trying to find the best colors to suit my sites I want […]

password hasher

Use one password on all websites

Many Internet users tend to have a handful of passwords at the most that they use for every website that they signup for. Those passwords are normally weak passwords that can be easily remembered. The danger of this approach is that those users will most likely see a chain reaction of hacked accounts once one account gets hacked.

firefox progress bar add-on

Visualise Firefox loading progress in address bar

I have discovered a very nice Firefox extension named Fission over at the Firefox Mastery website which deals with all things Firefox. Fission is a Firefox add-on that displays the loading progress of a website in the address bar of Firefox. It uses transparent colors to visualize the loading progress and I have to admit that I really love the way it looks and displays it.


Better Firefox Auto-Completion comes at a price

I do not like the autocomplete function in Firefox because it is not flexible enough and compares urls only from the beginning. I sometimes happen to remember part of the title or url of the website but not the beginning of the url which means that I only could search through all urls that I have visited until I found the one that I wanted to visit again.

Webmasters: Analyse Your Website with YSlow

I'm always looking for ways to speed up my website and make it load faster for the visitor who is connecting to it. Webmasters can use a lot of services to determine the connection speed of their website and most optimize images which seem to be the biggest files on most websites these days.

Navigate Paged Websites with comfort

Every blog does it. Google does it. Many newspapers and web magazines do it. Ebay does it. Amazon does it. All have their websites divided into pages. If you take Google for example they divide the search results on different pages. Magazines divide their articles into chapters that generate more page impressions and display more advertisement at the same time.

Use Fire Uploader to comfortably upload files

Uploading files to websites like Youtube, Flickr, Facebook or Picasa is not really that comfortable, especially browsing your computer and selecting files works really bad. It is for instance not possible to upload files from more than one directory at once. Most websites limit the amount of files to ten and do not display a proper progress bar that explains what is going on at the moment.

text link configuration

Create Links from unlinked URLs

A url that is not linked on a website, like can not be clicked on to load the website. The user has to copy and paste the url into the address bar to load it which is highly uncomfortable. A way to get past this would be to install the Text Link extension for Firefox.

Numbered Tabs for Firefox

The Firefox add-on Fancy Numbered Tabs replaces the red X with numbers. Replaces is probably not the best term for this because the X is still available if you hover your mouse over the number. You might wonder why numbering the tabs could be useful, let me explain.

amazon price tracking

Get notified if item prices on drop

Price Drop is a Firefox add-on that gives the user the option to track prices for selected items at the online store and notify him when the price drops. Besides keeping track of prices drops at the Amazon store it also notifies you if the price dropped after purchasing the item which helps getting a refund for the item that you bought because of the lower price.

Firefox Locationbar Extension

The location bar, or address bar, in Firefox displays the url of the website that you are visiting. The website is normally displayed without dashes and contains the protocol, the subdomain, the domain name and the path. A less confusing way especially for novice or insecure users would be to divide the url into different parts.

Firefox: Keep tabs permanently open

We all have some sites that we visit regularly throughout the day. It's my site of course for me, Gmail and a forum that I hang out all the time. It does happen from time to time that I accidentally close one of those tabs that I need throughout the day only to find myself opening it again in the next second.


Manage Firefox Full Screen Display

Pressing F11 in Firefox displays the current website in full screen mode removing many of the toolbars and buttons that are not required to view a website. There is however no obvious possibility to change the appearance of the full screen view mode of Firefox.



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