Use Bluefish as your HTML editor

Do people still code HTML by hand? Of course they do. And when they do, what tools do they use? Some use a simple text editor like nano or vi. Some prefer […]

System 76 Starling Netbook Review

I've had the pleasure of trying out plenty of netbook hardware. Just about every form factor and operating system combination available. These netbooks range from the hardly usable, to the might-as-well-be-a-laptop, and […]

Install and use Ubuntu Unity before it's released

Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu is dropping the GNOME desktop as the default and switching to it's own, in-house desktop. That desktop is the Unity desktop which was designed for the […]

Linux dictionary tools

The dictionary is a tool that any writer or student should have on their computer. And Linux users are not immune from this need. But if you look through the possibilities of […]

Multi-view terminal with Terminator

I do enjoy the terminal. Although it's not necessary in modern Linux iterations, it's always great to know that terminal is there when you need it. Terminal power users have TONS of […]

Change your Grub and Grub2 splash screen in Ubuntu

Your first question might be "Why bother changing your grub splash screen?" The answer? Why not! Well, actually there are plenty of reasons you might want to change your Grub splash screen. […]

Create a slide-show screen saver with the help of F-spot

The desktop screensaver is one of those gray areas that does nothing for productivity but people always seem to want to tweak, change, and otherwise toil over. For some it's just a […]

Ubuntu 10.10: Get it while it's hot

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Ubuntu 10.10 is officially out and officially hot. With plenty of features to make everything ooh and ahh as well as stability built upon the 10.04 release, […]

Linux text to speech with Festival

There are many reasons why you would want to enable a text to speech feature on a computer. You could suffer from poor (or no) vision, you might need the feature for […]

Change the window controls from left to right in Ubuntu

According to Ubuntu >= 10.04, left is the new right. It's old news by now, but I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who have battled to try to acclimate […]

Setting your computer time in Ubuntu

You computer's clock does more than just tell you the time. This clock also stamps your email with the correct time as well as documents and much more. So when your PC […]

Add brushes to The GIMP

The GIMP has a ton of tools for the user to take advantage of. From editing tools to drawing tools to filters to script fu to a whole host of other possibilities. […]

Install LibreOffice on Fedora and Ubuntu

You've probably already heard the news. OpenOffice has officially forked into LibreOffice. This fork is thanks to the way Oracle has botched nearly everything it has touched and the OpenOffice community wants […]

Upgrade Ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.10

If you are currently using Ubuntu 10.04 and are interested in 10.10 you have choices - you can burn yourself an ISO and do a complete, fresh installation, OR you can upgrade […]

A walk around KDE 4.5

Recently I did an introductory "walk around" GNOME (see "A walk around the GNOME desktop") which offered the new users to Linux a look from the ground level at one of the […]

A walk around the GNOME desktop

Recently I had a reader request a bit of a "how to" on the GNOME desktop. After giving it some thought, and at first wondering why anyone would need a walk around […]

Queue music into Rhythmbox from Nautilus

Nautilus is one versatile file manager. The ability to add actions (with the help of Nautilus Actions) makes Nautils' ability seemingly endless. I have covered adding actions to Nautilus before (see my […]

Merge, split, and watermark your PDFs with PDF Chain

Say you have two PDF documents and you want to merge them into one. Or say you have one long PDF document and you want to split it into sections. Or what […]

Free-form note taking with Xournal

If you keep a journal you know that some times you just wish your note taking or journaling tool could be a little more free form. There are instances where you want […]

Let RedNoteBook be your daily journal

There are those of us who like to keep a daily journal. For those that do, the application used for this purpose must fit the bill. For some the daily journal can […]

Clean up Gconf database with GConf Cleaner

If you are a Windows user you are probably accustomed to cleaning up your registry on a regular basis. Adding and removing software can leave behind unused or corrupt entries in the […]

Get back CTRL-ALT-Backspace in Fedora and Ubuntu

Being an old-school Linux user, one of the things that bothers me is that in some of the new distributions the CTRL-ALT-Backspace key combination (the combination that would usually kill and restart […]

See what images are being viewed on your network with driftnet

I want to preface this article by saying I am not, in any way advocating spying on your users. With that said, there are times (and reasons) why you might need to […]

Google's Picasa 3 on Linux

Let's face it, the photo management tools for Linux can tend to be either too complex for the average user or offer nothing in the way of modern features. The biggest gap […]

Instant message on your LAN with iptux

I recently covered a great LAN file sharing tool called Giver (see my article "Easily share files on LAN with fellow Ubuntu users using Giver"). I wanted to take that idea a […]

Track satellites with Gpredict

Are you a space junkie? Do you follow NASA as if it were the only real source of science and information? Or are do you just have a need to know where […]

Easily share files on LAN with fellow Ubuntu users with Giver

Have you ever just wanted to quickly hand a file off to a fellow user on a LAN without having to resort to using an email client or shared folder? Wouldn't it […]

View websites offline with WebHTTrack

There are reasons why you would want to view a web site off line. Say, for example, you know you are on the go and do not always have access to a […]

Solutions for KDE 4.5 glitches

I thought I would re-visit one of my favorite topics of late, KDE 4.5. The SC has been out long enough now for some of the smaller issues to pop up and […]

Get organized with Getting Things GNOME

Getting organized is, for some, a constant struggle. The PC is supposed to help us...does it? For some it does. For some it does not. For those that have trouble getting organized […]

Manage your digital camera in Linux with DigiKam

For those of you who thought managing external devices like digital cameras in Linux was a challenge, I give you DigiKam. DigiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for Linux, Windows, […]

Extend Thunar's "Send To" menu and media tags

In my recent exploration of various file managers I realized that my favorite of the lot hadn't received the attention it deserves. Here on Ghacks I have shown you how to do […]

vifm: Fast, lightweight, old school file manager

Recently I have been covering some of the lighter weight file managers for the Linux operating system. We've seen PCMan File Manager and emelFM2 covered recently. I've also touched on Thunar numerous […]

emelFM2: Another fast file manager

Today I'm going to take a look at another lightweight Linux (and UNIX-like) file manager (and this time I WON'T get the name wrong) called emelFM2. This particular file manager will pull […]

Compile your own Linux kernel

Back in the old days, the compiling of a Linux kernel was often a necessity. If you wanted to get a particular piece of hardware working or if you wanted to prune […]

Get to know Linux: Using grep

If you use Linux long enough, you are going to wind up getting to know (and using) the command line. And if you use the command line long enough, you are going […]

Add desktop icons to KDE and GNOME

Although I am one to prefer a clutter-free, minimalist desktop, I know the majority of users prefer a much more standard, fast-access type of desktop. This means icons. Not the kind of […]

Ubuntu 10.10 sneak peak

It's almost that time everyone. The tenth month of the year can only mean one thing with respect to Linux - the next Ubuntu release. In this case that release is 10.10, […]

Modify LDAP entries with the ldapmodify command

Recently I've done a number of articles covering the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) which range from installation, adding entries, to full-blown GUI management tools (See LDAP content on Ghacks for more […]

Adding LDAP entries from the command line

Okay, so we've been dealing with LDAP a bit here on Ghacks, but mostly we've look at GUI tools (check out LDAP content on Ghacks). All of the GUI tools are good, […]