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Being Linux fans, you all know that Linux offers a lot of ways to manage the desktop. One of the best ways that Linux offers for keeping your desktop organized is multiple desktops. This feature has been around since nearly the beginning of the Linux desktop. Multiple desktops (or workspaces) allow you to create a […]

When you install a new application on a Linux distribution, that enjoys the Enlightenment E17 desktop, sometimes those applications will automatically add a menu entry and sometimes they won't. When an application is installed, you might find yourself looking through the entire menu hierarchy to find it's launcher. If there isn't one there, what do […]

I have been using Claws Mail for quite some time (I've covered Claws Mail here on Ghacks quite a bit.)¬†What I like about Claws Mail, over nearly every other email client, is that it's incredibly configurable. If you can think of a configuration option, it's probably there. In fact, some might say Claws Mail is […]

If you are just now getting into the Linux foray and you plan on listening to music or other forms of mult-media, you are one lucky person. For those of us who have spent years struggling with various media players, the time has finally come for something really special. That something special is Banshee 2.0. […]

I do a lot of remote work throughout the day and to make those connections I use different tools. Between LogMeIn and TeamViewer I have remote support covered. But when I need to connect to a machine such as a Terminal Server, where do I turn? Generally speaking I turn to the Linux tool Terminal […]

That's right, Ubuntu Natty Narwhal is about to hit the interwebs in its glossy, shiny, well-packaged, full-release form. But for now, we all have to sit back and enjoy the beta release. After downloading and installing this beta release, I thought users would like to know my first impressions on what is being offered up […]

If you are a user of a Linux distribution that takes advantage of Launchpad's Personal Package Archive, then you know how easy that tool can be for adding those hard to find applications pre-packaged for your system. Once you get used to PPAs, it's fairly easy to depend upon those repositories. But there is sometimes […]

There are so many reasons why a VPN Server makes perfect sense. For one, anyone with the credentials and the address can then gain access to the internal network from an external source. This enables users to work remotely and still have access to resources they wouldn't otherwise have access to. There are obviously plenty […]

I use Twitter for a lot of things. One is to help promote my writing (both my fiction and technical writing). Because promotion seems like a 24/7 job, it is critical that the tools I use be easily¬†accessible, low maintenance, and can run all day without causing any undo stress on my system. I have […]

If you are using the latest, greatest KDE, then you are enjoying the default Dolphin file manager. Although you can still make use of Konqueror as the file manager, it only makes sense to go with the default behavior, as described by the KDE developers. So for those of you who do want to play […]

If you are a fan of modern Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, that offer incredibly simple ways to share folders with workgroup computers, you will be happy to know the same feature can be added to Bodhi Linux (my new favorite Linux distribution.) Although adding this feature isn't exactly automatic (or, some would argue, user-friendly), […]

I have been giving Bodhi Linux a lot of love lately. You can see my articles here ("Adding Visual Effects on Bodhi Linux" and "Bodhi Linux: Enlightened Ubuntu"). One of the main reasons I like Bodhi so much is the Enlightenment desktop. Not only is it a lightweight desktop, it's also one of the most […]

Since doing my first reviews of openSUSE 11.4 I have become a big fan. Not only is it one of the most stable and reliable distributions to date, it also offers KDE 4.6, LibreOffice, and a whole slew of other features that should appeal to most Linux users. And openSUSE can be used by nearly […]

I've been really impressed with the work being done on Bodhi Linux, so I've been giving both it and E17 a bit more love lately. To that end, I thought I would highlight a few cool tips and tricks. Some of these will make you slap your forehead they are so simple (and handy). Some […]

Podcasts have been around for a long time, and with good reason. Podcasts are a great way for users to retrieve and save various forms of educational and entertainment audio broadcasts. From indie writers, to major journalists, to just about anything you can imagine, you can find a podcast. But where do you find podcasts […]

Today I finally dropped standard Ubuntu as my operating system of choice on my laptop and opted for Bodhi Linux. I say "standard" Ubuntu, because Bodhi Linux is built on top of Ubuntu 10.04, so it is effectively Ubuntu, but without the weight of either GNOME or KDE on top. Instead of GNOME or KDE, […]

I have to admit, over the years I haven't given openSUSE enough love or credit for being the outstanding Linux distribution is it. With that said, I wanted to give some attention to the latest release coming out of the openSUSE project. And, since the default desktop for openSUSE 11.4 is KDE, I will be […]

It's almost time. Soon a new paradigm of GNOME is going to drop onto the desktops of suspecting (and unsuspecting) users. When this does there is going to be reaction. As with any major change to the computer industry, users are going to have both negative and positive reactions. Some will go so far as […]