Add titles to OpenShot Video Editor projects

Recently I began covering one of the best open source video editors available (see my articles "Create videos with OpenShot Video Editor" and "Add transitions with OpenShot Video Editor".) From those two […]

Sending a job to the background and back to the foreground in Linux

From the Linux command line you can send a running job into the background which will return your bash prompt to you. You might need that prompt to quickly run another command, […]

Add transitions with OpenShot Video Editor

In my last article I introduced you to the open source OpenShot Video Editor (see my article "Create videos with OpenShot video editor."). In that article I alluded to OpenShot's ability to […]

Create videos with OpenShot Video Editor

Recently I tasked myself to begin creating promotional videos for the ebooks I have written for my publishing company Autumnal Press. These videos needed to be short snippets that could serve to […]

Incredibly simple MySQL administration with SQL Buddy

If you have a need to manage MySQL databases, you know that learning the syntax for the various MySQL tools can be a real nightmare. Fortunately there are tools out there that […]

Manage an application's priority in Linux

In the land of Linux applications have what is called their "nice" value. This value sets the priority that any given application receives. The nice value ranges from -20 to 19. The […]

Create and join VPN networks on your Linux machine with Hamachi

If you are looking for a VPN solution for your Linux machine or network you have more than likely examined such solutions as OpenVPN. Many of the Linux VPN solutions require complex, […]

Upload pictures to Facebook with a simple right click

Are you a Facebook junkie? Do you find yourself constantly posting status updates? And...more you constantly  upload photos of yourself, your friends, your animals, and your computers to your facebook account? […]

Baobab: Disk Usage Analyzer for GNOME

If you are looking for a tool that can give you a graphical, interactive representation of what is taking up all of that hard disk space on your Linux machine, look no further than […]

Easily install applications from within Firefox with Appnr

There are so many ways to install applications in Linux. There's Synaptic, apt-get, dpkg, Ubuntu Software Center, and many more.  In Ubuntu (or a Debian derivative) you can even install from your browser […]

Finally a solid Pandora app for Linux

If you are a fan of Pandora Music and a user of Linux you know that Linux is a bit behind in the app space for this service. There are only a […]

Allow Samba through your Linux firewall with ufw

As most of you know, Samba allows your Linux machine to work with Windows machines (and vice versa). Without Samba Linux would be locked in an unable to play nicely on heterogeneous networks. So […]

Setup Ubuntu to browse Windows network by hostname

By default, a Ubuntu desktop with Samba installed will be a member of the Windows workgroup named WORKGROUP. Because that machine is a member of WORKGROUP, you would think you could browse […]

Lesser known features in the latest Ubuntu Software Center

For many, the introduction to the Ubuntu Software Center was a breath of fresh air for the installation of applications on the Linux desktop. With the ability to install thousands upon thousands […]

Working with bezier curves and nodes in Inkscape

If you do any graphics you know that, at some point, your work is going to have to turn to much higher quality tools. Although I find The GIMP great for day […]

Five tips for keeping your Ubuntu desktop safe

So you finally made the plunge and have a brand spanking new Ubuntu Linux desktop. You feel far more superior and safer than you did prior to using Linux. So much more […]

Create an ssh key with Seahorse

Seahorse is a very powerful tool for the creation and managing of various keys. Seahorse is the default keyring manager for the GNOME desktop. I have covered Seahorse here on Ghacks before […]

Use gkDebconf to reconfigure debconf-using programs

There are certain applications, such as MySQL and Apache that are configured upon installation. The most familiar to you might be MySQL. At the point of installation you configure the server address, […]

Configure Samba shares in CentOS

Server OSes, such as CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise do not enjoy the same simplicity as does the modern Linux desktop when it comes to issues like sharing […]

Add spell check to Nano

If you've been reading Ghacks long enough, you know my favorite console-based text editor is Nano. Nano is simple to use, efficient, and extensible. Nano can be used for many things: Writing, […]

Linux Games: Gridwars

As far as killing time with games is concerned, you will be hard pressed to find a better game than Gridwars. Gridwars is very much like the secret game Geometry Wars that […]

Add a user-configurable menu to your Linux desktop with 9menu

I love menus. Actually, I love to be able to configure menus in order to make the Linux desktop be as efficient as possible. The problem with that is, I tend to […]

Add SSL to CentOS web server

CentOS might well be one of the finest Linux distributions for a server environment. It is basically a mimic of Red Hat Enterprise Linux without the proprietary software and the price attached […]

Easily connect Linux to a Windows Domain

The task of joining Linux to a Windows domain can be a challenge. I have covered it before here (see my article "Join a Ubuntu machine to a Windows domain"), but many […]

Add a quick-access shortcuts to the GNOME right-click menu

I use the terminal A LOT. Why? Because I'm an old-school Linux user. Because of this I like to have multiple ways to quickly access my terminal. In my never-ending search for […]

Configure Linux to boot without a monitor

Many administrators/users prefer to set up their servers as headless machines. If you're not sure what a headless machine is - it's a PC without a monitor. This is an outstanding way […]

Use Gloobus Preview to preview your files

There are many ways to preview your files in Linux. Most often there is a single application used to preview a different file type. You have the Eye of GNOME for images, […]

Add parental controls to your GNOME desktop

I will preface this by saying I am not a champion for any type of censorship. But when there are children involved, there are times when this is very appropriate. But parental controls […]

Reporting bugs in Fedora 14

Let's face it, when you opt to use certain Linux distributions, you do so knowing that there are going to be bugs. Fedora is one such distribution. Since Fedora is a testing […]

Lock down GNOME with Pessulus

There are many reasons why you might want to lock down a desktop. Say you run an internet cafe and you don't want your users to be able to do certain things. […]

Some helpful, but obscure, Linux admin tools

Linux is resplendent with administration tools. No matter what you need to monitor, Linux has a tool to suit your needs. You can monitor everything from file I/O, to network processes, and […]

Use byobu for extended features in your terminal window

The Japanese term "byobu" means a decorative, multi-paneled screen that serves as a room divider. You've probably seen them all over the place. When it comes to Linux, byobu is a small […]

Printer properties

Quick and easy printer sharing in GNOME

Printer sharing was once a big challenge for Linux. It almost always involved manually configuring Samba to share out your printers. That is not so now. With the latest releases of the […]

Linux 101: kill and killall

If you've come across an application or a process that just won't die, and you're thinking that you might want to reboot your machine - STOP! There is no need for rebooting […]

Start programs at specific times with this handy app

Have you ever wanted to start a program at a very specific time, but didn't really know how to manage that task? Maybe you want your email client to start up only […]

Create GNOME desktop entries for all users

Linux, being a multi-user system, begs for you to configure it such that all users initially experience exactly what you want them to experience. One option you have, which is very easy […]

Absolutely beautiful desktop with PClinuxOS E17 edition

I have been a fan of Enlightenment for a long, long time. It's one of the most elegant desktops available today. But not only is it elegant looking, it's a joy to […]

Dealing with bash history

If you are a Linux user who frequents the command line, you will most likely have heard of the bash history. This is a special system that keeps a history of all […]

Cool Linux command tricks

The Linux command line is one of the most versatile tools you will ever use. It can do just about anything you can image for a machine. With such a large scope of […]

Change perspective of images in The GIMP

The GIMP is one of the most powerful of the free, open source image manipulation tools you will ever use. It seems the possibilities are nearly limitless. But for some users, the […]