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Avira Free Security for Mac is an excellent security software for Apple Macintosh devices

Avira Free Security for Mac is a free antivirus, security and privacy solution for Apple Macintosh devices that protects Macs reliably from attacks. Macs do need security software as devices running Mac […]

Schedule cron jobs with this easy to use GUI

Whenever I try to explain using cron to schedule jobs, new Linux users cringe at the thought of learning yet another command line tool. That's a shame, because cron is an incredibly […]

Linux command line tips: wget

One of the applications I use most often is the wget tool. You don't realize how useful this tool is until you've used and then needed it but not had it available. […]

Have some Linux ascii fun with asciiquarium

Never let it be said that Linux users and developers do not have a sense of humor. Even the most hardcore of users, developers, designers, and administrators need something to serve as […]

Use gvim for a better vi experience

If you edit configuration files by hand, or if you prefer a more "manual" approach to the process of writing, you most likely use a text editor. Of the available editors there […]

The latest Ubuntu Unity: Good or bad?

It's almost here. Ubuntu 11.04 will be arriving in less than two months and when it does, there will be reactions. Big reactions. Some of those reactions will not be so great. […]

GNOME Terminal tricks and tips

Do you use the terminal in Linux? If you use Linux long enough you will. And chances are, if you are using the terminal in Linux, you are using either the GNOME […]

Using the Linux df command

The Linux df command is an incredibly useful tool. What this command does is report file system disk usage. So when you want to see how much file system disk space is […]

Get to know the Banshee multi-media player

If you are a Ubuntu fan, you know the change is coming. As of Ubuntu 11.04, the default media player will migrate from Rhythmbox to Banshee. When I first read this announcement, I […]

Some cool quick Linux command line tricks

If you've used Linux long enough, you know there are some seriously cool tricks you can pull from the command line. Some of these tricks are just for fun, but the vast […]

Linux 101: Using chmod and chown

When you use Linux long enough you are going to use the command line. Although nearly every command line trick can be done from a GUI front end now, there are times […]

Electric CAD program on Linux

If you are an electrical engineer, or someone who likes to dabble in designing electrical circuit boards (or anything with regards to electricity) and you're looking for a FOSS (Free, Open Source […]

Blog from your desktop with GNOME Blog

With my on-going search for making my life ever-easier, I have turned to using smaller applications to keep my readers and fans informed. This can get to be an overwhelming problem when […]

Get your tumblr on from the Linux desktop with Grumblr

As a writer of ebooks I have to constantly be promoting my works. There are three main ways to do this for free: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Of the three, Tumblr allows […]

Get your Ubuntu tips with this handy applet

We could all use some handy tips now and then. Wouldn't it be great if they were, quite literally, at our fingertips? If you are a Ubuntu user, those tips can be […]

Record from your web cam in Linux with GUVCView

Recently I have had to do some video tutorials. I tried recording these tutorials with Ubuntu's default Cheese Webcam Booth, but unfortunately the combination of my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000, Ubuntu 10.10, […]

Bodhi Linux: Enlightened Ubuntu

If you've followed me long enough, you know I have a soft spot for the Enlightenment desktop. I have gone to all lengths to make sure my distribution of choice has either […]

Convert your ebooks and files to various formats with Calibre

Ah the ebook readers. They are the future for avid (and even not-so-avid) readers. With them you can carry around your entire library (without a hand cart) and even add your own […]

WordNet+Artha: A great Linux thesaurus combo

I am a writer. I write loads of technical documentation as well as novels (check out my fiction on Smashwords and Autumnal Press). Because of my trade I am always seeking out […]