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Microsoft Outlook is a messaging software for Windows and Mac operating systems that is part of Microsoft Office. Many computer users refer to Outlook as an email program, even though it offers more functionality than that. Outlook includes calendar, contact manager and note taking applications among other things which makes it an almost complete messaging program.

Outlook was previously also available as Outlook Express, an unrelated email program that shipped with all versions of Windows up to Windows XP.

Microsoft recently released the outlook website which the company plans to replace its established Hotmail online email service with in the long run. It is interesting to note that users can sync their accounts between devices and services, for instance between outlook and their mobile phones, or outlook.com and the Outlook software.

Below is a selection of our best Microsoft Outlook tips, tutorials and news.

outlook tools 3

Outlook Tools 3.0 is the latest version of the popular Outlook management and troubleshooting tool for Microsoft Windows devices. It is the first release of the program since 2010. We reviewed Outlook Tools 2.3 back in 2010 when it was released and concluded back then that it was a handy program to have for Outlook […]

In-line reply body

As popular as Microsoft's email service Outlook.com already is, it is still playing catch-up in several areas when compared to Google's Gmail service. That does not mean that Outlook does not offer features that Gmail does not support, the Sweep feature to quickly delete multiple unwanted emails comes to mind, but there are certain areas […]

outlook.com email alias

Google some years ago introduced "+" aliases to Gmail which enabled you to use address variations without changing your email address at all. It allows you to add additional text to the email address to make it unique in its own right without changing where replies arrive at. A simple example is to add+sitename to […]

outlook.com imap account email

Microsoft did enable IMAP support on Outlook.com a couple of days ago improving the connectivity of the company's email service significantly. Previously, Outlook.com users only had the option to enable POP3 connectivity or use Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) on devices and systems that support it. Pop3 support ensured that you were able to connect your Outlook […]

Microsoft has replaced Hotmail, its popular online email app, by migrating users to its Outlook.com service, an online version of the Office suite desktop email application. Last night the software giant began sending out emails about the latest changes to how the web app works, this time regarding messaging history. "Whenever you chat using Outlook.com whether […]

microsoft outlook.com add alias

The Microsoft Outlook team announced today that it made the decision to remove linked accounts on Outlook.com in favor of email aliases. Linked accounts are third party email accounts that have been linked to the primary Microsoft account. This usually means email addresses from other providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or personal accounts. What […]

add an email account outlook

For some time now Microsoft has been maintaining two email services at the very same time. First the established Hotmail email service and then the recently released Outlook.com email service. Hotmail users who were interested in the new service could migrate their accounts to Outlook.com. The decision was solely theirs and while millions of users […]

microsoft account aliases

Microsoft made several big announcements today. Earlier this day we looked at the two-step verification feature that the company is currently rolling out to provide Microsoft account owners with additional security options to protect their account with a second layer of authentication. The new security feature is available for the majority of Microsoft products including […]

rename microsoft account

Back when Microsoft launched the email service outlook.com publicly it shipped with a feature to rename your Microsoft / Windows Live account. I unknowingly did so at that time and switched from a custom email address to an outlook.com address. Microsoft quickly removed the feature again from its website, reportedly because it was causing issues […]

ad-free outlook hotmail

Many Internet services displays advertisement on their websites and use it as the main revenue generating source. The revenue that is generated is then used to cover the hosting costs, pay authors and engineers, and maybe even the site operator. Many sites would not simply be there without advertisement, or at least not in the […]

Before you switch to Microsoft Outlook 2013, the company's latest version of its popular messaging client that can do a lot more than just sending and retrieving emails, you may be interested in the components and features that Microsoft removed from the client. That's only a concern to users of Outlook 2007 or 2010 who […]

Users of outlook.com or hotmail.com, Microsoft's two email services, should take note now. Information are stored in cookies when you use the site including whether you have successfully authorized your account or not. If the information is available, you can open and close both services without having to log in again to one of them. […]

Reports are coming in that some Microsoft account users who use the company's mail clients are receiving errors related to a device synchronization limit that they have reached. Depending on the device and software used, error messages may read "There are too many devices syncing with this account", "There is an error syncing your mail […]

microsoft requesting access

Microsoft rolled out Outlook.com recently and it's slated to eventually replace the aging and reputation-challenged Hotmail service.  For now, users can choose to upgrade or not, but eventually it will become required.  Microsoft has built a lot of new features into this web mail client, not to mention lending it the hallowed "Outlook" name. One […]

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We have reviewed Microsoft's new mail service Outlook.com a few days ago, and even explained how you can migrate your Gmail emails and contacts to the new service. Today, I would like to take a closer look at the privacy and security settings, and how you can configure the service for maximum protection and privacy. […]