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Use your Printer and Scanner as a Copier

A copier machine is basically a scanner and printer in one device. The clever folks that coded iCopy thought that it would be equally nice to use two machines - that is a printer and a scanner - to emulate a copier. You can use iCopy to scan a document with your scanner and print it afterwards on your copier, all in one task and hassle free.

poweroff screenshot

Control Power State of a local or remote PC

Power Off is a freeware for Microsoft Windows that makes it easy to control the power state - that is on, off, standby and so on - on a local or remote computer. You could for instance configure it to set a certain power state when a process ends or scheduled for a day or time.

How to remove the Linux bootloader

A friend of mine installed Linux next to Windows XP a few weeks ago and did not like it that much and decided to get rid of it. The problem that he faced was that the Linux bootloader was still showing up when he started his system. He was not able to figure out what to do about it and asked me if I knew a way to remove the Linux bootloader from his system so that Windows XP would start immediately.

Reveal Serial Numbers and Windows keys

Would you be able to write down the serial number of your Windows operating system if I would ask you to do it ? Or of Microsoft Office ? This is normally not a problem because you have the serial number in written form and can look it up if it is needed. But what if you can't find it anymore because it somehow got lost during the last move ?

flickr screen saver

Slickr a Flickr Screensaver

Slickr is a Open Source screensaver for Flickr which gives the user a multitude of possibilities to display images which are pulled from Flickr in realtime. The only real hassle that could get into your way is that Slickr requires a Flickr api key to work. Everyone with a Yahoo account can get one without problems though.

winpatrol free screenshot

Monitor your PC with WinPatrol

What happens if your antivirus or antispyware software does not detect a malicious application ? One of the things that will most likely happen is that the malicious application will add itself to the system startup most likely in the registry to make sure it is always executed when the system starts.

Remove Driver leftovers with Driver Sweeper

Drivers that have not been removed from the system after uninstalling the device and software can have a serious impact on system stability. You could for instance be in a world of trouble if you have been using a Ati card and Ati drivers and switched to a Nvidia card and drivers. Driver leftovers could affect system performance and be the reason for crashes and bluescreens.

Vista Performance and Reliability Pack

Microsoft released a preview of an upcoming Vista Performance and Reliability Pack to its beta testers while everyone else will have to wait until August, the to download the pack. That is, unless you have read the Neowin announcement which linked to download locations for the Vista Performance and Reliability Pack for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

How do I open docx files?

Microsoft introduced the .docx file format in its new Office and Word applications and wants it to replace the commonly used doc format. The problem with the change from doc to docx is that many users are still working with prior versions of Word or no Microsoft product at all and face the problem that they can't load the docx file because it is not supported in their application.

Check if updates are available for your software

I rarely check if updates are available for the majority of softwares that I have installed on my system. The reason behind this is simple. It takes a lot of time to check the websites of the developers - if they are known - and compare versions. I had to check for updates regularly which means that I would be occupied and could not do more important tasks. My estimation would be that it would take roughly between 6 and 10 hours a month to keep all of my software up to date.

rainbow folders screenshot

Colorize your Folders in Windows

Rainbow Folders is a sweat little freeware for Windows which lets you colorize selected folders. The software has a size of roughly 600 Kilobytes and does not need to be installed at all. Just run it from the location that you unpacked it to. The application offers a folder browser on the left side and several options to change the selected folder on the right.

nifty windows

Nifty Windows

Nifty Windows is a compilation of dozens of Autohotkey scripts in one application that are all aimed at providing the user with a better way of interacting with windows. The compilation offers 28 new ways to interact with the user interface of Windows by using either hotkeys or the mouse.

Traffic Shaper XP

Traffic Shaper XP is a free software that is able to limit the upload and download speed of your applications and ports. This is done by creating rules similar to those known from software firewalls. You select a network adapter, choose if the rule limits upload, download or both, select a protocol and specify local and remote ports.

Create NTFS Junctions aka Directory symbolic links

I have been writing about the sweet little tool Junctions before but it got somehow lost among more popular articles back then and I decided to give it another try. A Directory Symbolic Link is a link from another drive or directory to an existing directory. NTFS Junctions could be used for instance to access the folder d:\mp3 from a symbolic link in c:\mp3.

Flurry a lightweight screensaver

I sparsely enjoy screensavers on my computer because I tend to prefer to turn of the monitor if I take a longer break. Another reason is that I did not find a good looking lightweight screensaver that I could install on my desktop pc. That is, until I read about Flurry in the excellent Donation Coder forum.

Add Tabs to your Windows desktop

Stick is a nice little freeware application for Windows that is able to add several tabs to the top of the screen each with its own functionality. The tabs are fully customizable and can contain any of the following five functionalities: Notes, Calendar, RSS Feeds, Calculator and Navigator tabs.

Autopatcher July 2007 for XP released

The autopatcher team finally managed to update all of their update packages for Microsoft operating systems to July 2007 which means that you can download all patches that Microsoft has released for your operating system and apply them at once instead of using automatic updates or connecting to a Microsoft server at all.

transfz search online

Perform Online Searches from any application or document

Lets say you got this nice little word document from a friend or colleague and stumble upon a word or words -like obiter dictum - that you do not know. How would you normally look it up ? You either pick up a dictionary or fire up your browser and search on the Internet for a definition of the word. This does not slow you down that much if it is only one word but what if there are more of them ? It could really slow you down unless you find a better way to lookup those words.