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KB4499183 KB4497934

Windows 10 1803 1809 updates KB4499183 KB4497934 released

Microsoft started the rollout of the May 2019 Update for Windows 10 yesterday. The company announced earlier this year that it would improve the upgrade functionality to give administrators more control over […]

feature update to windows 10 version 1903

Microsoft starts Windows 10 May 2019 Update rollout

Microsoft revealed yesterday evening that it has started the rollout of the new feature update for its Windows 10 operating system called the May 2019 Update or Windows 10 version 1903. Microsoft […]

sophos updates issue

May 2019 updates for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 don't play nice with McAfee or Sophos software, again

It seems that the saying "history repeats itself" is true, at least when it comes to Microsoft patches. Microsoft released updates for all supported versions of Windows -- client and server -- […]

windows 10 system restore fails

Fix Windows 10 can't be restored after you install an update

Windows 10 administrators who install Windows 10 on a computer may receive a stop error when they attempt to restore the system after installing updates. Updates may be installed automatically or manually […]

KB4494441 installs twice

KB4494441 for Windows 10 version 1809 may install twice

Reports are coming in that this week's security update for Windows 10 version 1809, KB4494441, may install twice on devices running that particular version of Windows 10. Microsoft released KB4494441 for Windows […]

microsoft paint keyboard

Microsoft Paint is not dead, gets keyboard accessibility improvements

Microsoft Paint is dead? Not really. Microsoft tried to establish a reworked version of Microsoft Paint called Paint 3D on Windows 10 to replace the then-deprecated Microsoft Paint eventually. The company removed […]

uwp apps microsoft

Are the days of Windows UWP applications numbered?

Microsoft has big plans when it released the Windows 10 operating system: make customers forget about Windows 8, reach 1 billion devices running the system in record time, and establish a new […]

Microsoft powertoys windows 10

Microsoft revives Power Toys program, makes it open source

Remember Power Toys? If you worked on PCs when Windows 95 or XP were en vogue, you may remember that Microsoft released a number of useful tools back then to extend the […]

windows terminal screenshot

Microsoft unveils new open source Windows Terminal

Microsoft released the source code of a new Windows Terminal application today featuring multi-tab support, improved font rendering, and more. The company plans to add Windows Terminal to the Microsoft Store for […]

windows 10 1809 bug asian languages

Windows 10 1809 Language Pack Issue, Microsoft recommends Reset of PC

The three most recent cumulative updates for Windows 10 version 1809, KB4495667, KB4501835 and KB4493509 were not exactly bug free. Windows 10 version 1809 is affected by several issues currently, and Microsoft […]

file explorer conversation format

Friendly Dates pulled from Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft released a new build for the next but one release of Windows 10, Windows 20H1. The new release brings the preview release to build 18890 and while it really should not […]

KB4501835 windows 10 version 1809

Microsoft releases KB4501835 for Windows 10 version 1809

Microsoft published the missing cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1809 on May 1, 2019. The company publishes two cumulative updates for all versions of Windows 10 that it still supports each […]

windows release information

Bookmark Tip: Windows Release Information by Microsoft

Microsoft published a new support page on its Docs website that provides administrators and users with information about known issues and fixed issues for Windows. The page, which is titled Windows 10 […]

windows 10 needs your attention can't be upgraded

Upgrade blocks for Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft plans to release the May 2019 Update for Windows 10 at the end of May 2019. The update was expected for a end of March 2019 beginning of April 2019 release […]

windows 10 default apps games pro

Windows 10 Pro 1903 still comes with crapware by default

When you install Windows 10 from scratch, some Universal Platform applications do get installed by default or at least linked in the Start Menu. That's true for Windows 10 Home, Pro and […]

windows 10 screenshot number filename

How to reset the Screenshots counter on Windows 10

Microsoft improved the screenshot taking functionality of Windows in Windows 10 significantly. The operating system comes with plenty of options to take screenshots, and one of the easiest options is to use […]

windows 10 home sandbox installer

Install the Windows Sandbox in Windows 10 Home

The upcoming feature update for Windows 10, the May 2019 Update or Windows 10 version 1903, includes a new feature called Windows Sandbox. Windows Sandbox is a secure environment that is separated […]

windows 10 1903 minimum storage requirement

Microsoft bumps minimum Windows 10 storage requirement to 32 Gigabytes

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, Windows 10 has a minimum storage requirement of 32 Gigabytes on the desktop. Whether a device may run Windows 10 is determined by its hardware. Microsoft […]