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KB4505658 update windows 10

Update KB4505658 for Windows 10 version 1809 is out

Microsoft released the long-awaited KB4505658 update for Windows 10 version 1809 on July 22, 2019. The update is the second cumulative update for the month following KB4507466 and KB4507465 for Windows 10 […]


Microsoft says Windows as a Service has major advantages

Microsoft changed the traditional development, testing, and delivery of Windows operating system versions and updates with the release of Windows 10. The traditional approach saw the release of a new major version […]

recommended troubleshooting

How to configure Recommended Troubleshooting on Windows 10

Recommended Troubleshooting is a new feature of Windows 10 version 1903 designed to fix certain issues on the device automatically when they are detected. Troubleshooting assistance is not a new feature of […]

windows defender

Say Goodbye to Windows Defender (getting renamed)

I apologize for the rather "clickbaity" title; come Windows 10 20H1, Windows Defender will no longer be a thing in the Windows 10 operating system as Microsoft will rename the tool to […]

newfilego new monitor task

NewFileGo for Windows: watch for new files and execute programs automatically

NewFileGo is a portable software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system that Windows users may use to monitor directories for new files matching set rules to execute commands automatically. Basic examples where […]

windows 10 version 1903 new issues

Microsoft confirms 2 new Windows 10 version 1903 upgrade blocks

Microsoft removed three upgrade blocks from the list of issues affecting upgrades to the company's Windows 10 version 1903 operating system. We noted in yesterday|s article that users were facing new issues […]

windows-10-version 1903 issues resolved

Windows 10 version 1903: some upgrade blocks lifted and new problems

Microsoft released the final version of Windows 10 version 1903, the May 2019 Update, at the end of May 2019. The release replaces Windows 10 version 1809 and will be around for […]

microsoft-windows 7 telemetry bomb

Did Microsoft just drop the Telemetry bomb on Windows 7 users without telling anyone?

Microsoft released security updates for all supported operating systems on the July 2019 Patch Day. Windows 7 administrators get to choose between a security-only update or a monthly rollup update. The main […]

vx search

A look at VX Search, a desktop search program for Windows

VX Search is a powerful desktop search program for Windows that is available as a free version and commercial versions. Windows Search, the built-in search function of the Windows operating system, does […]

microsoft windows security updates july 2019

Microsoft Windows Security Updates July 2019 overview

Microsoft released security updates and non-security updates for Microsoft Windows (client and server) and other company products on the July 9, 2019 Patch Day. Our overview provides system administrators, organizations, and home […]

internet games windows 7 error 0x80041004

Microsoft to shut down Windows 7 Games Servers on January 22, 2020

Microsoft revealed in a forum post on the official Microsoft Answers forum that it plans to shut down games servers for games that require Internet connectivity for its Windows 7, Windows XP, […]

abc-update windows update management

Manage Windows Updates with ABC-Update

ABC-Update is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage and control when Windows updates are delivered to computers in a network. The application is available as a command line version […]

windows spellchecker chrome

Windows Spellchecker in Edge, Chrome, and other Chromium browsers

Microsoft's decision to switch to Chromium as the source for the company's Edge browser has injected even more development resources into the project. One of the latest commits by Microsoft engineers introduces […]

windows 10 20h1 notifications

Windows 10 20H1 introduces major notification changes

The first feature update release of 2020, Windows 10 20H1, will be the next major update of the Windows 10 operating system after the release of the May 2019 Update. Microsoft revealed […]

disable calibration loader

Windows 10 version 1903: banding on gradients issue

Microsoft released KB4501375 for Windows 10 version 1903 recently to fix a number of issues. One of the fixed issues affected calibration loaders and applications like the popular F.Lux program that make […]

How to fix You'll need a new app to open this calculator

How to fix "You'll need a new app to open this calculator"

Windows 10 is no stranger to errors. But this one was new, and not a blue screen error. When I tried to run the Calculator application, it told me this. "You'll need […]

windows 10 19h2

Microsoft unveils its plans for Windows 10 19H2

Microsoft unveiled plans for the next feature update for its Windows 10 operating system on July 1, 2019. The company released the May 2019 Update in May 2019 (duh) after pushing its […]

windows 10 no registry backup

Microsoft explains the lack of Registry backups in Windows 10

We noticed back in October 2018 that Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system was not creating Registry backups anymore. The scheduled task to create the backups was still running and the run result […]