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windows security updates november 2018

Is Microsoft making an effort to improve update transparency and quality?

Microsoft was never particularly good when it came to update transparency and communication; while you could say that for a lot of companies, Google for instance, it always felt to me that […]

mail app ads

Microsoft: Ads in Mail client were experimental only

Advertisement in email clients has always been a controversial topic. Microsoft pushed an update to the default Mail application on Windows 10 for Insiders recently that brought ads to the client; a […]

windows update improvements 1903

Windows 10 version 1903: Windows Update improvements

The next feature update for Windows 10, Windows 10 version 1903, may include better options to pause Windows updates and improve the operating system's Active Hours functionality. One of the things that […]

windows 10 version 1809 issues

Look! Windows 10 version 1809 has even more issues

Microsoft, finally, updated the update history support page for Windows 10 version 1809 on the company website. The page highlights the network mapping issue that users may experience after installation of the […]

windows 10 1809 mapped network drives

Mapped Network Drives issue in Windows 10 version 1809

If you run a Windows 10 PC with mapped network drives you may want to hit the brakes to make sure that the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is not deployed on […]

windows 10 1903 search

A look at Search changes in Windows 10 version 1903

Microsoft released the October 2018 Update yesterday on the November 2018 Patch Tuesday; while the update was delayed quite a bit because of issues that were not detected in time before it […]

customer incident rate

Microsoft: update quality is better than ever

The past six weeks have not been pleasant for Microsoft. The company released the October 2018 Update in early October and had to pull it -- Microsoft called it pause -- to […]

Add AV1 codec support to Windows 10

AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) is an up- and coming open video codec that is backed by a large number of tech companies including Mozilla, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, or Nvidia. AV1 […]

windows 10 file associations

Microsoft confirms File Association bug in Windows 10 version 1803

Microsoft confirmed on November 8, 2018 that the option to set custom file associations is broken for some users on Windows 10 version 1803. The issue, first reported on November 5, 2018 […]

windows activation issue

Microsoft is having Activation Server issues right now

Reports are coming in from all over the Internet that Windows 10 licenses get revoked on some systems currently and that activation is not available either at the time of writing. The […]


You can now buy Linux on Microsoft's Store

WLinux is the first commercial version of Linux, more precise the Windows Subssystem for Linux, on the Microsoft Store. It is advertised as a "fast Linux terminal environment for developers and pro-users […]

windows console defaul

How to improve the readability of Windows console windows

Windows console windows like the command prompt window use a default size and layout by default on all Windows PCs. The command prompt window for example always opens up with a set […]

windows console font

Windows 10 version 1903 may feature command prompt zooming

Work on the next version of Windows 10 continues while Microsoft is still preparing Windows 10 version 1809 for a re-release after the botched initial release of the new feature update for […]

hardware ecryption check bitlocker

Microsoft Security Advisory for self-encrypting drives

Microsoft published the security advisory¬†ADV180028, Guidance for configuring BitLocker to enforce software encryption, yesterday. The advisory is a response to the research paper¬†Self-encrypting deception: weaknesses in the encryption of solid state drives […]

store app history local account

Microsoft Store remembers App history for local users

Windows 10 users have two options when it comes to user accounts on a system running the operating system: they can use a Microsoft Account or a local account. Both account types […]

hotfix service windows not available

Microsoft's Hotfix service is no longer available

It appears that Microsoft retired the company's Hotfix service for its Windows operating system and Microsoft Easy Fix solutions. System administrators and users who attempt to download hotfixes from Microsoft's website are […]

registry backup bug

Windows 10 bug prevents Registry backup creation

Some supported versions of Windows 10 appear to have a bug currently that prevents the successful execution of the Registry backup task that is enabled by default on PCs running the operating […]

windows defender antivirus sandbox

The Windows Defender Antivirus Sandbox in Windows 10

Microsoft implemented new functionality in Windows Defender Antivirus for Windows 10 recently that makes the antivirus solution run in a sandbox on the system. The feature, which is available in Windows 10 […]