The search function has grown more essential as data continues to expand, whether on your desktop or on the web. We’ll cover news, tips, and updates on popular search engines online and locally, while also discussing our opinions on the latest news.

google plus hashtags

Google+ Rolls Out Hashtag and Real-time Search Support

It has been a while since I last mentioned Google+ here on Ghacks. Mike published a story yesterday about a Google employee who accidentally posted a rant about the Google+ product online, […]

search engine links

Firefox Boounce, Switch Search Engines Effortlessly

Bing is my default search engine for a number of reasons. I really do not want to rehash why that's the case. Sometimes I cannot find what I'm looking for using Bing, […]

Bing Adds HTML5 Video Support To Homepage

The Bing homepage and the Google homepage have several things in common. They both embed a search form prominently on the page. The page itself has been designed to be almost distraction […]

bing action buttons

Bing Now Suggests Top Actions For Some Searches

Bing just like Google may display sitelinks or authority links underneath the first search result for a certain query. Google recently gave those sitelinks more room which I criticized for being to […]

windows search

Using Windows 7 Advanced Search Operators

Windows users are familiar with the not so perfect search utility in XP. Now with Windows 7 we have an ideal form of searching ability with Advanced Query Syntax (AQS). These are […]

Bing Gets Adaptive (Personalized) Search

A recent search engine trend is to personalize the user experience. You can best see this on Google Search, where you not only see personalized search results based on previous searches and […]

google search sitelinks

Google Updates Sitelinks in Search Results

So called sitelinks are displayed if a specific search term has an authority site associated with it. If you search for Ghacks for instance, you will notice that my site is displayed […]

Google Launches Panda Algorithm For Additional Languages

Google launched a new search engine algorithm earlier this year that they internally called the Panda update. The idea behind Panda was to introduce a quality variable into the ranking equation. Sites […]

google search by image

Google Search By Image

Searching by image is a new feature of Google Search that was introduced yesterday as well. It basically allows the web user to upload an image to Google to search for it […]

google voice search

Google Rolling Out Voice Search

Voice Search is the second new technology next to page prerendering that Google introduced exclusively for Chrome web browser users yesterday on Inside Search. Android smartphone users may already be aware of […]

8 Social Likes That You May Not Want To See In The Search Results

Both Bing and Google are dead serious that search engine users want a search that is more social, that weaves recommendation's, likes and personal messages into the results. This change is happening […]

bing facebook integration

Bing Adds The Friend Effect To Search

Bing back in February announced the integration of Facebook likes into the search results. Friend recommendations appeared only on some results pages at that time. This changed yesterday with the roll out […]

google search

Google Search, New Layout, Style

We know that Google is constantly running experiments on Those experiments are only visible to a subset of visitors to test them before they may go live for all users eventually. […]

bing official site

Bing Search After A Year, The Good And Bad

You may know that I have switched by primary search engine from Google to Bing sometime last year. I was fed up with Google for several reasons, including their constant push of […]


FilesTube, File Search Engine

FilesTube is a popular meta file search engine that lets you search file hosting sites for hosted files. It supports a variety of file hosts, from Rapidshare and Mediafire over 4Shared and […]

google +1

Google Experimental Search Explained

Did you know that Google has a labs-like feature for Google Search? Labs-like feature, what was that again? The Google Chrome browser, Google Mail and other Google products offer experimental features to […]

tech search

The Ultimate Tech Search Engine

I'm not the only one who thinks that search quality has taken a dive in recent years. I do not want to paraphrase the whole argument again, but I believe it is […]

Google Adds Block All Domain Results To Search

The Chrome extension Personal Blocklist was apparently only the first step in Google's quest for a personalized user experience on Google Search. You may remember that Personal Blocklist was introduced to give […]

search with google property at top

Remove Google Properties From Search With A Comma

Google has turned from a search engine into a jack of all trades. The company started many different en devours ever since its rise to power; Some successful, like Google Maps, others […]

facebook remote logout

Bing Search Improves Facebook Integration

Is social the next search? Rumors about Facebook Search have been spread for years; The data that Facebook's developers could utilize sounds enormous: Content from more than 500 million users who share […]

site search

How To Search Websites By Date And Time

I love to search for new userscripts on the official website. The owners of the site use Google Search to display search results which in itself is not bad. The one thing […]

Google Rolls Out Search Algorithm, Targets Content Farms

Google is making a lot of changes lately which can partially be attributed to the rising criticism that search quality has taken the dive in recent years. The aim of the latest […]

pizza before

Bing Improves Personalized Search

The Bing team made an announcement over at the official Bing blog that may be interesting for users who use the Bing United States search engine. Personalized search is one of the […]

Google vs. Bing: Spying, Cheating, Stealing, An Overview

If you have followed the news lately you may have noticed articles about Bing stealing Google's search results on all major tech blogs. Lifehacker, Download Squad, Neowin and dozens of other blogs […]

google rapidshare

Google Search Suggestions Block Download Related Suggestions

Google search suggestions displays the most likely search terms in the search form once the user begins typing. Sometimes it is enough to enter one letter and hit the tab key to […]

rollyo custom search engine

Rollyo, Create Your Own Custom Search Engine

When it comes to searching for information, I prefer results from a handful of trusted websites. Limited the results to select web properties only offers several advantages over the standard catch-all approach […]

google instant previews

Do Not Trust Google Instant Previews Security Wise

For a few months now Instant Previews has been part of the Google search engine. The feature is triggered with a click on one of the magnifying glasses displayed on search results […]

highlight domains search

Highlight Favorite Domains In Search Results

When I search on the Internet in search engines like Google or Bing I tend to favor results from domains that I trust. If I had to chose between a post on […]

facebook search

Facebook Search: How To Make The Most Of It

Facebook's website has a search form at the top of every page that users of the social network site may use to find friends, pages of interest, apps or games, posts by […]

safe search filtering

Google Instant Previews, Preview Not Available

Google's new addition to it search engine, Instant Previews, is getting lots of press since its introduction. Google claims the new feature adds 5% to the search engine users satisfaction, others do […]

How To Disable Google Instant Previews

Google Instant Previews is the latest in a series of improvements that Google has added to their search engine. Instant Previews add a small spying glass next to each page title in […]

goo find

GooFind, Download Files Using Google

One of the very first articles on this site was about how to find files using Google. It is still possible to use specific advanced search parameters to find files you are […]

liked by your facebook friends

Bing And Facebook Merge Search And Social

Mashups. Everyone seems to think that people love mashups. Not really sure where this came from but we have to live with the consequences. Facebook and the Bing search engine yesterday announced […]

us search engine market share

Bing Up, Yahoo And Google Down

The latest US search engine market share statistics compiled by Nielsen have been released and they confirm a trend that we have predicted for some time now. Microsoft's Bing search engine managed […]

internet search start menu

Enable Internet Search In Windows Start Menu Search Box

The search box in the Windows start menu can only be used to find files on the local computer system or connected network drives by default. Microsoft has improved the capabilities of […]

file finder

UltraSearch, Fast Windows File Finder

UltraSearch is a fast file finder for devices running Microsoft Windows that uses the Master File Table to return results lightning fast. While the standard Windows Search does an ok-job at finding […]

Lesser known Evolution features

I have covered the Evolution groupware client on Ghacks before (check out all content containing Evolution here). Everything from basic tasks to connecting to an Exchange server, it's been here on Ghacks. […]

Bing Powered Yahoo Search Transition Begins

Yahoo and Microsoft have been testing Bing powered search results offline for some time now. A recent email sent out to advertisers confirmed that the testing will be moved to the live […]

Google's back in China, but who's won?

Google pulled out of China earlier in the year in an argument over censorship that began with rumours that the communist government there had hacked into the GMail accounts of political activists […]

encrypted google com

Google Encrypted Web Search (HTTPS) Moved To New Domain

Google launched an encrypted version of their web search in May (see Google SSL HTTPS Search). HTTPS search was enabled on the main domain and users simply had to add an […]



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