The search function has grown more essential as data continues to expand, whether on your desktop or on the web. We’ll cover news, tips, and updates on popular search engines online and locally, while also discussing our opinions on the latest news.

Bing Powered Yahoo Search Transition Begins

Yahoo and Microsoft have been testing Bing powered search results offline for some time now. A recent email sent out to advertisers confirmed that the testing will be moved to the live […]

Google's back in China, but who's won?

Google pulled out of China earlier in the year in an argument over censorship that began with rumours that the communist government there had hacked into the GMail accounts of political activists […]

encrypted google com

Google Encrypted Web Search (HTTPS) Moved To New Domain

Google launched an encrypted version of their web search in May (see Google SSL HTTPS Search). HTTPS search was enabled on the main domain and users simply had to add an […]


What's iGoogle And How To Return To Google Classic Search?

Imagine the surprise of a close relative when they were greeted by an iGoogle page instead of the classic Google homepage after opening their web browser. The search page looked slightly different. […]

bing new design

Bing Gets Design And Layout Changes

Search engines are constantly evolving, a recent trend puts related searches and information on the search result pages to provide searchers with additional options and direct answers of their search queries. The […]

bing search

What Bing Search Does And Could Do Better

I switched to Bing recently and had my fair share of experience with Microsoft's search engine. The main reason for switching was a deterioration of quality results in Google Search. It began […]

Google Will Move Https Search To New Domain

The introduction of encrypted search at a month ago has increased the privacy of search engine visitors by preventing people from intercepting search terms and results. Encrypting all communication between the […]

classic google search

Restore Classic Google Search Website

Google has made lots of changes to its search website in the past year. A few of the noteworthy, and often distracting changes, include the new fade-in homepage which only displays the […]


Google search get's a caffeine kick

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! are always looking for ways to improve their search engine and Google's latest volley into search has kicked off today with a caffeine hit. This new way to […]

mozila google

Mozila, Mozella, Mircosoft And Firefix, How Search Engines Handle Typos

A typo industry exists out there. You may not know if but typo domains are some of the most attractive domains for webmasters who want to cash in on a popular brand […]

Facebook Login Ranking Problems Return In Google Search

Remember the story on Read Write Web that was called "Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login"? It causes some controversy back then because it made the popular web blog rank […]

bing search results

Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Bing Search

I have been working with the Bing search engine for the last couple of days after switching to it from Google Search. It still takes time to get used to this new […]

firefox default search

How To Change The Firefox Address Bar Search Provider

The default address bar search engine in the Firefox web browser is Google Search. This means that any search phrase that the user enters directly into the Firefox address bar may result […]

Happy birthday Bing!

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, is officially one year old today.  The search engine formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search was officially unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve […]

google secure search

Force Google HTTPS Search

Google recently enabled SSL on their main search engine allowing search engine users to access instead of the standard Google search domain. This secure search encrypts the data that is […]

google ssl

Google SSL HTTPS Search

Google has just enabled https on their core search domain Users who want to access the encrypted Google web search can point their browsers to to do so. The technology, […]

google search https

Encrypted Google Search Coming Next Week

Encryption on the Internet is still largely used on financial and shopping sites and for site log ins and neglected by the majority of other Internet sites. Using encrypted connections to access […]

desktop search agent ransack

Desktop Search Software Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is a free desktop search software for Microsoft Windows devices that acts as a third-party alternative to Windows Search. The default Windows search tool is sufficient for many search related […]

Display iFilter Plugins With SearchFilterView

SearchFilterView is a free software program for Microsoft Windows that lists all installed search filters of the computer in its interface when you run it. The Windows operating system, or more precisely […]

Google Zeitgeist 2009

Google has released the year-end statistics of Google Zeitgeist 2009 which includes information about the most searched topics in various niches in the year 2009. Google parsed billions of search queries by […]

Google Real-Time Spam

One of the issues that we mentioned when we wrote about Google's entry into the real-time search engine market was the spam factor. Real-time means that there cannot be a human review […]

Google Launches Real-time Search

We knew that real-time saerch would be coming eventually and the time apparently has come today. At least for some users that is, as Google stays true to its policy to roll […]

Google Personalized Search For Everyone

Starting today, Google begins rolling out a new search personalization feature that has an impact on every search engine user that is using one of Google's search engines. Previously, personalized search results […]

Google Adds Translated Search To Its Search Engine

Search results are different depending on the search engine you use to search the web. The language plays another important role. A search for Berlin Sightseeing and Berlin Sehenswürdigkeiten will yield two […]

Google Rolls Out New Search Interface

A recent post over on Search Engine Land suggests that Google will be rolling out a new search interface - or more precisely search result page design - to selected users later […]

google me

Google Me

Have you ever "googled" yourself? Chance is you found at least a few websites and resources about yourself, and even more if you have deliberately added information about yourself on websites across […]

Lock Safe Search In Google

Safe Search is a filter of the Google search engine which may filter certain results from appearing in the search results. By default, moderate filtering is applied to all search results which […]

Bing Videos And Bing Search Get Updates As Well

Microsoft this time seems to be dead serious to compete at all levels with the seemingly almighty guys at Google, and especially with Google's search engine technology. Several key services over at […]

Bing Maps Gets An Update

Bing Maps has been updated today with several new features and a new look and feel. Most notably in this regard is a new button bar with each button loading a specific […]

google caffeine

Get Ready For Caffeinated Google Search

Google set up a search sandbox a while ago showcasing and testing the company's new search algorithm. The public demo of the new search algorithm served not only to show the world […]

3 Faster Less Obtrusive Google Search Engines

There are two main reasons for switching to one of Google's alternative search interfaces: speed and usability. The following three Google search engines use the same search index and parameters that the […]

Bing And Google Search To Integrate Twitter Results

Real time search has become a buzzword this year. With Twitter increasing its popularity search engines like Bing or Google Search are aiming to make their search results real time or at […]

Bing Federated Search Connector For Windows 7

Federated search is one of the new features of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. The feature integrates the option to search external data sources from within Windows Explorer in the same way […]

Create A Windows Search Shortcut

Users who want to perform a search in Windows usually do so from the Windows start menu where the search link (Windows XP) or search form (Windows Vista and Windows 7) is […]

Perform Plain Google Searches Without Video, Image And News Results

If you perform a Google search nowadays you get mixed search results. Google not only displays the first ten pages that is has in its index for the entered keyword but also […]

Google Search New Custom Search Options Added

One of the latest trends in the search engine market seem to be custom search options, search filters and specialized search parameters. Google has introduced the search options in the main Google […]

Bing & Ping Preview

The Microsoft Bing development team is trying to distinguish their search engine from Google by adding new features to their search engine. The latest feature that the team is developing goes by […]

Bing Visual Search

One of the new improvements that Microsoft introduces in their search engine Bing is a Silverlight driven visual search engine. Visual search meaning that pictures will be used to display and navigate […]

Google Real-Time Search

Google Search offers several options to limit the search results by a selected time frame. One is available as an advanced search parameter that you append to the search URL on Google […]

Microsoft Will Upgrade Its Bing Search Engine This Fall

Microsoft's introduction of its Bing search engine has revived search engine competition it seems. Bing did receive some praise since its introduction, and Google has since then reacted by offering search engine […]



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