The search function has grown more essential as data continues to expand, whether on your desktop or on the web. We’ll cover news, tips, and updates on popular search engines online and locally, while also discussing our opinions on the latest news.

Microsoft Page Hunt

Microsoft's new search engine Bing is doing quite well in several search engine marketing studies. It could do better and one interesting idea that the Microsoft researchers had was to create a […]

A Look At 4 Realtime Search Engines

Realtime search seems to be one of the buzzwords of the year. Many search engines have plans to include realtime search in their search results. Microsoft's search engine Bing already does include […]

blind search test

Take a blind test and change your searching habits

I use Google out of habit and because I have always thought it is the best search engine. I've never objectively tried to compare major search engines and as a result I […]

Google Books Rolls Out New Features

Google Books is an ambitious project to offer which allows web users to search through more than seven million books online. Google just recently came to an agreement with rights holders that […]

Make The Web Your Notebook with WebNotes (With 50 Pro Invites)

I'm a student. I'm also a writer, a researcher, and a number of other things that all seem to involve a ton of research. Particularly that student thing. An increasing number of […]

Wolfram Alpha Gets Its First Core Update After Launch

One thing that many webmasters and users do not like is that search engines keep them in the dark when they update their search engine, be it search engine algorithm changes or […]

The Most Dangerous Web Search Terms

Which search terms would make it on the list if you would have to compile a list of the ten most dangerous web search terms? Most users would probably add search terms […]

5 Advanced Bing Tips

The coverage of Microsoft's new search engine Bing was quite extensive here on Ghacks but also on many other sites on the Internet. This is going to slow down in the future […]


Search Bing And Google Simultaneously

A great way of testing a new search engine is to compare it to the dominant established search engine. BingAndGoogle offers a combined search interface that is more comfortable than working with […]

Google Squared Launches

Google Squared is a new concept search engine by Google. Unlike conventional search engines Google Squared has been designed to present the information right in the search interface without the need of […]

Join The Experiment: One Week Of Bing Only Searching

What better way to test a new or improved search engine than to be stuck with it for a full week without being able to fall back to other search engines. Bing […]

Install Bing Search In Selected Web Browsers

Microsoft's new search engine Bing has been released to the public earlier today. The reviews have been quite positive so far. Most modern web browsers can be customized by the user. This […]

Microsoft Bing Search Is Live

Microsoft's new search engine has created some buzz since its introduction a few days earlier. The search engine is now live for everyone to test. It has to be noted that Microsoft […]

Troubleshooting a maxed out Linux hard drive

Yesterday I sat down at my main desktop PC to do some work and, out of nowhere, error message after error message popped up informing me the hard drive was at 100% […]

Microsoft Bing

Any blog and tech site seems to have published an article about Microsoft Bing, the new Microsoft search engine that was formerly known as Kumo. No one except for Microsoft employees and […]

Google Search Options

Google has recently introduced so called Search Options to their search engine which are hidden by default on any search page but can be activated with one click. Update: Google Search's layout […]

Wolfram Alpha Is Live

There has been a lot of talk about this new search engine by Wolfram which many called a Google killer. The strange thing was that this happened without anyone being able to […]

Discover New Feeds With FeedMil

How are most Internet users discovering new interesting blogs or sites? The most popular methods are probably by following links on blogs they already read, through social media, and by recommendations posted […]

Worio Combines Bookmarking And Web Search

Worio is a clever mashup of several search engines, social bookmarking sites and personalization features to improve search. Update: Worio is no longer available, and there appears to be no comparable service […]

Spice Up Google Search With Google Fx

Google Fx is a userscript that you may install in browser's supporting userscripts to modify the appearance and functionality of Google Search. Google Search has always been displayed with a rather minimalistic […]

Searching for Files in Linux via Command Line

Being able to search for files is a fairly important aspect of using a computer. Naturally there are a number of ways to accomplish this task. You can use a powerful tool […]

Google Flagging Every Website As Malware

If you perform a Google search at the moment you will notice that Google is flagging every website that it returns as malware. The sentence "This site may harm your computer." appears […]

Google's SEO Starter Guide

Search Engine Optimization is essential for webmasters who want to promote their websites to their fullest extent. It is usually divided into onpage and offpage SEO. Onpage SEO describes the process of […]

Help charity effortlessly through the web

Charity can be helped significantly through minor changes to what we done online; by changing search engines, buying through a portal or even simply installing a Firefox extension. This article will highlight […]

icon search

Find perfect icons with Iconfinder

Martin wrote an article in May about IconLook, a website where you can search for icons. I recently found another one, simply called Iconfinder, and as you would expect it enables you […]

Add Ghacks Search To Firefox And Opera

One of the great things about owning a website with more than 4000 mostly free software related articles is the wealth of information that becomes very useful when searching for a specific […]

microsoft filter pack

Microsoft Filter Pack

The Microsoft Filter Pack adds additional IFilters to the Windows operating system which are used by Windows Search and depending applications to index the contents of document formats. To be precise, the […]

Mind Mapping software PersonalBrain

I recently began to use mind maps again for some of my keyword research projects because they offer an excellent way of visualizing keyword connections which are an important part of keyword […]

Google Offering Translated Search Results

The Google Translate service was known for a long time to translate text and websites from one language to the other. The current version features 34 languages from English over German to […]

SortFix Adds Visual Aids To Search

You have got casual Internet users and advanced Internet users and the way they search is totally different from each other. The casual Internet users enter a search term in a search […]

WinFS, Was it Really so Good?

If you were in any way interested in Windows Longhorn then WinFS will not be an unfamiliar word to you. This technology was to be part of the revolutionary next OS and […]

Use MetaTube to Search 100 Video Sharing Sites

When I want to view a particular video online, I usually try YouTube since that's where I'm most likely to find what I'm looking for. However, there are times when the video […]

Yahoo, sick of them yet?

The Yahoo-Microsoft-Ichan soap opera got pretty damn annoying for a while there. In fact It wasn’t even so much Yahoo and Microsoft, it was billionaire investor Ichan who really made it all […]


I can’t fully understand some of the decisions behind the launch of Cuil, the wanna-be Google Killer. I also don’t quite understand the amount of hype and media attention that went with […]

cuil search engine

Cuil Search Engine

The new search engine Cuil got some huge press coverage in the last few days from the likes of Techcrunch and The Guardian which also proved to be a test for their […]

Windows Search 4.0

Microsoft released a new version of Windows Search on Windows Update and as a manual download for all supported operating systems. The company made the update an recommended update for Windows XP […]

google alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a great way of keeping in touch with certain changes in the Google index. This can be used to track keywords, news, a favorite device or celebrity and anything […]

gmail quicklinks

Gmail Labs quicklinks to find anything in a flash

Gmail Quick Links is a new feature rolled out in Google Labs for Gmail which enables you to create some links for frequents searches, but it can be used for much more. […]


Image searching that works by TinEye

What Google has done for text search, TinEye is trying to achieve with image search. Instead of typing in keywords to find images, you can upload an image, or copy a link […]

indexer sidebar gadget

Windows Vista Indexer Sidebar Gadget

Ever wondered what and how the Windows Search Indexer is indexing your files in Windows Vista ? Wonder no more the Indexer Status Gadget displays information about the current indexing status and […]



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