The search function has grown more essential as data continues to expand, whether on your desktop or on the web. We’ll cover news, tips, and updates on popular search engines online and locally, while also discussing our opinions on the latest news.

WinFS, Was it Really so Good?

If you were in any way interested in Windows Longhorn then WinFS will not be an unfamiliar word to you. This technology was to be part of the revolutionary next OS and […]

Use MetaTube to Search 100 Video Sharing Sites

When I want to view a particular video online, I usually try YouTube since that's where I'm most likely to find what I'm looking for. However, there are times when the video […]

Yahoo, sick of them yet?

The Yahoo-Microsoft-Ichan soap opera got pretty damn annoying for a while there. In fact It wasn’t even so much Yahoo and Microsoft, it was billionaire investor Ichan who really made it all […]


I can’t fully understand some of the decisions behind the launch of Cuil, the wanna-be Google Killer. I also don’t quite understand the amount of hype and media attention that went with […]

cuil search engine

Cuil Search Engine

The new search engine Cuil got some huge press coverage in the last few days from the likes of Techcrunch and The Guardian which also proved to be a test for their […]

Windows Search 4.0

Microsoft released a new version of Windows Search on Windows Update and as a manual download for all supported operating systems. The company made the update an recommended update for Windows XP […]

google alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a great way of keeping in touch with certain changes in the Google index. This can be used to track keywords, news, a favorite device or celebrity and anything […]

gmail quicklinks

Gmail Labs quicklinks to find anything in a flash

Gmail Quick Links is a new feature rolled out in Google Labs for Gmail which enables you to create some links for frequents searches, but it can be used for much more. […]


Image searching that works by TinEye

What Google has done for text search, TinEye is trying to achieve with image search. Instead of typing in keywords to find images, you can upload an image, or copy a link […]

indexer sidebar gadget

Windows Vista Indexer Sidebar Gadget

Ever wondered what and how the Windows Search Indexer is indexing your files in Windows Vista ? Wonder no more the Indexer Status Gadget displays information about the current indexing status and […]

depeche view

Browse all text files in a folder at once

Interesting. That was my first thought when I read about Depeche View which loads all text documents, including html, php, log and several other file extensions of a selected directory and sub-directories […]

Changing the Default Windows Search

Microsoft did integrate search right across the operating system in Windows Vista but restricted access to Windows Search technologies only. Windows Search provided decent performance, but just wasn’t as fast or efficient […]

mispelled ebay auctions

Find Misspelled eBay Auction

One way to save big at eBay is to find auctions that come with misspelled titles and descriptions. Someone selling a Playtation 3 will probably most likely earn less than someone who […]

yahoo search

Yahoo marks dangerous search results

Yahoo started to add a new feature to their search results pages called Searchscan which basically informs the user when a website is listed in the search results that has potentially dangerous […]

windows search replacement fileseek

Windows Search Replacement Fileseek

Fileseek is another application developed by the creator of Display Fusion, one of the best multi-monitor wallpaper applications in existence. The software is a file search tool that can be seen as […]

Find Personal Information about People

The Internet is a big place with a lot of information. While most of it is helpful, there’s also a lot of rubbish. For example, social networking sites like Facebook can help […]

Indy wiki

IndyWiki a desktop Wikipedia tool

Way back in February I found a cool tool to browse Wikipedia from the desktop called IndyWiki, so let's get our hats and whips ready and a take a look at the […]

Why is redirecting me to another Google domain?

If you are from the United States and have been visiting another country lately or if you are from another country and want to access you might have noticed that you are automatically getting redirected to a country code domain of Google. Users from France for instance are redirected to automatically.

search engine galaxy it

Galaxy It - A new way to search?

Browsing some web 2.0 blogs, I came across a site that boasts a new kind of web search. I quite like the idea since online search is one of the least researched […]

Wikia Search Alpha launches

Wikia Search is the new project by Jimmy Wales who created Wikipedia. Instead of using an algorithmic approach it combines that approach with user feedback to provide everyone with better search results. The theory sounds nice, let users week out the spam and fake websites like Made for Adsense sites and websites with no content.

View Content of The Page cannot be displayed websites

Deleted websites is probably not the right catchy phrase that I should use. What I mean is that it happens sometimes that you find a search result in Google or follow a link from another website only to find out that nothing is found. Sometimes the information that has been could be essential. Fortunately for us there is a way to display the contents for most "The Page cannot be displayed" websites.


Save and Locate all Files on your hard drives fast with Locate32

The build in Windows search is slow, really slow compared to a software like Locate that indexes all of your files on all hard drives and offers almost instantaneous results. But let us start at the beginning. Locate32 is a small software for Windows that works like updatedb and locate on Unix machines.

Yahoo Search Assist

Even if you do use Yahoo search regularly you might have missed the Yahoo Search Assist feature. To be honest, i had no desire to use Yahoo as a search engine until the recent actions of Google made me change my mind. Ankit, who recently commented on my blog wrote an interesting article about Yahoo Search Assist and I decided to give it a go.

startpage google anonymous

Search Google Anonymously

Privacy should be a major concern for everyone on the Internet these days. You would be surprised what search engines such as Google know about you - well, not really about you unless you have a real name account with them and are logged in when performing searches.

Hyperwords a Firefox Extension

One of my readers Rico posted a link to the excellent Hyperwords extension for Firefox in the comments of my article about the Easy Gestures extension and I was heading out immediately to take a look and see if the extension was really that good as he claimed it to be. I know that many of my readers have some gems up their sleeves that they seldom share but when they do I'm often in for a surprise.

Enhance your Search

When you search for something on the web you normally use Google or Yahoo (if you're not the one who stands out of the crowd) or some other website that does the job for you. Most of them have unique techniques for finding what you want and some offer additional features as well like searching for pictures, images or even sounds and videos. But none of them is ultimate in finding what you really need (Google fans calm down ;) . How about connecting the features of all sites together in a single search.. Wouldn't that be fine? It is.

firefox add keyword search

Use Keywords to search faster in Firefox

Firefox is already really comfortable when it comes to searching the web. One search box is displayed by default which is great if you want to do a fast search for something. Did you know that there is another way, even faster and better than this one ? Firefox supports so called keyword searches which means that you define a keyword for a certain search engine and can use that keyword to search it without visiting the website of that search engine.

Let me give you an example to clear things up. You may right-click any form field in Firefox and select the menu entry Add a Keyword for this search. Selecting this opens a new Add Bookmark menu which asks for a name and a keyword. I went to and did a right-click on their site search. I entered the keyword "e" and the name eBay.

querycat faq search

Querycat a FAQ Database

Frequently Asked Questions are a good way of reducing support inquiries at business sites or for reducing the tenth post about a similar topic in a popular forum. FAQ's are a great way of answering questions from users before they have been asked.The developers of Querycat decided to create a database of FAQ entries from all over the Internet and make it searchable at their homepage. They claim to have more than four million FAQ entries in their ever growing database.


Smallest Desktop Search Tool

Let me introduce the smallest desktop search program available. Snowbird Xp is small, only 26K in size and fast at the same time. Just download and run it from whatever location you like. Snowbird does not index search results which has the advantage that you will always recieve up to date information. Some features have been updated in the new release, amongst them is the capability to search in word documents and excel spreadsheets.

Protecting your Search Privacy

Searchenginewatch published a rather large article about protecting your search privacy today. They provide a step-by-step guide how your search privacy gets exposed from your desktop to the sites you visit. They divided the article into six chapters beginning with Search Privacy On Your Own Computer and ending with a conclusion that gives you valuable tips on how to protect your search privacy.

How Internet Search Engines work

This article describes how search engines work, how the data is processed, how search results are generated. It also describes most of the advanced search operators available today.

Searching for files on upload sites (general, image, movie, etc)

Have you ever wondered how many and which files...



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