The search function has grown more essential as data continues to expand, whether on your desktop or on the web. We’ll cover news, tips, and updates on popular search engines online and locally, while also discussing our opinions on the latest news.

duckduckgo google search

Add DuckDuckGo's Zero-Click Information To Google Search

One of the great features of the search engine DuckDuckGo are its zero-click information boxes that are automatically displayed at the top of the search results for select queries. The information may […]

bing redesign

Bing Redesign Part 2, Boosts Social, Relevancy

If you have been to Bing recently you may have noticed the new minimal design of the search engine when compared to before. This move was apparently only the first step in […]

bing maps

The new Bing Maps, What's Your Take?

With the recent Bing redesign came a new design for Bing Maps which more or less slipped by unnoticed. The main idea behind the redesign was to improve search by removing features, […]

bing search results

Bing Cleans Up Its Search Results Page

One of the core points of criticism that I have when it comes to Google Search, is the cluttered search results page. When you search for something on Google, you get lots […]

duckduckgo plugins

Developers Take Note: DuckDuckHack Launched

If you are a regular reader you know that I made the full switch to the DuckDuckGo search engine some time ago. I had plenty of reasons for this move, from Google's […]

bing web search api

Bing To Charge For Search API Calls

Microsoft's search engine Bing did not charge third party developers for search api calls until now; this allowed developers with large, small and no budget at all to make use of the […]

bing videos

Bing Video Search Updated With Larger Previews

A big difference between video searching on Google and Bing is Bing's video preview feature which can display previews right on the Bing search results page for videos hosted on select sites […]

alternative to

5 DuckDuckGo Features That You May Not Know about Yet

I switched to the DuckDuckGo search engine fully in the beginning of February and have not really looked back ever since. While it still has issues with a few queries occasionally, its […]

duckduckgo traffic march

DuckDuckGo Traffic Still Climbing Like Crazy

I have been using the DuckDuckGo search engine for some time now and have to say that I'm more than happy with the results it provides. For the majority of searches, it […]

yahoo driving directions

A Comparison of Popular Maps and Driving Directions Sites

Finding maps and driving directions online only makes sense. The popular map sites have current changes updated in real time, and even feature traffic reports so that you can better plan your […]

bing linked pages

Bing Launches Linked Pages

One of the issues that you may have when searching for friends, family or people online is that you will get all sorts of results. Depending on the person's Internet activities and […]

Scroogle Founder Pulls The Plug, Closes Website

Scroogle was one of the sites that came up occasionally here on Ghacks as an alternative to Google Search. It basically provided access to Google Search results through a proxy to protect […]

duckduckgo traffic

DuckDuckGo Searches Going Waaaaay Up

DuckDuckGo, the search engine that I'm using as my primary information retrieval tool on the Internet, has just marked an all new high yesterday. For the first time ever since the search […]

duckduckgo tips

How To Improve Your DuckDuckGo Search Experience

For the past weeks or so, I have been using the DuckDuckGo search engine for my Internet research. You can read about the motivation for the move here. In that time, I […]

mediafire downloads not working

MediaFire Download Links On Google Search Not Working Anymore

Mediafire was one of the file hosting sites that benefited from the Megaupload take down in January 2012. The site managed to increase its traffic significantly and it appeared as if it […]


Why I Switched To The Duck Duck Go Search Engine

Some time ago I started to look into Google Search alternatives. This had a number of reasons, from too much noise on Google results pages over deteriorating quality to privacy concerns. I […]

context menu search

Search For Highlighted Text With Context Search X For Firefox

I sometimes see phrases or words on a page that I need to look up. Sometimes, those phrases can also lead to additional resources about a certain subject that I'm researching. While […]


Webstagram, An Web Search Engine is a popular photo taking and sharing application for Apple's iPhone. You can basically use it to take snapshots with the phone's camera and send them directly to sites such as […]

google search result

Google Don't Be Evil Bookmarklet Released

Google has a distinct advantage that other companies on the web do not have. Google Search at the time of writing has a market share of more than 50% of all searches […]


Google Search Alternative IxQuick

Ever since Google starting pumping up the results of their search engine with all kind of nonsense - read first and third party advertisement mainly but also other stuff like the unfair […]

google search ads

Too Many Ads Above The Fold Are Bad, Says Google

Advertisements are what keeps many of the sites going on the Internet, including the site you are currently reading. As a user, I do understand that too many ads, or ads in […]

nocrap google search

NoCrap Removes Annoyances From Google Search

Google in recent years has started to make many modifications to Google Search, from auto suggestions over live previews to Google Instant. Not every user likes all or even any of those […]

unfiltered search

The Internet Bubble, And How To Escape It

Many search engines are no longer tools that you use to find unfiltered results. Modern search engines like Google Search or Bing filter results for each individual user to display what they […]

google search links

Display Direct Website Links in Google Search

Sometimes I'm searching on Google to copy the search results link into another application. This is an extremely frustrating experience as links are manipulated by Google. When you copy a link in […]

search providers

How To Add Search Engines To Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer gives you options to select a default search engine, also called search provider, during the initial setup on first start. You find a list of search providers that are currently […]

google verbatim search

Gooverbatim, Add Verbatim Button To Google Search

I have already talked about Google Verbatim, a new search tool that is currently rolled out for all users of the Google Search engine. With Verbatim, users can search for contents that […]

google verbatim

Google Verbatim For Exact Search Results

When you search on Google you often get results that have nothing to do with your original search query. Take the search for Appel for instance. You probably would not expect sites […]

Using Natural Language Search in Windows 7

Search in Windows 7 can be difficult and awkward to use as in order to use it properly you have to remember a lot of, sometimes very obscure commands including  size:gigantic to […]

firefox with bing

Alternate Firefox Ships With Bing, Big Deal?

One of the stories that dominated tech news yesterday was that Mozilla started shipping a version of the Firefox browser with Microsoft's Bing search engine as the default search engine instead of […]

blocked domains

Export Chrome's Personal Blocklist To Your Google Account

I reviewed the Personal Blocklist extension for the Chrome web browser back in February of this year. The extension offered to block specific domains from appearing in Google's search results. Blocked domains […]

google + operator

Google Replaces + Search Operator

Advanced search operators like the + or - symbols can be used to optimize a search. The - operator for instance makes sure that the term following is not included on pages […]

secure connection

Google Redirects Your Search To Https? Change It!

Logged in Google users who do not follow the news as closely as the majority of Ghacks visitors may have noticed that Google started to redirect their searches on from http […]

google cached similar link

Where Are Google Search Cached And Similar Links?

If you have been using Google Search in past years you may have noticed a cached and similar link next to nearly every search result on Google. The cached entry linked to […]

https www google com

Google Rolls Out Https Search For Logged In Users

Google back in May 2010 enabled https on their core search domain. Users back then were able to access manually for improved security and privacy on the Google Search engine. Google […]


Dropout, USB, Dropbox Search Tool

When you connect an external USB drive to a computer you may run into the problem that finding files on the drive is not as easy and fast as it could be. […]

google plus hashtags

Google+ Rolls Out Hashtag and Real-time Search Support

It has been a while since I last mentioned Google+ here on Ghacks. Mike published a story yesterday about a Google employee who accidentally posted a rant about the Google+ product online, […]

search engine links

Firefox Boounce, Switch Search Engines Effortlessly

Bing is my default search engine for a number of reasons. I really do not want to rehash why that's the case. Sometimes I cannot find what I'm looking for using Bing, […]

Bing Adds HTML5 Video Support To Homepage

The Bing homepage and the Google homepage have several things in common. They both embed a search form prominently on the page. The page itself has been designed to be almost distraction […]

bing action buttons

Bing Now Suggests Top Actions For Some Searches

Bing just like Google may display sitelinks or authority links underneath the first search result for a certain query. Google recently gave those sitelinks more room which I criticized for being to […]

windows search

Using Windows 7 Advanced Search Operators

Windows users are familiar with the not so perfect search utility in XP. Now with Windows 7 we have an ideal form of searching ability with Advanced Query Syntax (AQS). These are […]



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