Free Software reviews


Save Ink (and a tree) with Greenprint

Ink is expensive, I think we can all agree on this fact, yet programs with ink saving technologies are not available widely. Free programs that save ink are even rarer and it is nice to see that a program named Greenprint is now available in a free version which does have reduced functionality and ads.

comic book reader

View Comic Books with CDisplay

Have you ever come across files with the extension cbr or cbz? These are the standard file formats for digital comic books. Whether you have a subscription to a comic book archive […]

extend clipboard

Extend the Windows Clipboard

The Windows clipboard can store a single text phrase in its memory, once a new phrase is copied to the clipboard the old one is lost. If you want to copy two different text phrases for instance you need to copy the first, paste it somewhere, copy the second and paste it as well. A tool that would save more than one record at a time would optimize the process considerably.

faves analyser

Check Internet Explorer Favorites

Quick Tool for the evening. The unfortunates who have to use Internet Explorer might find the following utility handy, it is called Faves Analyser and analyzes the favorites of the Internet Explorer. All favorites are scanned and tested to see if the links are still working.

recover scratched discs

Recover scratched discs with Iso Puzzle

CDs and DVDs become faulty with time. If you do use them regularly they tend to become scratches and it happens that sectors on the disk fail and can't be read anymore. This happens usually in a very inappropriate moment. Before you trash the CD or DVD you could try to recover most of the data on it with a program like Iso Puzzle.

mp3 gain

Level the volume of all your mp3 files

MP3 collections grow over time. You rip some CDs, record Internet radio, get some files from friends, download music from the Internet or purchase stuff in an online store. After a while you have got thousands of mp3 files from different sources and a problem. The problem is that the volume of these files does not appear to be the same. It happened before that I was constantly rising and lowering the volume when playing music on my mp3 player.

flickr downloader

Flickr Mass Downloader

Downloading pictures from Flickr can be a time consuming task, especially if you find a collection that contains dozens or even more pictures that you like and would like to download. A mass downloader for Flickr would aid and help you a lot and reduce the time needed to download all the pictures that you want.


Lifehacker productivity software

I always knew that Lifehacker editors have created some software programs like Better Gmail, Better Google Calendar, but it was new to me that they have created a whole line of applications […]


Use TUGZip to View Archived Files

Update: TUGZip has not been updated since 2008. While it still works for the files it supports,it is generally recommended to use a program that is updated regularly and supports new file […]

The Ultimate Windows Shutdown Application

I have never seen that many shutdown options in my life. That was my first thought when I saw a screenshot of Dshutdown, a software created by the Italian programmer Dimio. It offers normal shutdown options like shutting down at a specific time or when a program is closed. These are normal shutdown options that many programs offer but here are some that you might have never heard of before.

Check Webmail with Mozilla Thunderbird

I received an email after publishing the article about YPOPS that made it possible with all email clients to retrieve and send Yahoo Mail emails. If you are a Thunderbird user you might find the Webmail extension for Thunderbird a better choice. It adds support for more than just one webmailer. You get support for Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Lycos,, Aol and Libero. By default the webmail extension and at least one additional component has to be installed to add webmailer support.


File and Folder Synchronization

When I first discovered DSynchronize I could not believe that I never heard of this application before. This is probably the easiest way to synchronize files and folders in Windows. The software has a size of 161 Kilobyte and can be run from any location of your hard drive without having to install it.

toucan file sync backup

Backup and Sync Folders with Toucan

Easy to use backup and sync utilities are in high demand and I would like to introduce one that's definitely easy to use. Toucan is a portable application which means it can be run from any location on a system. Two of its main functions are the backup and sync function. Backups are done with just a few clicks. Select the source folder(s) and destination file name, the format for the file name (zip or 7z), the backup type (update, incremental, complete and restore), add a password if you like, exclude files or folders and click on Go.


Battle of the Software Updaters

Keeping the installed software on your computer up to date can be a time consuming task considering that users tend to have 100+ applications installed on their computers at the same time. To make matters worse there is no general way - like in Linux - to update your applications. Some offer build in update notifications but most do not have this feature.

rubotted trned micro

Trend Micro RUBotted

Trend Micro RUBotted is a BETA program that scans your system for bot related activity protecting it effectively from being hijacked and misused for criminal activity. The computer is monitored for activity that is either harmful for the computer it is running on or other computers that are affected by actions from the monitored computer.

file manager frigate3

Frigate3 Windows File Manager

Tobey send me an email telling me about this days Giveaway of the Day which is Frigate3, a windows file manager that he recommended wholeheartedly. Frigate3 is a commercial program but can be downloaded freely today on the Giveaway of the Day website. The restrictions are that you do not get technical support or updates to upcoming versions.

digital camera rename

Batch Rename Digital Camera Pictures

All digital cameras that I know are using a cryptic naming convention for images taken with them. When you copy the pictures from the digital camera to your computer you will have a bunch of files on your hard drive like CIMG0001.jpg, CIMG0002.jpg and so on and it's quite hard to find out where and when the image was taken and what is shown on it.


Personalized Desktop News Feeds

RSS Feeds are probably the best option if you want to receive information about website updates. They arrive immediately after the webmaster has published the article on the website. There are two ways to process and view those RSS feeds. The first is to use one of the many online services that display news feeds that you add to your profile. I do use Netvibes but there is also Google Reader for that task and hundreds more.