While ThunderBird began as a small email app for desktops, it now offers other services. Some of these include chat protocols, news and group links, subscriptions, and so much more. You can read more about its features and updates in this section.

Display Clocks In Thunderbird

One add-on that I do not want to live without anymore is the Fox Clocks add-on. I initially only installed it in Firefox where it displays the current time in the status […]

Thunderbird Quick Folders

There are two types of desktop email software users. Type one uses one huge folder for all emails while type two sorts emails neatly into subfolders for better manageability. Both methods have […]

Bookmark Emails In Thunderbird

There are a few ways to take care of important emails that are arriving in your email inbox. The best way to deal with them is to react right away if possible. […]

Create Custom Firefox And Thunderbird Installations

Silence of the foxes is a lightweight software program that can be used to create custom Firefox installations. Custom installations refers to a Firefox setup that can install custom preferences, extensions, plugins […]

Taking Advantage Of Thunderbird's Email Display Options

If you are a Windows user who uses a desktop email client chance is that you either use Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Mozilla Thunderbird is in many aspects what Firefox is […]

Auto Resize Email Picture Attachments In Thunderbird

Modern digital cameras can produce large photos which makes it difficulty to send them to email recipients due to their sizes. Problems become apparent when the sending of the email takes a […]

Thunderbird Email Thread Visualizer

Mozilla Thunderbird is probably the second most popular desktop email client next to Microsoft Outlook. One of its main advantages that it has over Outlook is its the extension engine that users […]

old versions of thunderbird firefox

How To Download Old Firefox And Thunderbird Releases

A Ghacks reader recently posted a comment asking whether it is possible to download old releases of Thunderbird. The situation was that he switched to Thunderbird 3 beta 3 and noticed that […]


Thunderbird Email Address Auto Cleaner

Did you know that there is a difference between sending emails to recipients that are in the email address book and those that are not? The display name is one of the […]

Add External Application Links To Thunderbird

We have just reviewed an add-on for the Firefox web browser that allows the user to add software links to one of the Firefox toolbars so that programs can be quickly started […]

Select All Emails From Sender In Thunderbird

Most users of the email client Thundebird - and most likely users of other email clients as well - sort their emails by date. There are other means of sorting emails though […]

Change The Thunderbird Reply Email Layout

Whenever a Thunderbird user replies to an email a default layout is being used to add information like the original authors name and email contents to the reply. Some users may want […]

5 Extensions to Make Thunderbird Gmail-Friendly

I've spent the last several months trying to figure out, once and for all, my perfect email system. All my email is in Gmail, but there were certain things I didn't love […]

Fix Slow Or Hanging Thunderbird Email Client

The following guide provides you with instructions on fixing the Thunderbird email client when it becomes slow or hangs regularly. Thunderbird is a desktop email client that is seen by many as […]

Gmail UI and functionality for Thunderbird

Gmail UI is a free add-on for the Thunderbird email client that brings several Gmail features to the desktop email program. If you use both the online email service Gmail and the […]

Move Thunderbird Email Profiles To Another Location

The email client Mozilla Thunderbird uses a similar structure for storing data as the Firefox web browser. It uses profiles directories that are saved by default to the Thunderbird folder of the […]

Encrypt Thunderbird Email with Enigmail

Sometimes email contains sensitive data which must be encrypted. You can handle this two ways, manually encrypt the data or use an exceptional Thunderbird Extension called Enigmail. This extension uses gpg and […]

Thunderbird Delete Confirmations

The email client Mozilla Thunderbird does not come with delete confirmations turned on by default. There is also no option in the Thunderbird settings to activate delete confirmations. The advanced config editor […]

Thunderbird Archiving Shortcuts

The Archive This Thunderbird add-on provides configurable keyboard shortcuts to archive email messages with the tap on a button on the keyword. The add-on is compatible with all versions of Thunderbird 2 […]

SMTP Server Selector For Thunderbird

Update: Note that Send Via is not compatible with recent versions of the Thunderbird email client. Even forcing compatibility won't work and since the last update dates back to 2010, it is […]

email address crawler

Thunderbird Email Address Crawler

Update: Please note that Email Address Crawler is not compatible with the most recent version of the Thunderbird email client. The extension was last updated in 2010 and that is the main […]

Thunderbird Filter Additions

The email client Mozilla Thunderbird comes with a few mail filters preinstalled that can be used to automatically process incoming emails. The actions that can be selected for new Thunderbird filters are […]

Display Timezones In Thunderbird

If you grow up with the 24-hour system you will have troubles with the 12-hour am/pm system. Add to that the various timezones and you are up for lots of confusion. If […]

Fix Thunderbird Junk Filter Not Working Anymore

Here is a fix for a problem that I encountered recently on a Windows XP test system running the latest version of the email client Mozilla Thunderbird. The Junk Mail filter in […]

Gmail Backup

Even if you use an online service such as Gmail exclusively to manage your emails, you may want to back up your emails regularly to a local storage device. The reason here […]

Why I'm Still Using A Software Email Client

The question why I'm still using an email client came up recently in an article about adding Gmail properly to a software email client. That's actually a pretty good question; Online email […]

How To Setup Gmail In External Mail Clients Properly

Everton from Connected Internet send me an initiation to a new Google Apps account for our news site Windows 7 News. It basically has been created so that I can access mails […]

Copy Tables In Thunderbird

Tables can be embedded in HTML emails easily.Thunderbird users who receive tables in emails face a problem when they try to copy the table, as it cannot be done without losing the […]

Automatic CC Emails In Thunderbird

Update: You can configure automatic carbon copies and automatic blind carbon copies in Thunderbird natively now, the extension reviewed below is no longer required. Select Tools > Account Settings in Thunderbird and […]

Importing Calendar From Microsoft Outlook To Mozilla Lightning

A question came up today if it was possible to export a Calendar from Microsoft Outlook and import it to Mozilla Lightning. Mozilla Lightning can be integrated in the email client Thunderbird. […]

Thunderbird Folder Hotkeys

One of the limitations of Thunderbird is that there are no hotkeys to quickly switch between folders or save mail into another folder. The user has to use the mouse to save […]


Nstmp Folders In Thunderbird

I recently spotted two new folders in Thunderbird which I definitely did not create. The names of the folders where nstmp and nstmp-1 and they did contain mails from the main email […]

Eight Beautiful Mozilla Thunderbird Themes

Just like Firefox, Thunderbird can be customized with themes that give the email client a fresh look. Themes are installed just like add-ons in Thunderbird by opening the Tools > Add-Ons menu […]

Mozilla Merchandise

Did you know that a Mozilla store exists where you can buy all kinds of Mozilla merchandise? That was a first for me. You can buy Firefox and Thunderbird on CD with […]

synchronize gmail thunderbird

Synchronize Contacts Between Thunderbird And Gmail

If you use both the email client Mozilla Thunderbird and Google Mail (Gmail) you may need a way to keep both address books in sync so that they can be accessed from […]

url link

Thunderbird URL Link

URL Link is a very sophisticated add-on for the email client Mozilla Thunderbird that provides advanced link manipulation techniques. The most obvious - and probably common as well - option is to […]

sync gmail contacts thunderbird

Sync Gmail Contacts with Thunderbird

Most computer  users that I know have several email accounts hosted by different email providers. I'm using about ten email accounts actively in Thunderbird and web interfaces, and always thought that there […]


Thunderplunger: Keep Thunderbird Clean

Thunderplunger is an add-on for the email client Thunderbird that adds a few semi-automatic features to the program that help you keep Thunderbird clean and tidy. The six features that are added […]

Use SyncKolab to synchronize your Thunderbird Data

If you happen to use an e-mail provider that's offering an IMAP-server (or you are boosting your own (mail-)server), this might be for you, because chances are if you are using IMAP, […]

mailbox alert thunderbird

Thunderbird Mailbox Alert

Mailbox Alert (via Genbeta) is a add-on for the popular mail client Thunderbird that adds the option to the program to define alerts for mail folders in Thunderbird. Alerts can be messages, […]



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