While ThunderBird began as a small email app for desktops, it now offers other services. Some of these include chat protocols, news and group links, subscriptions, and so much more. You can read more about its features and updates in this section.

web application tab

Web Application Tab For Thunderbird

The Thunderbird email client uses the same core that the Mozilla Firefox browser uses. This means that it is possible to open websites and services directly in the email software which can […]

thunderbird config editor

How To Force Extension Compatibility In Thunderbird

You may know that I made the switch to a new version of Thunderbird some time ago which is currently available as an alpha release. Most of the extensions available for Thunderbird […]

How To Restore A Thunderbird Profile On A New Computer, After Crash

When you purchase a new computer you often want to move at least some data from the old computer to the new. At the very top of the lists are usually email […]

google webmail filer

Google webMail Filer For Thunderbird

Lets say you have used the Mozilla Thunderbird client for some time and have decided to move to the cloud, more precisely to Gmail or Google Mail. Question is, how do you […]

master password

Master Password+ Improves Firefox's Master Password Feature

Firefox, like most modern web browsers, offers to save login information so that they do not have to be entered by you again on the next visit to a website or service. […]

mailbox alert

Thunderbird Mailbox Alert, Notifications For Important Emails

I can group emails that I receive into different priorities, the highest priority is for instance reserved for emails that concern my websites and servers. Messages that inform me about server, database […]

thunderbird plugins

Thunderbird Tip: Make Sure Plugins Are Disabled

Firefox and Thunderbird share several components which makes it easier to develop for both applications but can also lead to side effects that produce issues that should better be avoided. One of […]

thunderbird reply above quote

How To Start Replies On Top Of Quotes In Thunderbird Email Client

When you reply to an email in the Mozilla Thunderbird email client the cursor is automatically positioned at the very bottom of the quoted email. Users who want to write the reply […]

thunderbird conversations

Thunderbird Conversations, View All Conversation Emails At Once

Pre-Thunderbird 3.3 versions display every email message on their own page. The only way to follow a conversation is to make sure that all messages are included whenever a new message is […]

thunderbird attachment name

Display Thunderbird Email Attachments With Their Full Name

I'm not sure why the developers of the Thunderbird email client have made the decision to limit the visible characters of email attachments in the desktop email application. Attachments in the email […]

prevent delete

Prevent Delete Protects Messages In Thunderbird

Sometimes you may want to make sure that emails do not get deleted in an email client. There are various ways of how emails can be deleted, either manually by a user […]

folderpane tools

Folderpane Tools, Sort Email Accounts In Thunderbird

Update: The Folderpane Tools extension is not compatible with recent versions of Thunderbird. You can use the extension Manually Sort Folders instead which enables you to sort accounts and folders in the […]

thunderbird ignore thread

Thunderbird Mute Thread, Ignore Email Conversations

When it comes to email conversations with multiple participants, it sometimes happens that the discussion takes a turn that is no longer of interest to individual users. This can be a discussion […]

saved passwords

Recover Or Change Thunderbird Passwords

Setting up email accounts in desktop email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook is usually a do and forget type of operation. Once the accounts have been setup they do not need any […]

backup email client

How To Speed Up Thunderbird By Archiving Emails

Most desktop email clients have one big problem, that becomes apparent over time: They do not offer email archiving or backup options. This means that the email databases will increase with every […]

html emails

Switch Between HTML And Plain Text Emails In Thunderbird

Emails can be composed as HTML or plain text messages. HTML emails mainly offer the advantage of better formatting options over plain text emails from a user's point of view. Internet marketers […]

thunderbird contacts

Thunderbird Contacts

Update: The add-on has been removed by the author. There is no comparable extension available at this point in time. Duplicate contacts are an issue on today's Internet for many users. Many […]

unified search

Extend Thunderbird's Email Search With Unified Search

Thunderbird 3 users have access to a new feature called Quick Filter that enables them to quickly filter emails of a specific folder in the email client. It is for instance possible […]

thunderbird 3 options

Thunderbird 3 JavaScript, What's The Deal?

Veteran users of the Thunderbird email client might remember that JavaScript was supported in version 2. Users who have recently upgraded to version 3 of Thunderbird might also have noted that JavaScript […]

profile password

How To Password Protect The Email Client Thunderbird

Password protection is not enabled by default in the email client Mozilla Thunderbird. Anyone with access to the computer system may open Thunderbird, read the emails and look at contacts and other […]

gmail contacts

How To Import Gmail Contacts Into Thunderbird

One of the problems that users encounter when they work with different email clients is that the information between the clients is not synchronized automatically. But automatic syncing might not always be […]

private email

Protect Private Email Addresses In Thunderbird

Chance is you have more than one email address. Many Internet users do, usually one private and one work related email, or a private email address and a public one. Some, especially […]

email user agent

Display Email User Agent In Thunderbird

The following guide walks you through the steps of configuring the email client Thunderbird to display the user agent for emails. Users of the email program Thunderbird can take a look at […]

contact photo addressbook

Add Photos To Contacts In Thunderbird

The email client Thunderbird displays information about the sender, recipients and email in the mail headers displayed in its interface. The Display Contact Photo extension for the email client adds another element […]

Thunderbird Email Filtering Extension Quick Filter

Thunderbird 3 introduced several major changes to the popular email client including the option to perform global email searches, a feature that Thunderbird 2 does not offer at all. What is meant […]

sender verification

Email Sender Verification for Thunderbird

Phishing emails have become quite common in past years and it has become increasingly important to verify the sender - or origin - of emails that are received. Experienced users can do […]

Integrate Google Calendar Into Thunderbird

Google Calendar Tab is an extension for the Thunderbird email client that integrates Google Calendar in the desktop email program. If you are a Gmail user chance is that you are also […]

Display Email Attachment Sizes In Thunderbird

Many email providers only accept email attachments up to a specific limit size-wise. The maximum size limit is different for most providers and can range from a Megabyte to 20 or 25 […]

Mail Tweak Extension For Thunderbird

Mail Tweak is a free extension for the desktop email client Thunderbird that adds many interesting options to the program. Users of the desktop email client Thunderbird can use the options listed […]

Thunderbird And Firefox Plugin Checker

Many Firefox and Thunderbird users feel that Mozilla has not added enough protection in the software to avoid automatic plugin installations. A recent change in Firefox 3.6 made sure that third parties […]

Collapse Quotes In Thunderbird Email Client

Most email clients and services display quotes around the original email message when a user replies to an email. These quotes list part or all of the original message, and may even […]

Setting Up Email Accounts In Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 is currently available as a release candidate. This suggests that the final version of the desktop email client will be released rather sooner than later. One of the biggest […]

5 Useful Thunderbird 3 Add-Ons That You Might Not Have Heard About Yet

Update: Thunderbird development has continued and the latest version is not 3 anymore. We have updated the article and the add-ons if it was necessary to reflect that (some add-ons were no […]

Thunderbird Note Taking Add-On

One feature that is missing in all versions of the Mozilla Thunderbird desktop email client is the ability to take notes, a feature that has been available in Microsoft Outlook for a […]

Thunderbird: Unsubscribe Mailing Lists

Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists is a free extension for the Thunderbird email client that enables easier newsletter unsubscribing options. Thunderbird day today? Not sure about that but today is the day where […]

mail merge

Increase Thundebird's Mass Mailing Capabilities

The desktop email client Thunderbird offers mass mailing capabilities by default. It is possible to add multiple recipients for an email, either to the "to", "cc" or "bcc" fields. Problems arise however […]

How To Setup Multiple Email Identities In Thunderbird

The desktop email client Thunderbird makes it easy to setup and use multiple email identities. Multiple identities can be useful in several situations, for instance to combat spam by using different identities […]

Change Thunderbird's Email Folder Sort Order

The desktop email client Thunderbird does not offer different options to sort mail folders in a different way. The only option users have is to make use of the A-Z order but […]

Customize The Email Archive In Thunderbird 3

The desktop email client Thunderbird 3, which is currently available as a beta version, comes with many exciting new features and options. One of these new features is the email archive which […]

English Grammar Check For Thunderbird Email Client

The desktop email client Thunderbird comes with integrated spell checking which can be a great help when writing emails. The spell checking module uses dictionaries to provide its functionality which is done […]



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