While ThunderBird began as a small email app for desktops, it now offers other services. Some of these include chat protocols, news and group links, subscriptions, and so much more. You can read more about its features and updates in this section.

Thunderbird to get silent and background updates in coming version

Are you still using the Thunderbird email client or have you switched to another desktop email program after Mozilla's announcement that it would move the application to the end of its priority […]

dropbox thunderbird

Add experimental Dropbox support to Mozilla Thunderbird

If you are a user of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client you are probably aware by now of the program's Filelink feature that allows you to upload files that you want to […]

A look at Thunderbird's not so distant future

Mozilla's de-prioritization of Thunderbird was a shock to many of the clients active users who feared that development would come to a complete halt in the near future. While that is apparently […]

thunderbird chat

Thunderbird 15 Beta with Australis user interface released

A new beta release of the desktop email client Thunderbird has been released with feature improvements despite Mozilla's announcement that it has moved Thunderbird to the bottom of  Mozilla's project priority list.Existing […]


DreamMail Email Client Review

Last week Mozilla announced that development of the Thunderbird desktop email client was not the company's highest priority anymore. While that does not mean that development will stop completely at this point, […]

opera mail thunderbird import

Thunderbird Alternative Opera Mail

Having used Thunderbird for several years I was quite disappointed by Mozilla's announcement to move development priorities to other projects. While that does not mean that Thunderbird will be discontinued anytime soon, […]

email filters

Why I prefer desktop email clients over web-based services

With Mozilla's announcement that the company would put Thunderbird development on a backburner to concentrate on Firefox OS and other projects that it has identified as "pursue-worthy", came two user reactions. The […]

Mozilla: Thunderbird's not our priority anymore

News broke earlier today that Mozilla had a huge announcement concerning the email client Thunderbird to make. Initially the news would have been released on Monday, but since it leaked early, the […]


Mozilla Thunderbird 12 Slow? Try This Fix!

If you are using Mozilla's Thunderbird email client on a desktop computer, you probably have updated to version 12 of the client when the new version came out. Shortly thereafter, Thunderbird was […]

fetch headers only

How To Configure Thunderbird To Fetch Headers Only

When it comes to downloading new email messages in desktop email clients, you have usually two options to do that. You can configure the program to retrieve the full messages, that is […]

thunderbird large files

Using Thunderbird's New Filelink Feature For Large File Attachments

If you are running the latest Thunderbird Beta, or one of the experimental versions of the desktop messaging client, then you may be interested that the new Filelink feature has been integrated […]

thunderbird slideshow

Display Picture Attachment Slideshows In Thunderbird

While it is possible to open single picture attachments right away in the Thunderbird desktop email client, it becomes bit of  an issue if you receive dozens of images attached to an […]


SpeedyFox 2.0, Speed Up Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome and Skype

Programs like Firefox, Thunderbird or the Windows operating system tend to become slower the longer you use them. This can be partially attributed to the way these programs save and delete data. […]

firefox double-click copy trailing space

How To Copy Words Without Trailing Space In Firefox and Thunderbird

You have multiple options to copy a single word in the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client. You can move the mouse cursor to the word's first letter, press and hold […]

thunderbird instant messaging

Thunderbird Gets Instant Messaging Capabilities

When you look at the most recent releases of the Thunderbird email client, you'd be hard pressed to find major new features that the developers have added to the program. If everything […]

shrunked image resizer

Automatically Reduce Images Before Sending In Thunderbird

Photos these days come often in the Megabyte range which makes it difficult to transfer them via email or other means. Email is special as it is usually limited in regards to […]

mailhop mapping

Mail Hops Adds Routing Information To Thunderbird

One of the things that you can do to validate an email is to verify that the sender is genuine. A basic example would be to look-up the location the email originated […]

personal level indicator

Thunderbird Indicators Tell You If A Message Is For You, A Group, Or A Mailing List

You probably know about Gmail's Indicator setting which adds group and single message indicators to all mail folders. You can enable the feature with a click on the Settings button, the selection […]

thunderbird clocks

Add Multiple Clocks To Thunderbird

I recently switched from using the Fox Clocks extension in Thunderbird to the lightweight Simple Clocks alternative (with a size of 100 Kilobyte compared to Fox Clock's 700 Kilobyte). Both programs can […]

firefox 10.0.2

Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2, Thunderbird 10.0.2 Released

Mozilla has just released Firefox 10.0.2 to the public, the third release in less than a month's time (you can read up on Firefox 10 and Firefox 10.0.1 by following the posted […]


Thunderbird to get Dropbox and File Hosting Integration

When it comes to sending files to other people, Internet users have a lot of options at their hand. From uploading them to ftp servers or file sharing sites to sending them […]

install add-on from file

Quickly Enable or Disable HTML Messages In Thunderbird

One of my security and privacy recommendations for desktop email users is to disable HTML emails. This basically turns every email that you receive into a plain text email that does not […]

message body as plain text

How To Make Thunderbird More Secure

I have been a user of the desktop email client Mozilla Thunderbird for the past five or so years. In that time, I have modified the default settings and behavior of the […]

thunderbird email account colors

Email Account Colors For Thunderbird

Account Colors is a free extension for the Thunderbird email client that enables you to show accounts in different colors and font styles in Thunderbird. If you have multiple email accounts set […]

thunderbird profilemanager

How To Recover When Thunderbird Is Broken

Yesterday I started noticing a strange issue in the Thunderbird email client. I could open the email client as usual, and mail would be retrieved. I was also able to click on […]

Sync Google Calendar With Thunderbird Lightning

Both the Thunderbird desktop email client and the Lightning calendar add-on have been recently updated. Using Lightning is not the only way of integrating Google Calendar in Thunderbird. In 2010 I reviewed […]

lightning calendar thunderbird

A Closer Look at the Lightning Calendar Add-On For Thunderbird

One of the main points of criticism in regards to the email client Thunderbird was the missing calendar. While it was possible to install an early version of Lightning in previous versions […]

firefox process affinity

Firefox, Thunderbird Lagging? Lag Fix Inside

For the last days I have experienced lags and issues both in the Firefox web browser and the Thunderbird email client. With Thunderbird, I experienced lag that resulted in the Thunderbird window […]

thunderbird aero

Configure Thunderbird to Ignore Aero Theme

I'm running a basic theme on my Windows 8 Professional system, mostly because I do not like the transparency effects at all. If you have installed or updated the email client Thunderbird […]

use bcc instead

Use BCC Instead For Thunderbird For Better Email Privacy

When it comes to sending emails to multiple recipients you have several options at your disposal. The most common options are to use To, CC or BCC for that. The first two […]

thunderbird address book

Open The Thunderbird Address Book Separately

Thunderbird, like any other email program, comes with an address book that contains email addresses and often other information about contacts. The program adds all outgoing email contacts automatically to the address […]

thunderbird quick archive

QuickArchiver For Thunderbird, Archive Mails Faster

A very handy shortcut that I use regularly in the Thunderbird email client is the archive shortcut. A tap on the a-key archives currently selected emails, one or multiple, into the archive […]

thunderbird message filters

How To Configure Email Filters In Thunderbird

I use a custom folder structure for all my email accounts in Thunderbird. Part of that structure is powered by message filters that automatically put emails into folders based on selected parameters. […]

thunderbird earlybird

Thunderbird Joins The Rapid Release Process, Introduces Shredder, Miramar and Earlybird

I'm not a huge fan of the rapid release process of the Firefox web browser or Google Chrome. Not so much as a user but as someone who is interested in following […]


SeaMonkey 2.1 Final Released, Say What?

When you look at the top five web browsers on today's Internet, which are undoubtedly Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari you will notice that all but one reduce their […]

advanced unread folders

Advanced Unread Folders For Thunderbird

Thunderbird supports different folder view modes. From the standard listing of all folders over a unified folder listing to a listing of all root folders with unread messages. Especially the unread folder […]

send this email later

Thunderbird Send Later, Schedule Emails

Sometimes you may want to send an email at a later time, maybe because you want someone to receive it a specific time and not earlier, or because you want to avoid […]

thunderbird config editor

Enable Mouse Zoom In Thunderbird

Users of the Thunderbird email client can zoom the text of email messages by holding down Ctrl and tapping on + to increase the font size or - to reduce it. The […]

web application tab

Web Application Tab For Thunderbird

The Thunderbird email client uses the same core that the Mozilla Firefox browser uses. This means that it is possible to open websites and services directly in the email software which can […]

thunderbird config editor

How To Force Extension Compatibility In Thunderbird

You may know that I made the switch to a new version of Thunderbird some time ago which is currently available as an alpha release. Most of the extensions available for Thunderbird […]



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