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microsoft ad chrome extension

If you run Windows 10, you may have noticed an increase in native advertisement creeping in ever since the operating system was first revealed. The operating system may display ads on the system's lock screen to you, on the start screen, as taskbar notifications, and soon also in the share interface when the Creators Update […]

game mode

Microsoft will introduce a truckload of new features in the Creators Update for Windows 10, including the new Game Mode feature and one where drivers may get installed automatically when certain Store games are downloaded and installed on a device running Windows 10. While I'm not playing that many games anymore, I'm still a gamer […]


One key focus of Microsoft when it comes to promoting the company's latest operating system Windows 10 is to hammer home that Windows 10 is better for security. The company published a blog post recently on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center blog which exemplified that by analyzing how Windows 10 handled two 0-day exploits, or […]

anniversary update winver

This guide provides you with information on the latest Windows updates and Service Packs, including where to download them and how to install them. Microsoft released service packs traditionally for its operating systems, but switched to the new feature upgrade system with the release of Windows 8. Service Packs are only available for Windows 7 […]

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is still the world's most widely used OS, but that does not stop Microsoft from waving an early goodbye to the operating system. The company informed customers on the German Microsoft press site that support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020: about three years from today. This […]

windows 10 insider preview 15007

Microsoft released a new preview of Windows 10, Windows 10 build 15007 for PC and Mobile to the Fast Ring Insider Channel this night. The company released Windows 10 Build 15002 less than a week ago, a massive build that introduced dozens of features and changes to the upcoming version of Windows 10. The new […]

windows 10 lower blue light settings

Blue Light mode is another new feature that Microsoft will introduce with the Creators Update for Windows 10 that will be out in April 2017. The feature is very similar to Apple's Night Shift mode that the company introduced in iOS 9.3, and to a degree also to popular applications like F.Lux which have been […]

automatic lock pc windows

Dynamic Lock is a new feature of the recent Windows 10 build 15002 Insider Build release designed to lock the PC automatically when you are away. While you can lock the PC at any time using Windows-L, or configure your PC to lock automatically after a period of idle time, Dynamic Lock attempts to make […]

microsoft privacy dashboard

Privacy is one of the hot topics when it comes to Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10. The company has been criticized for making it difficult for users to block or minimize telemetry data collection, and for not being very forthcoming in regards to data that it collects, and how that data is being analyzed […]

windows hello setup

Windows 10 supports Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature that allows you to sign in using your face or fingerprint. The main idea behind Hello is to make the authentication process easier. Users don't have to enter a password anymore when they sign in on a machine running Windows 10, but can sign in using […]

override high dpi

Microsoft just shipped the first Windows 10 Insider Build of the year 2017, Windows 10 Build 15002, to the Fast Ring Insider channel. The build is not entirely new, as it leaked earlier and many snagged it to be the first to report on new functionality found in that build. If you have read the […]

windows 10 share ads

Microsoft is working on the next feature update for Windows 10 called the Creators Update. The new version of Windows 10 will be made available in April 2017 according to latest projections, and it will introduce a series of new features and changes to the operating system. The built-in Share functionality of Windows 10 will […]

block cortana

So if you have been getting nothing but blank results when running searches on Windows 10, you are not alone in this. Reports about search stopping to work completely on Windows 10 devices started to fill the usual chat rooms with frustrated and angry users of the operating system. All reports were identical: Search worked […]