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windows 10 qualcomm

Microsoft announced a partnership with Qualcomm today that will bring Windows 10 to devices with ARM processors. One interesting tidbit of the announcement is that Qualcomm ARM processors will be able to run legacy x86 Windows programs. This means that this is not another attempt at establishing a special Windows 10 RT version on the […]

windows 10 build 14986

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 14986 to the Insider Preview Fast Ring. The new build introduces a massive number of new features, improvements and changes. First, a word of warning. Since this is a preview build, there are things that may not work properly. It is recommended to run these preview builds on non-production machines. […]

windows 10 creators update security

Microsoft's director of program management, Windows Enterprise and Security Rob Lefferts, highlighted security related changes and improvements coming to the Windows 10 Creators Update due out in March 2017 recently in a blog post. Microsoft focused on consumers for the most part when it revealed the Windows 10 Creators Update a couple of weeks ago. […]

windows 10 end of support

Windows 10 is different in many regards to previous versions of Windows. One core difference is that it marks the move from releasing a new version of Windows every three or so years to Windows as a service. What is meant by that is that Windows will follow the same model that Office 365 and […]

windows 10 dark theme

Themes in Windows have not changed all that much since the release of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. All versions of Windows ship with a selection of themes that you can switch between. Microsoft divides themes up into regular themes and high contrast themes, but that is about it. Each theme may change the desktop […]

windows 10 developer mode

Microsoft announced a change in Windows 10's most recent Insider Build recently that improves the handling of symlinks -- symbolic links -- on Windows 10. Symbolic links have been part of Windows since Vista, and are a mighty useful feature of the operating system. A symbolic link can best be described as a pointer that […]

anydesk 3.0

TeamViewer 12.0 was released just a couple of days ago, and now it is AnyDesk's turn to release a brand new version of the company's remote control software. We reviewed AnyDesk back in 2014 for the first time. The program, created by ex-TeamViewer employees, showed great promise back then. The new AnyDesk 3.0 is available […]

powershell network adapter priority

If a computer running uses multiple network adapters, say an Ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi connection, it uses priorities to decide which adapter to use. Note: The following guide is for Windows 10, but it should work on previous versions of Windows equally well for the most part. Windows 10 does a good enough job […]

windows 10 usage december 2016

The latest usage share reports are in and they don't give Microsoft many reasons to rejoice when it comes to the company's core products Windows 10, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 performed considerably well this month, considering that the operating system's usage share rise stopped dead in its tracks when the free for […]

windows update

Windows 10 Updater Disabler is a new program for Microsoft's operating system that turns updates on or off reliably. Windows 10 offers less UI control over the updating behavior of the operating system than previous versions of Windows. If you check the settings application for instance, you only get options to defer feature updates if […]

windows 10 cbb

Microsoft announced yesterday that it has declared the newest feature version of its Windows 10 operating system, the Anniversary Update edition or Windows 10 version 1607, the Current Branch for Business. To fully understand what this means, you need to know the terminology that Microsoft uses when it comes to Windows 10 servicing. Any new […]

windows10 creator update share

Microsoft plans to ship a new Share UI (user interface) with next year's Windows 10 Creator Update that will likely come out in March 2017. While I hardly ever use sharing functionality -- other than copying share content to the clipboard -- others must use it actively considering that nearly any web browser or operating […]

windows store apps without microsoft account

A Microsoft account was mandatory up until now if you wanted to install apps or games from the build in Store app on Windows 8 or 10. The only other option to get apps on the device was to sideload them. All Windows users without a Microsoft account, and those who did not want to […]

windows 10 telemetry

Microsoft struck a deal with security company FireEye recently according to a report on Australian news magazin Arn which gives FireEye access to all Windows 10 Telemetry data. Update: Microsoft told Betanews that it is not sharing Windows 10 Telemetry data with the company. The nature of the deal between Microsoft and FireEye is to […]