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disk activity windows task manager

The following guide describes how you can look up the disk reads and writes of any process on a computer running Microsoft Windows. It is probably a good idea to answer why someone would want information about disk read and write activity of processes first. There are a couple of reasons. First, if you run […]

favorites file-download security warning

If you open favorites on up to date Windows PCs from the favorites folder, you may get a File Download - Security Warning popup whenever you do so. The popup is a security warning that asks you whether you "want to open this file". It lists the name, type, and location, and displays open and […]

decline windows 10

Microsoft released the update KB3184143 "Remove software related to the Windows 10 free upgrade offer" yesterday which uninstalls several related and no longer needed updates on machines running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Get Windows 10 helped push the company's Windows 10 operating system for a year thanks to a free offer and malware-like behavior […]

disable windows update reboot

One of the most frustrating experiences on Windows is the operating system's default updating behavior. Windows is configured to download and install patches automatically when they become available. Many require a restart before they are fully installed on the system, and Windows will restart the system automatically if that is the case. While you can […]

microsoft account change

This guide walks you through the steps of changing your primary Microsoft Account email address that is used to sign in to Microsoft services. Microsoft is pushing Microsoft Accounts hard with the release of Windows 10. It is the suggested sign in method on Windows 10 devices. While there is still an option to switch […]

windows anywhere

Windows Anywhere is a new option of the most recent Windows 10 Insider Build that got released a couple of days ago that looks on first glance like a copy of Sync (which is also still a part of that build). As you may know, Windows 10 users may sync certain settings, the theme, Internet […]

surface pro 3

Windows Phone looks like a dying platform. The platform did not do well when Nokia was still producing phones for it, and it did even worse after Microsoft's acquisition of the company. No new phones in a while from Microsoft, and it looks as if the company made the decision to let the Lumia brand […]

windows 10 expiration

Microsoft revealed yesterday that it will kill old Windows 10 Insider versions that are expired so that devices won't boot killed builds anymore. The company's Insider program is designed to give users and companies a chance to test new builds of the Windows 10 operating system before they become available on the stable channel, and […]

windows store desktop converter

Microsoft revealed a program called Desktop Bridge this year that it designed to make the conversion of desktop programs to Windows Store apps easier. Basically, what the app does is convert the Windows program to an UWP application. In best case, and if no add-on UWP features are required, that is all there is to […]

windows10 insider preview 14926

Microsoft started to push out Windows 10 Build 14926 earlier today to the cutting edge Insider Channel. The new release is mostly a bug fix release as it fixes several issues that users of Windows 10 may experience when they work on devices that run the operating system. This includes a crash fix in Adobe […]

windows update stuck

Reports are coming in that the latest cumulative update for Windows 10, KB3189866 won't install properly when Windows Update is being used. Users who experience the issue notice that the update stalls at 45% or 95% most of the time, and that it won't continue with the installation after that point. The usual options to […]

disable connected standby

I bought a Surface Pro 4 some time ago and like the device a lot. It replaced the laptop that I used while on the go and traveling, and is an excellent device all in all. One thing that I did not realize up until recently was that the Surface behaved weird when it comes […]

minimum os requirements windows store

If you are using Windows Store occasionally or even regularly, you may have encountered issues at times while doing so. Maybe you could not get an app to download to your device, get a listing to display in Store, or even open Windows Store at all. The experience can be frustrating if you run into […]

windows 10 get started

Get Started is a native application for Windows 10 designed by Microsoft to provide users with information about operating system feature. You find the application attached to the Start Menu, but may load it by tapping on the Windows-key, typing Get Started, and hitting the Enter-key as well. While I'm usually not a fan of […]