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folders report

Folders Report

Your hard drive is filled to the brim but you don't know why ? You want to free up some disk space on a drive because you are going to need it for some other files that you want to save there ? Windows is not offering many help when it comes to determining which folders are holding the largest files on your hard drives.

Unlocker 1.8.4 available

Did you ever get a message like "Cannot delete File / Folder: It is being used by another person or program" or similar messages when you were trying to delete a file or folder ? This happened to me often when I finished viewing a movie file and decided to delete it but could not because Windows was still thinking this movie was in use. Unlocker is the solution to this weird behavior.


Download Bryce 7

The company that is developing Bryce, a 3D landscape and animations suite, is giving it away for free for a limited amount of time. You can follow the download link at their website which takes you directly to where you can download Bryce 5. You will be prompted to register the software at the developers homepage which you can do for free to recieve the serial number and some Bryce 5 presets.


Azureus 2.5 is out

A new version of the popular bittorrent client Azureus has been released yesterday to the public. Azureus 2.5 introduces several new features such as Auto Upload Speed which automatically adjusts the upload speed by pinging other members that currently seed the torrent. The interface was improved as well adding new information like idle times and date added to it.

free commander

Windows File Manager Free Commander

Working with files is really uncomfortable in windows. If you want to copy files from one folder to a different one you will have to open two windows showing both folders and use drag and drop to copy the files. File Managers offer an easier way to work with files by offering two explorer windows for instance with the ability to perform all file operations in the file manager.

Rip Websites with HTTrack Website Copier

Beta day here at Ghacks. First a way to get Windows Vista Beta 2 shipped right to your doorsteps by answering some easy questions in a quiz and now a new beta release of the great website copier HTTrack. The program aims towards the experienced user with all its options and settings but can be used by novices as well. Most settings are optional that should be used for websites that use a lot of scripting and dynamic pages.

pc inspector

File Recovery Software PC Inspector

I think you can´t have enough file recovery utilities once you lost data on your computer either by accidentaly deleting the files or by crashes or hardware failures. It is better to have one additional try at recovering the data than to give up if the first program that you´ve been using failed to recover the files. It is even better to already have those programs installed or ready at hand to use them immediately after you have lost the files. Chances that you are able to recover the files are highest right after the incident because no new data was written in the sectors the deleted files occupied.

Run Pandora in System Tray

I´ve written some articles on Pandora before; For those who have not heard of the service let me shortly explain what it is all about. Pandora is a music service thats looks at your choice of music and tries to find music that matches this taste. You are free to add a song title, a album or artist and Pandora creates a radio station that plays music that is like the music that you have chosen. The music plays then in your browsers window until you close it.

startup control panel

Startup Control Panel and Startup Monitor

Startup Control Panel and Startup Monitor are actually two programs not just one. The first, Startup Control Panel, is a 59K freeware that scans various paths and registry entries for programs that are run at startup. This is great if you need a quick basic overview, if you need an in depth overview try autoruns from sysinternals. Startup Control Panel lists three registry entries and two paths, those are the locations where most programs are autostarted.

mikes command line

Mikes Command Line

I love little useful freeware programs, the smaller the better in my opinion. Mikes Command Line is another one of them with 72K in size. The freeware opens a single line command bar when executed. You may then type the name of a program, e.g. notepad or calc and the program window of the program that you typed in opens. This by itself is mighty useful but wait until you hear this.

Lightweight Alternatives to Heavyweight Programs

The Adbobe PDF document that is currently loading is slowing down the whole computer ? Quicktime takes ages to initialise ? Media Player is unbelievable slow and tries to phone home ? Why don´t you try freeware alternatives to those heavyweight programs ? I´am already using alternatives and my system became faster and more stable while keeping the same functionality.


Convert your Documents into one Format

You have got lots of different file formats on your computer: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp and png or rtf,txt,doc and pdf for instance. The big question that comes to my mind is why do we need that many formats. Most file formats offer no gain over the other, would not it make sense to convert all files of a certain type to one format only ?

The Ultimate Diagnostic Boot CD

It is very handy to have a linux live CD at hand when your system crashes and your operating system of choice does not boot anymore. This could mean that either the software or the hardware fails to load the operating system. You should try to diagnose the problem with a live CD before thinking of reinstalling the operating system or exchanging parts of the hardware.


TweakUi Powertoys for Windows XP

TweakUi should be one of the first programs to install after the Microsoft Windows XP Setup. It offers a wide range of features, aka tweaks, that override Windows XPs default settings. After installing the freeware you can access it in your start menu in the folder powertoys for windows xp. TweakUi consists of tabs on the left side that expand in the right main window once you click on them. Tabs include Explorer, Mouse, Logon and Templates for instance.

speed defrag

How to Speed Up the Defragmentation

I´am always leaving my computer for the time that it is defragmenting the hard drives, it takes way to long to sit there and wait for the process to finish. The defragmentation seems to take forever to finish on my three hard drives and I was looking for a way to speed things up a bit and reduce the time that I could not work with my computer.


Technical Information about Video and Audio Files

Your friend said it is a great movie but the damn thing won´t play in your computer. The screen remains black and you hear no audio at all. Many users tend to download a huge codec package and install it on their system. Sure, the movie most likely plays fine after this method but it seems a bit like an overkill if installing one single codec would have lead to the same result.

firefox minimized

How to minimize every window to the tray

This freeware tool is so sweet. I hate when dozens of windows clutter my precious taskbar space with no means to minimize them to the tray. I especially don´t like it when I´am not using the program for a long time but want to keep it running, for example transcoding large video streams.

check bookmarks

How to check for dead and duplicate bookmarks

I have lots of bookmarks, not only in Firefox but also in Internet Explorer and Opera. It happens sometimes when I want to open a bookmark that I have not used for a while that the link points to a dead url which makes me search for mirrors or cached versions of the page. Ultimately I remove the link from the favorites because it is dead and most likely will not be revived at a later date.