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We post gaming related news every now and then here on Ghacks. This can be a recent development that is of interest to many computer or gaming system users, game reviews of free to play games that you can either download in your browser directly or download to your computer to play it there, or tips, tricks and applications that gamers may find useful.

Games are divided into two main categories. We have PC games on one side, games that have been specifically created for your PC, and flash online games on the other side which you can play in the browser if you have the right plugins installed on your system.

For PCs, we also cover gaming related software, programs that let you move games or backup save games for instance, or backup entire games. You will also find a couple of tutorials here that help you sort out a couple of gaming related things. Below is our selection of gaming related news here on Ghacks Technology News.

steam store update

Valve published a new version of Steam Store today called The Discovery Update 2.0 that is designed to give users "more control" over their browsing experience. When you open the main Steam store site on the Web or in the Steam client software you will notice several changes right away. The left side features a […]

call of duty infinite warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the latest iteration of the popular first person shooting franchise released just a couple of days ago. The game series focuses on console gaming traditionally with PC versions more of an afterthought. While that has not changed this time around, it appears that the latest Call of Duty game […]


Orwell is a game about the surveillance state. What makes it interesting are a couple of things: first that you are part of the system, and second that its first episode is available for free. You are one of the first employees that gains access to the government's new Orwell system in the game Orwell. […]

gog two-step login

Gog announced yesterday that it plans to enable two-step login for all users of the gaming service on October 24, 2016. Gog is a gaming platform that has a different business model than Steam or Origin. Three of the big differences are that Gog does not use DRM on its platform, that it concentrates more […]

origin whoops

The following guide provides you with a simple fix, and explanation, for the Origin software startup error "Whoops -- Origin has encountered an error". Origin is a game client by EA similar to Steam and UPlay. It lets you sign in to an account and manage all games associated with that account. Origin offers a […]

quantum break

Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment's latest blockbuster title for PC and Xbox is now also available on Steam. Microsoft released the game exclusively for Xbox One and Windows Store when it first came out. This meant among other things that gamers could only play the game on PCs if they ran Windows 10, Microsoft's latest operating […]

ps4 slim

Sony announced two new versions of its popular gaming console Playstation 4 last week that will be out later this year. The Playstation 4 Slim is a slimmed down model of the original Playstation, while the Playstation 4 Pro ships with better hardware that improves the console's performance and prepares it better for Playstation VR. […]

geforce experience mandatory registration

GeForce Experience 3 is the latest version of Nvidia's gaming application for PCs powered by Nvidia video cards. The software ships with Nvidia display drivers but is also available as a standalone application. Designed initially to make the configuration of graphics settings easier for games, GeForce Experience has since then evolved to much more than […]

playstation now pc

Back in the good old days of console gaming, say the 16-bit era, there was a clear distinction between what was available on consoles and what elsewhere. Sure, there were multi-platform titles available for consoles and home computer systems or the PC, but most of the time you had to own multiple platforms to play […]

amiga software library

The Amiga computer was a powerful machine back in its heyday that beat IBM PC's back then when it came to gaming, and quite a few other things such as creating music. Up until now you had to rely on emulators running on the local machine to play Amiga games, demos and software on a […]

xbox one s

Microsoft and Sony plan to release new consoles, the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio by Microsoft , and the Playstation Neo by Sony. Microsoft plans to release the Xbox One S, a slim version of the Xbox One, in August 2016, while both the Neo and the Scorpio will be available in (late) 2017. […]

steam autostart

Many game clients, be it Steam, or Origin, support that they are loaded automatically on Windows start, and some even ship with the preference enabled by default. While that is comfortable if the client is installed on a gaming PC -- a system used exclusively for gaming -- it is less than ideal in […]

steam user reviews ratings

Valve introduced reviews on Steam in 2014 in an effort to add user opinion and ratings to games listed in the Steam store. The main idea behind the introduction of reviews was probably to provide potential customers with reviews of games they are interested in. Unlike on Metacritic and many other sites, where anyone can […]

windows 10 games

Windows 10 replaced the long-standing champion OS for gamers Windows 7 in Valve's Hardware and Software Survey for March 2016 as the most popular operating system. Steam's Hardware and Software Survey, as the name suggests, is based on information that users who have participated in the survey have provided Valve with. It is therefore not […]

auto clicker

Auto Clicker is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that provides you with the means to beat idle games by simulating left mouse clicks. I'm not sure why Idle games are that popular to be honest, but it is one of the most popular Flash and HTML5 game categories out there right […]


Valve Software released the SteamVR Performance Test on Steam which will test the computer's performance and compatibility with SteamVR. If you believe the hype, Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing after 3D Television. While it is unlikely that it will fade and wither like 3D TV, the first generation gadgets that are about […]