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Jump: subscription-based Indie Gaming service

Jump is a subscription-based Indie gaming service that is available for various desktop operating systems and as a Web-based version. Are game subscription services becoming the next big thing? The makers of […]

snes classic

Nintendo missed an opportunity with the SNES Classic

Nintendo announced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System SNES Classic some days ago which will come out in September 2017 worldwide. The device comes in three variants for the US, EU and Japanese […]

snes classic edition

Nintendo SNES Classic comes with these 21 games

Nintendo just announced the SNES Classic, a new classic console that the Japanese company plans to release on September 29, 2017. The SNES Classic console follows in the footsteps of the very […]

steam summer sale

Steam Summer Sale 2017 tips

The Steam Summer Sale 2017 beings today on June 22, 2017. It is an event that many PC gamers -- and also some Mac and Linux gamers -- look forward to as […]

gog summer sale 2017

Gog.com Summer Sale 2017 brings huge discounts

The gog.com Summer Sale 2017 has started, and it brings along with it discounts for more than 1500 products and more. Gog.com is a digital distribution platform that works a bit differently […]


Microsoft's Beam streaming service is called Mixer now

Microsoft revealed today that the company's Xbox One and Windows 10 streaming service Beam has been renamed to Mixer. The name change, according to Microsoft, was necessary to grow the service in […]

gog galaxy 1.2

Gog Galaxy update brings cloud saves, more

Gog, the DRM-free game distribution platform, released a new version of the company's -- optional -- Gog Galaxy client in March 2017 to beta testers. The new client version has been released […]

3d pinball for windows space cadet

Play 3D Pinball Space Cadet on modern Windows PCs

3D Pinball for Windows - Space Cadet, was a special version of the Space Cadet pinball table, that came bundled with Windows XP, and earlier versions of the Windows operating system including […]

Play Classic StarCraft and Brood War expansion for free

Depending on when you started PC gaming, you may have never played the classic StarCraft real-time strategy game or its expansion Brood War. Blizzard released the classic game for free for both […]

nvidia redeem

Nvidia limits game bundles to video card model

When you buy a video card for gamers, it is often the case that you get a game or multiple games along with it. These games are provided as codes that you […]

fire emblem heroes

Nintendo releases Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has just released Fire Emblem Heroes, the company's first "real" game for Android, and second game for iOS. Nintendo's first game, Super Mario Run, has been available for iOS for some […]

move steam install folder

Move installed Steam games to a new folder

Valve published a new update for its Steam gaming platform recently that allows users of the service to move installed Steam games to another folder. The company did add options to change […]

geforce now

Nvidia reveals GeForce Now game streaming service

Nvidia revealed the game streaming service GeForce Now for Mac and PC yesterday at the company's CES 2017 keynote event. GeForce Now is a game streaming service that works similar to the […]

Nintendo should release a SNES Classic Edition

When it comes to classic video game consoles, the SNES is my favorite one. The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis comes a good second running my all-time favorite games Shining Force I […]

lucas chess

Lucas Chess: play and train chess

Lucas Chess is a free chess training and playing program for Microsoft Windows devices that ships with an impressive set of features. While I do know how to play chess, I was […]

steam store update

Steam The Discovery Update 2.0

Valve published a new version of Steam Store today called The Discovery Update 2.0 that is designed to give users "more control" over their browsing experience. When you open the main Steam […]

call of duty infinite warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare fails on PC

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is the latest iteration of the popular first person shooting franchise released just a couple of days ago. The game series focuses on console gaming traditionally with […]


Be part of "Big Brother" in Orwell

Orwell is a game about the surveillance state. What makes it interesting are a couple of things: first that you are part of the system, and second that its first episode is […]