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Apple Reveal the all-time Biggest App Downloads

To mark the download of the 25 billionth app from the Apple App Store the company has released a series of all-time top 25 lists for app downloads.  Unsurprisingly games are at […]

What's Good and What's Bad About the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I've had a good few days now to delve deep into Windows 8 and I've decided what I think is good, great, bad and awful about the OS.  I thought I'd share […]

What do you want to see in "The Windows 8 Power Users Guide"?

I have now begun to write "The Windows 8 Power Users Guide" in anger, having spent a few days having a deep dig into the Consumer Preview of the operating system.  This […]

What would make me touch a Mac

2012 or early 2013 will be the time I finally take the plunge and buy an Apple iMac.  This might surprise those of you who know me as, being a Windows MVP […]

Windows 8 for Business

When I came to review the Windows 8 Consumer Preview I decided that the best way to do it was to split it into separate reviews for the different types of people […]

Windows 8 Still Offers Quick Admin Tools Access

One of the biggest concerns IT Pros and businesses had about Windows 8 was the hiding of the administrative and computer management features in the OS.  With the new Metro interface being […]

Windows 8 for IT Pros

In order to properly review Windows 8, as Microsoft have said that they consider it to be essentially finished and feature-locked, I thought it would be best to split my review into […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be Released [Updated]

The waiting and uncertainty are finally over and at long last all our questions will be answered as Microsoft are set to release the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) later today during […]

Samsung SUR40 Microsoft Surface Table - Hands On

I've today had a chance to have a play with the new Samsung SUR40 table running the latest version of Microsoft's Surface operating system.  The table, which starts at $8,400 is now […]

Is it Time to Dump the Internet and Start Again?

This week, Google was found out to have been bypassing privacy settings in both Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari web browsers, as Martin reported here.  In a statement on their blog, […]

Blackberry Playbook OS v2 Update Due Today [Updated, It's Out!]

It's been delayed and delayed further, but despite no official confirmation from RIM the long-anticipated version 2 of the company's QNX operating system for the Blackberry Playbook is due to be released […]

Is Tablet-Creep in Operating Systems a Bad Thing and Must we Accept it?

Like it or not, it would appear that the tablet-ification of our desktop operating systems is inevitable.  Setting aside the new Metro interface that will take the main focus of Windows 8, […]

How Would You Better Integrate Microsoft's Products?

With the Windows 8 beta out next week and getting all the attention especially with it's integration of the company's Kinect technology, the rest of Microsoft's product line-up has taken a back […]

The Last Week Without Windows 8, What is the Tech World Doing?

Unless you hadn't noticed, Microsoft are gearing up for the release of the Windows 8 (beta) Consumer Preview publicly in just over a week, but others, such as official beta testers and […]

What do you want to see in my new Windows 8 books?

Next week, when I finally download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview I'll start writing not just one, but two new Windows 8 books, with a third being written later this year, so […]

Netgear DGND3700 N600 ADSL2+ / Fibre / Cable Router Review

Recently Netgear sent me their new DGND3700 router for review, which was very lucky as mine was playing up at the time.  Now on the face of it you might not think […]

Why Enterprise-Level Metro Apps Can and Will Work

I've written a lot about Windows 8 over the last few days as we approach the release of the Consumer Preview at the end of this month.  One subject that's not been […]

The Alternatives to Windows 8

Windows 8 is unique in that it is the first version of Microsoft's mighty operating system that faces serious and stiff competition from its rivals.  For the first time there are not […]