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Music streaming service Spotify recently announced it would be changing its terms of service and stressed it would be better. However, what followed apparently scared users and now the company is trying to explain what it means -- damage control mode. In a blog post simply titled "Sorry", CEO David Ek attempts to allay fears. Spotify […]

While there are alternatives, most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to technology-based note taking. It's generally either Evernote, or Microsoft's OneNote. Both work on multiple platforms, both computer and mobile. Now Evernote is testing a new layout. If you visit the service on the web you may receive a pop-up message […]

Chrome OS had a a bit of a rough start on the scene, with the first Chromebooks getting little real attention. But Google has beefed up its offering and Chromebooks now find their way into schools and businesses. But the search giant isn't sitting back, resting on what it has done, but instead moving forward, continuing […]

The other day my colleague Martin Brinkman wrote a bit about what he uses every day. Surprisingly, given we both do essentially the same job, we are somewhat separated in what we use. While Martin touched on software, I wanted to mix things up a bit and mention the hardware as well. This isn’t, by […]

Those with a Chromebook know that updates are fairly regular, and spotting the improvement can sometimes be tricky. Unless it's a major change to the web browser, chances are you're going to miss it. But behind-the-scenes things can be important. That's where bugs get fixed and security is improved. Now a new update is rolling […]

Google's operating system has been on the rise recently, with new hardware debuting on a regular basis, and seemingly endless updates to the platform. Despite a few speed bumps, such as the charger issues on the HP 11, it's a mostly solid operating system, though you shouldn't expect the expandability found with Windows. In addition, it […]

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We've mostly grown accustomed to the rather quick update cycles that web browsers utilize these days. Software updates may still be doled out sparingly when it comes to operating systems and office suites, but browsers seem to always be in need of a refresh. Be it Google, Mozilla or Microsoft, you'll likely get rather frequent […]

The other day my colleague Martin Brinkman did a very nice roundup of holiday goodies for your computer. While he covered almost all of what I would tell you as well, there were a couple of areas left that I thought could be touched on. These involve entertainment, in the form of gaming, and a piece […]

Passwords have become both necessary and evil on the internet. We need them to protect our accounts, but many users pay less attention to them than they should -- witness the recent Adobe hack. The software company leaked out the data of 153 million users, with email and password hints in plain text and passwords encrypted poorly. […]

For many large web  sites, advertising comes from deals with individual companies, as well as from major agencies. But, most sites fall into the low-end of the market, and rely on services such as AdSense, which Google provides to supply contextual, auto-generated advertising, in the form of both links and banners. Customers can visit the […]

Google continues to innovate its Chrome web browser, and the latest beta to roll out from the Mountain View-based company is no exception. This time around the search giant attempts to solve a nagging problem that has, no doubt, plagued many of us over the years. In fact, since the days when tabs came to […]

Back in June, when the weather was still warm around these parts, we talked about the integration of Gmail with Evernote -- combining what could be considered the best of web-based email and the king of note taking. The force behind that merger was Powerbot, and now it has upgraded its offerings, adding more features […]


Slowly but surely, browser maker Mozilla is rolling out its own mobile operating system, and prospective buyers can already grab a handset -- the ZTE Open and Alcatel One are available through Ebay. The OS has not yet managed to catch on, though its still very early in the process. However, Mozilla is steadily pushing […]

The popular anti-virus company AVG today announced it is moving into the social networking era with a new service called CrowdSource, which is geared towards protecting your privacy on Facebook. The app is built using the social giant's API and went live today at Since everyone seems rather concerned about privacy these days, the app […]

Google has slowly been rolling out Play Services version 3.2 to Android devices, but the company now announces that the task is complete for phones and tablets all around the world. So what comes along with this update? The search giant promises better performance and greater power savings, as well as enhancements to the Location […]

Android devices are released on an increasingly fast and furious basis -- it seems as if there is a new one every week, be it a phone or tablet. If you are like me then probably have more than one at this point. A tablet or two, a current phone, and older phone; these things […]

Google popularized the "New Tab page" with its Chrome web browser, a feature that Firefox has also adopted. The Chrome version has many cool features, such as your most viewed web pages, a Google search box, access to the Chrome store, apps and the ability to customize the background from an array of images provided […]