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Watch out for that Chrome update - Spoofed websites spreading

This is not a new problem, but it is an ever-growing one. Whenever something is popular the underbelly of the web tries to corrupt it for personal gain, and yesterday's Chrome update […]


Jetpack update breaks WordPress 3.5

Jetpack, the popular stats plugin for WordPress, has released several updates recently. The latest, which came yesterday, January 6th, brought an unwelcome gift for those who have upgraded to the recent WordPress 3.5 platform. […]

facebook ads before

Eliminate Facebook ads in Chrome and Firefox

Facebook is what many of us would consider a "necessary evil." We do not necessarily like it, but we are there because everyone we know is there as well. The service is […]


You can finally play Pitfall on your Android

Well, it is about time! Pitfall, the popular game from Activision, is finally out for Android. The game was originally released for the Atari 2600 game console way back in 1982. Given […]

w3 total cache

If you are using WordPress then watch out for W3 Total Cache

If you have a blog or write for one (both of which I do) then you have no doubt looked for plugins to improve your traffic and user experience. There is certainly […]

christv online main screen

ChrisTV Online is one more app for cord-cutters

These days everyone seems to be talking about "cutting the cord", but while we all want to do it, it is more difficult than you think. That is why we talk about […]

flickr holiday offer

Flickr's holiday gift - 3 months of unlimited storage

Flickr, the popular photo-sharing app owned by search giant Yahoo, has both free and paid versions, but the service has a special gift for the holiday season. For a limited time -- […]


Connect your Google account to Evernote

I am probably not alone when I say that Evernote has become an indispensable piece of software. The free service works with Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems, and even […]

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Evernote adds "Related Results" to its Chrome app

Evernote has become a prevalent part of the lives of many of us. It works on the web, with browser extensions and across mobile platforms. Think of something you need to add […]

You can still get that free Google Apps account

Late last week Google announced that it would no longer offer it's free Google Apps accounts. If you already had one then there is no reason to worry -- you are grandfathered […]

wordpress to dropbox backup

Backup WordPress to Dropbox

WordPress may very well be the most popular software on the web these days, but most users don't know it. Why? Because it is the behind-the-scenes platform that is powering the sites […]

Gmail 2.0 for iOS rolls out

I could be mistaken, but I have a feeling that Ghacks readers have a rather distinct Android leaning. However, to be fair, the competition certainly has it's fans, and with good reason. […]

Gmail for Android Moves to 4.2, adds more features

Gmail, along with other Google services, is a core part of the company's Android operating system for phones and tablets. Today the popular email service got a much needed update with a […]

enhancemy8 system info

EnhanceMy8 is a new Windows 8 Maintenance Utility

The jury may still be out regarding the success of Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system. We have seen opinions across the board ranging from success to failure, but one thing is […]

youtube video cc

YouTube subtitles get European languages support

Google introduced captions, in English only, to it's videos back in 2009. The feature is automatic and uses speech recognition to render the text -- a method that wasn't always very smooth […]

angry birds backup

Moving to a new device? Don't lose your Angry Birds progress

There isn't much question that Angry Birds has become a bit a of a worldwide phenomena. Rovio has seen incredible success from the five games in the franchise (six if you care […]

dvd ranger

DVD Ranger updates to version 5.0

Ripping a DVD is sometimes a simple task, but some commercial discs try to make the process as difficult as possible to thwart piracy. However, what they generally succeed in doing is […]

google thanksgiving doodle

Google reminds us we should be "Thankful" for it

It's Thanksgiving day in the United States and, like countless other holidays and special occasions, Google has posted one of their now famous Doodles to their search page. However, in this case […]

google play 3.10.9

Google Updating Play to Version 3.10.9

Google has been pushing new updates to the Play store for Android at a rather fast pace lately.  Just in the past few weeks we have a seen move to version 3.9.16, […]

android control panel

Control Panel for Android Launches

As of today, there is a new Control Panel app for your Android phone and it is, perhaps, the most comprehensive one so far.  There are features to allow easy control over […]

easy installer

It's Been a Big Week in Android World

Despite Hurricane Sandy raining on Google's planned Nexus parade in New York City, the company forged ahead with it's new product releases anyway, only issuing a simple press release instead of holding […]

android 4.2

What's New in Android 4.2? A Lot Actually

While all of the new devices got most of the attention yesterday when Google skipped their New York City press event in favor of a simple press release, there was more than just […]

youtube test ui 1

YouTube is Testing Another New Interface

A few weeks ago we  showed you how to access the new YouTube interface that they were testing out.  If you followed the steps and began using it, then you may have […]

evernote for windows 8

Evernote Introduces Windows 8 App

There has been no shortage of Windows 8 news today.  After all, this was the day of the big launch event in New York City and Microsoft officially unveiled the final release […]

MSN for Windows 8 Launches, Immediately Goes Down

It's a big time for Microsoft with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet this Friday.  They have also been actively updating almost all of their software and web […]

camera zoom fx modes

Camera Zoom FX for Android Gets a Major Update

Every phone today comes with a camera, including even the most basic handsets.  But if you use a smartphone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, then you have a lot more […]

google play gift cards

Get Google Play Credit and Gift Cards

Recently Google updated their Play Store, not only with a new version for Android devices, but also with the ability to buy credits and also pick up gift cards in select retail […]


Instagram Gets Tighter with Twitter, Adds @Mmentions

These days every mobile phone, even the non-smartphones, come with a camera built in.  There are also hundreds of third-party camera apps, like Cartoon Camera for Android, which Ghacks just looked at […]

google play

Google Begins Rolling Out Play Store Update

Google hasn't changed their Android market app much since the big update that changed the name to the Google Play Store, but they are now rolling out a rather major update to […]

Windows 8 Gets Panned by Chris Pirillo

If Microsoft has accomplished anything with their upcoming operating system, Windows 8, then it's certainly the generation of controversy.  After all, the new OS is a big change from virtually every previous […]

android 4.1 settings

Turn Off NFC on your Android Phone to Save Battery and Make it More Secure

Near Field Communication, better known as NFC, is being built into almost every new smartphone today, with the exception of the Apple iPhone.  It can be a tremendous tool for making payments […]

android to windows 8 port

Microsoft Details Android to Windows Store App Porting

As Microsoft gears up for the Windows 8 and Surface launch on October 26th they are actively trying to build up their new Windows Store with new apps as part of the […]

save igoogle site

The Cry Over the Loss of iGoogle and the Alternatives Available

Back in July Google announced several services would be phased out, a process they carry out periodically.  Mostly these are web sites and functions that the vast majority of people are not […]

Vizio Unveils New Windows 8 All-in-one Touch PC's

As we continue to march towards the big Windows 8 launch on October 26th, more and more manufacturers are showing off their hardware for the new operating system.  So far we have […]

comodo internet security 2013

Comodo Releases Internet Security 2013 Beta

Computer security and anti-virus company Comodo have rolled out the first beta version of their Internet Security 2013 suite of utilities.  The latest set of utilities contains an anti-virus scanner, firewall, sandbox […]


Convert Documents to PDF Format Online

PDF, or portable document format, was invented about 20 years ago by software giant Adobe and it quickly became their signature product.  Then Flash and Photoshop came along and the PDF was […]

dummies surface contest

Did Reveal the Microsoft Surface Pricing?

On October 26th Microsoft will not only release their brand new Windows 8 operating system, but also their first ever tablet, the Microsoft Surface.  The Surface will come in two flavors - […]

avast mobile security

Don't Forget Avast for Mobile Security

After posting an article yesterday regarding a new update coming to Lookout for Android, I received a nice email from an Avast representative pointing out they too offer a very good, and free, […]

lookout announcement

Lookout Plans to Take Android Security to the Next Level

Mobile security has become a necessary evil in today's world, with malware and hacks for both Android and iPhone devices finding their way into our mobile lives, most recently with a high-profile, […]

Easily Rename Windows Files with FiRE 1.0

Windows 8 doesn't make file renaming any more difficult than in previous versions of the operating system, but it doesn't make it any easier either.  Users can still right click a file […]